1976 Topps Baseball Complete Set (In Box)

Year 1976
Manufacturer Topps

NM - 7

1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
The 1976 Topps Baseball Set contains 660 cards. The front of each card features a color photo of the player with his name and team on a colored border along the bottom of the card. This set is one of the few years to feature live-action shots instead of still photos. 

Subseries for this set include: Record Breakers (1-6), Father and Son (66-70), League Leaders (191-205), All Time All Stars (341-350), Post Season (461,462), and Rookie Prospects (589-599). The "All Time All Stars" series features players such as Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Williams, Wagner, Cochrane, Traynor, Gehrig, Hornsby, and more.

This set is loaded with Hall-of-Famers including: Aaron, Seaver, Brock, Brett, Perry, B. Robinson, Eckersley, Hunter, Winfield, Yaz, Rose, Jenkins, Stargell, Bench, Yount, Perez, Ryan, Carlton, Fisk, Carew, Fingers, Morgan, Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Cochrane, Hornsby, Wagner, Grove, Traynor, Grove, Niekro, Carter, Palmer, Schmidt, Jackson, McCovey, B. Williams, Sutton, Aaron, and Seaver.

Different Types of Complete Sets

Complete sets from Dean’s Cards are organized in three different ways:

1) (In Box) which means the set has actual scans of a few major star players.

2) (In Binder) indicates that the complete set comes in a binder with 9-page binder pages.  The (In Binder) sets are available as they are acquired from personal collections.

3) If the set is listed with neither of these designations, then the set is built virtually from our million card inventory.  The cards are individually graded, and front and back scans are provided.  These sets are usually priced a bit higher than the sets in box and in binder due to the labor involved.

The cards in this 1976 Topps Baseball Complete Near Mint set are collated and average a grade of Near Mint with a small percentage of the cards averaging a grade of Near Mint / Mint and Excellent / Mint. A few cards have slight centering issues and others have slightly touched corners and edges. Overall the set looks nice and would be a great addition to any sports card collection.

The high-dollar-cards grade as follows:

#5  Seaver Record Breaker: Near Mint 

#19 Brett: Near Mint

#98 Eckersley RC: Excellent Mint

#240 Rose: Near Mint

#330 Ryan: Near Mint

#550 Aaron: Excellent Mint

Stock # for this set: BT081916

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7 - NM
$425.00 after 15% discount

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