Dorgan (Ó Deargáin) is an Irish surname, derived from dearg "red" (compare Craoibh Dearg). Notable people with the surname include:

  • Byron Dorgan (born 1942), United States senator from North Dakota
  • Howard Dorgan (1932–2012), American academic known for his research and writing on religion in Appalachia
  • Jerry Dorgan (1856–1891), American baseball player
  • Jim Dorgan (born 1930), Australian rules football player
  • John L. Dorgan (born 1879), known as Ike Dorgan, American boxing manager, and publicity manager for the Madison Square Garden, founding partner of The Ring magazine
  • Joseph "Joe" Dorgan (born 1975), American professional wrestler and personal trainer, best known as Johnny Swinger
  • Mike Dorgan (1853–1909), American baseball player
  • Patrick Dorgan, Danish singer
  • Richard W. Dorgan (1892–1953), American cartoonist
  • Seán Dorgan (born 1968), Irish politician
  • Tad Dorgan (1877–1929), American cartoonist
  • Theo Dorgan (born 1953), Irish poet, writer and lecturer

By Dean Hanley

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