1972 Topps -75 Texas Rangers Team Starter Set / Lot - Md 5 - EX

1972 Topps  -75  Texas Rangers Team Starter Set / Lot - Md

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--- Value if purchased separately is $100 ---

This 1972-75 Texas Rangers Team Starter Set / Lot contains 40 different early 1970's Topps cards of Texas Rangers players.

This Texas Rangers Team Set will include many of the following players: Toby Harrah, Jeff Burroughs, Dave Nelson, Lenny Randle, Jim Spencer, Tom Grieve, Joe Lovitto, Jim Sundberg, Mike Hargrove, Alex Johnson, Cesar Tovar, Dick Billings, and Larry Biittner and many more.

This lot will also include many of these top Rangers pitchers: Fergie Jenkins, Jim Bibby, Jackie Brown, Steve Hargan, Steve Foucault, Mike Paul, Gaylord Perry, and Rich Hand.

Team Starter Sets are a great way to buy large quantities of cards at an affordable price. Dean's Cards Starter Sets are priced 25%-50% lower than if you purchased the cards individually. On top of the already discounted prices, our quantity discount still applies!

The condition of the cards will vary between "Very Good" to "Excellent/Mint",for non-collectors, these cards are in "Average" condition. Some cards will show wear on the corners, but are still very collectible and attractive to the eye.

All cards in the Starter Sets are our choice, but there will be a wide variety of different players, with plenty of your favorites. This team starter set makes a great gift for any Texas Rangers fan.

Please note that Starter Sets are the only product we sell that cannot be returned due to the labor involved in building the set.


$66.50 after discount

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