Joe Turner

Joe Turner is the name of:

  • Big Joe Turner (1911–1985), blues singer
  • Joe Turner (jazz pianist) (1907–1990), jazz/stride pianist
  • Joe Lynn Turner (born 1951), rock musician
  • Joe Turner (footballer) (1872–1950), English football winger for Southampton, Stoke and Everton
  • Joe Turner (footballer, born 1931), English football goalkeeper for Stockport, Darlington, Scunthorpe and Barnsley
  • Joe Turner (ice hockey) (1919–1944), Canadian hockey player
  • Joe Turner (writer), British writer
  • Joe M. Turner (born 1969), American magician and speaker
  • A character of unknown origin, portrayed in legend and early blues songs, and in the title of the play Joe Turner's Come and Gone, inspired by the real historical figure, Joe Turney, brother of Peter Turney, Governor of Tennessee (1893-1897)

By Dean Hanley

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