Rollie Zeider

Rollie Hubert Zeider (November 16, 1883 – September 12, 1967) was a professional baseball player. An infielder (playing over 100 games at all four infield positions in his career), he played nine seasons in Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox (1910–13), New York Yankees (1913), Chicago Chi-Feds/Chicago Whales in the Federal League from 1914–15, and lastly the Chicago Cubs (1916–18). He is one of only a few players to play for three different Chicago teams in his career, and one of two to do it in the 20th century. He is the only player to hit home runs for all three Chicago major league teams in the twentieth century. Along with Dutch Zwilling he is the only 20th century player to play in the same city in three different major leagues (American League (White Sox), Federal League (Chi-Feds/Whales), and the National League (Cubs).

Strangely, Zeider contributed to another odd record along with Zwilling. The 1916 Cubs were one of the few teams in history, and the most recent until 1999, to have three players whose last names begin with "Z": Zeider, Zwilling, and Heinie Zimmerman. The 1999 Texas Rangers were the first and only since then with Jeff Zimmerman, Todd Zeile, and Gregg Zaun.

His nickname Bunions came from the blood poisoning he received when Detroit Tigers outfielder Sam Crawford rammed his spike into his "bunion" during a play.

  1. ^ Wright, Craig, A Page From Baseball's Past, November 7, 2014 (subscription only): "Phony reports of [Ty] Cobb spikings still go on today. If someone tells a story about a player being spiked and doesn’t know who did it, they often give in to the temptation to dress up the story by saying it was the notorious Ty Cobb. You may remember in a story from this year how Rollie “Bunion” Zeider got his nickname from being laid up when he was spiked in his bunion. ... But if you research it, you will find that when it happened over 100 years ago Zeider reported who spiked his bunion. It was Sam Crawford."

By Dean Hanley

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