Team Sets and Lots

Team Sets and Lots

Dean's Cards features the best selection of Team Sets of vintage baseball cards and football cards in the hobby. A Team Set will contain the cards featuring a player on that particular team.  A team set will also include other special cards issued for players on that team, including all-star, multi-player, league leader and/or post-season highlight cards.  

Because some sets have contain expensive "high-number" or rookie cards, team sets are not always practicle to build.  Sometimes over half of the value of a Team Set will be made up of two or three "high-numbered" rookie cards of guys who never player in the major leagues!  In these cards, we offer Near Complete Team Sets, that exclude these over-priced cards.  Of course, the "missing" cards can be purchased seperately here.

Team Lots include a random assortment of cards of players from a particular team, over several years.  SInce these cards are our choice, they deepely discounted, they are a great way to the players from your favorite team at a discounted prices

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