Wingfield could be:

  • Sir Anthony Wingfield (died 1552), English soldier, politician and courtier
  • Lady Bridget Wingfield (died 1534), neighbour, close friend and lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII of England
  • Cecil Wingfield (1893–1955), Australian politician
  • Sir Charles John Wingfield (1820–1892), British civil servant in Bengal, later an MP
  • Sir Charles Wingfield (1877–1960), British diplomat
  • Dontonio Wingfield (born 1974), former American professional basketball player
  • Edward Maria Wingfield (1550–1631), English soldier, Member of Parliament, and colonist in America
  • Edward Wingfield, 2nd Viscount Powerscourt (1729–1764), Irish politician
  • Eileen Wani Wingfield, Aboriginal elder from Australia
  • Francis Wingfield or Wingfeild (1628–unknown), English lawyer and Member of Parliament
  • George Wingfield (1876–1959), Nevada banker and miner
  • Gus Wingfield (born 1926), American former banker and politician
  • Harry Wingfield (1910–2002), English illustrator
  • Humphrey Wingfield (died 1545), English lawyer, Speaker of the House of Commons
  • James Digman Wingfield (1800–1872), English painter
  • Jenny Wingfield, American screenwriter and author
  • Sir John de Wingfield (died c.1361), aide to Edward the Black Prince
  • John Wingfield (MP) (1560–1626), English politician
  • Sir John Wingfield (before 1585–1596), English soldier
  • John Davis Wingfield (1916–1942), American naval aviator awarded the Navy Cross
  • Margaret Wingfield (1912–2002), British political activist
  • Mark Wingfield, guitarist and composer based in the UK
  • Martin Wingfield (born 1951), British politician
  • Mervyn Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt (1836–1904), Irish peer
  • Mervyn Wingfield, 8th Viscount Powerscourt (1880–1947), Irish peer
  • Peter Wingfield (born 1962), Welsh-born television actor
  • R. D. Wingfield (1928–2007), English author and radio dramatist
  • Sir Richard Wingfield (c.1456–1525), British courtier and diplomat, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Richard Wingfield, 1st Viscount Powerscourt (1550–1634), English soldier
  • Richard Wingfield, 6th Viscount Powerscourt (1815–1844), Irish peer and British politician
  • Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham (1403–1454), British knight and MP
  • Sir Robert Wingfield (diplomat) (1464?–1539), British ambassador
  • Ted Wingfield (1899–1975), American baseball pitcher
  • Wade Wingfield (born 1977), South African former cricketer
  • Walter Clopton Wingfield (1833–1912), British army officer who was one of the pioneers of lawn tennis
  • William Wingfield (MP) (later William Wingfield-Baker) (1772-1858), British attorney, judge, and Member of Parliament
  • Wingfield Series, a series of plays written by Dan Needles and performed by Rod Beattie, later adapted into a television series
  • The Wingfield family, protagonists of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie
  • Wingfield Sculls, a sculling race for the Championship of the Thames
in Australia
  • Wingfield, South Australia
in England
  • Wingfield, Bedfordshire
  • Wingfield, Suffolk
  • Wingfield Castle, Suffolk
  • Wingfield, Wiltshire
  • Wingfield, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
  • North Wingfield, Derbyshire
  • South Wingfield, Derbyshire
  • Wingfield Manor, Derbyshire
in South Africa
  • Wingfield airfield was first the Cape Town Municipal Aerodrome, a SAAF station and a Fleet Air Arm base used by the Royal Navy. Its history is synonymous with the history of flight in South Africa
in United States
  • Wingfield High School

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