Wolfgang is a German male given name traditionally popular in Germany and Austria. Its earliest known bearer was a tenth-century saint. The name is a combination of the Old High German word wulf, meaning "wolf" and gang, meaning "path, journey". Grimm (Teutonic Mythology p. 1093) interpreted the name as that of a hero in front of whom walks the "wolf of victory". A Latin gloss by Arnoldus Emmeramensis interprets the name as Lupambulus.

Notable people called "Wolfgang" include:

  • Wolfgang of Regensburg, Bavarian bishop and Catholic saint (d. 994)
  • Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen (1492–1566)
  • Wolfgang Bauer, name of at least three notable people
  • Wolfgang Bolyai (1775–1856), Hungarian mathematician
  • Wolfgang Borchert, German author and playwright
  • Wolfgang Flür, German musician, member of Kraftwerk
  • Wolfgang Gartner, an electro house DJ
  • Wolfgang Herold, producer
  • Wolfgang Kapp, right-wing nationalist (1858-1922)
  • Wolfgang Ketterle, German physicist
  • Wolfgang Klietmann, German pathologist, microbiologist, and businessman
  • Wolfgang Kosack, German egyptologist
  • Wolfgang Kuck, German volleyball player
  • Wolfgang Langewiesche, German aviation expert and author
  • Wolfgang Leonhard, German professor and expert on communism
  • Wolfgang Loitzl, Austrian ski jumper
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austro-German composer
  • Wolfgang Niersbach, President German Football Association
  • Wolfgang Pagenstecher, German heraldist
  • Wolfgang Pauli, Austrian physicist
  • Wolfgang Petersen, German film director
  • Wolfgang Preiss, German actor
  • Wolfgang Puck, American chef
  • Wolfgang Priklopil, Austrian criminal
  • Wolfgang Reitherman, German-American animator of classic Disney films
  • Wolfgang Schäuble, German politician (CDU)
  • Wolfgang Schmidt, German discus thrower
  • Wolfgang Schneiderhan (violinist) (1915–2002), Austrian violinist
  • Wolfgang Schneiderhan (general) (born 1946), German general
  • Wolfgang Tillmans, German fine-art photographer and artist
  • Wolfgang Van Halen, American musician and member of Van Halen
  • Wolfgang von Kempelen, Hungarian author and inventor
  • Wolfgang von Leyden, German philosopher
  • Wolfgang Wagner (1919–2010), German opera director
  • Wolfgang Weichselbaumer, hurdy-gurdy craftsman
  • Wolfgang Werlé, German murderer
  • Wolfgang Weyrauch, German writer and playwright
  • Wolfgang, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken, 16th-century Duke of Zweibrücken

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