1909-11 T206 Scarce Back Baseball Cards

1909-11 T206 Scarce Back Baseball Cards
The 1909-11 T206 baseball card set is often considered to be the most famous Pre-War set in existence, mainly because of the Honus Wagner card in this set. The cards were produced over a three-year period (1909 to 1911) by the American Tobacco Company. These tiny cards were included in packs of cigarettes or loose tobacco for many brands as an incentive to purchase the tobacco.  There are 74 Hall of Famer players included in the T206 set.  

The T206 set consists of 524 cards.  Included in the 524 cards is  "The Big Four," Wagner, Plank, Magie and Doyle/ NY NL. Over 100 of the cards picture minor league players.   There are also multiple cards for the same player in different poses, different uniforms, or even with different teams after being traded (since the set was issued over a period of three years).  There are four Ty Cobbs, three Christy Mathewsons, two Walter Johnsons, and three Cy Young cards in the famed T206 set.

Cards with scarce backs are known to carry a premium, due to being found in lesser quantities than those considered to be "common backs."  Some of the T206 rare backs include: El Principe de Gales, Tolstoi, American Beauty, Hindu, Carolina Brights, Broad Leaf, Lenox, Drum and Uzit backs.

By Dean Hanley

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