The surname "Pinkney" has been borne by a number of notable people:

  • Bill Pinkney (1925 - July 4, 2007), American performer and singer, member of The Drifters
  • Edward Coote Pinkney (1802–1828), minor poet
  • Ernie Pinkney, Scottish footballer
  • Fayette Pinkney (1948-2009), American singer
  • Lovell Pinkney (born 1972), American football player
  • Ninian Pinkney (1811-1877), U.S. Navy medical director, active during the American Civil War
  • William Pinkney (1764–1822), American statesman and diplomat
    • The Monroe-Pinkney Treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom was drawn up by William Pinkney and James Monroe (but rejected by the U.S. government)
  • William Pinkney Toler (1826-1899), American artist
  • William Pinkney Whyte (1824–1908), American politician

By Dean Hanley

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