1912 T207 Reprint T207 REPRINT New York Giants Team Set

Year 1912
Manufacturer T207 Reprint
Team Giants

NM/MT - 8

1912 T207 Reprint    T207 REPRINT New York Giants Team Set

Representative Image

This San Francisco Giants (then located in New York) team set consists of all 12 Giants players from the 1912 T207 Brown Background Reprint Set. The set, originally produced by the American Tobacco Company, was faithfully reproduced by DeansCards.com, and features the Broadleaf, Cycle, Recruit, Napoloeon and Red Cross back variations as well as the many other variations in the set like differences in cap color to mislabeled card backs.

The Giants finished in first place in the National League in 1912, but went on the lose to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, due in part to Fred Snodgrass' dropped fly ball in the final game. The Giants led the league in runs scored and second baseman Larry Doyle was voted league MVP

Please note that these cards are reprints and NOT original T207s.

The following players are included in the set:

# 9 Beals Becker
# 35 Otis Doc Crandall
# 44 Joshua Devore
# 49 Larry Doyle
# 74 Grover Hartley
# 77 Charles Buck Herzog
# 97 W. Arlington Latham
# 108 Rube Marquard
# 113 John McGraw
# 163 Fred Snodgrass
# 191 Arthur Wilson
# 193 George Wiltse


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