1977 Topps Star Wars Series Two Complete Set (Red - In Box) 7 - NM

Example cards pictured are ACTUAL IMAGES of cards included in this set.

This 1977 Topps Star Wars Red Border complete set has been assigned an overall grade of 7.0 Near Mint condition. This set is only the Red Border Series and contains only cards 67-132 of the master set. Cards are in nice mid-grade condition with most individual cards grading between 5.0 EX to 7.0 NM (with a few possibly higher). Cards show only light wear consistent with the overall set grade. Few, if any, major flaws are present such as creasing, marked cards, etc. As with any large set, expect some individual cards to grade higher and some lower than the overall set grade. A nice mid-grade set that will make a great addition to any sports card collection.

High dollar examples included in this set grade as follows (cards pictured above are the actual cards you will receive):

#67 See-Threepio and Luke : 5 EX
#68 The Millennium Falcon : 7 NM
#75 Darth Vader Strangles a Rebel : 7 NM
#89 The Imprisoned Princess Leia : 7 NM
#111 Chewie and Han Solo : 6 EX/MT
#131 Spectacular Battle : 7 NM

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7 - NM
$586.50 after 15% discount

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