McCreery is a surname of Ulster origin, deriving from Mac Rory (son of Rory). Holders include:

  • Charles McCreery (born 1942), British psychologist and author
  • Christopher McCreery (born 1975), Canadian author and historian
  • David McCreery (born 1957), Northern Irish footballer
  • Ed McCreery (1889-1960), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • John W. McCreery, West Virginia State Senator
  • John Alexander McCreery (1884–1948), American surgeon
  • Ned McCreery (c. 1945-1992), Northern Irish Loyalist paramilitary
  • Richard McCreery (1898–1967), British career soldier
  • Scotty McCreery (born 1993), American singer
  • Thomas C. McCreery (1816-1890), US Senator from Kentucky
  • Tom McCreery (1874-1941), US baseball player
  • Wayman C. McCreery (1851–1901), American real estate agent, opera composer and internal revenue collector of St. Louis
  • William McCreery (Maryland), U.S. Representative from Maryland
  • William McCreery (Pennsylvania), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • William B. McCreery, former mayor of the City of Flint, Michigan State Treasurer and diplomat

By Dean Hanley

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