Bill Robinzine

William Clintard "Bill" Robinzine (January 20, 1953 – September 16, 1982) was an American professional basketball player.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Robinzine grew to be a 6' 7" forward from DePaul University. He played seven seasons (1975–1982) in the NBA, competing for the Kansas City Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, and Utah Jazz. In the highlight footage of Darryl Dawkins shattering a backboard dunking at Kansas City's Municipal Auditorium, Robinzine can be seen running away with his face in his hands during the play. When Dawkins gave a name to the dunk, part of the name was "Robinzine Cryin'"

While not much of a scorer, Robinzine was known as a tough rebounder and one of the better defensive players in the league at the power forward position. He played for the Kings for five seasons, and then was released to make room for Reggie King.

In September 1982, Robinzine committed suicide in his car by carbon monoxide poisoning at a storage place in Kansas City, Missouri [1]. He was not on any NBA team's roster at that time.

By Dean Hanley

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