Testimonials from Sports Cards Buyers and Sellers

Over the years, we have come in contact with tens-of-thousands of people, both as buyers and as sellers of vintage sports cards. The principle that I have preach to the Dean's Cards team is when dealing with people, always practice the "Golden Rule" and then try to take it one step further an exceed expectations. Treat are customers as you would like to be treated.  If you make a mistake, then admit it, apologize, fix it, and learn from it and do not make it again. If you do these things, then I have found that 99% of the people are easy, and even fun, to work with. 

If possible, try to exceed a person's expectations, both in product and in service.  It is not always possible to achieve, but when you do, people appreciate it.

Dean's Cards is proud of the positive comments we receive from our customers, and also from the many people who sell us their vintage sports card collections.  That said, I also appreciate it when someone points out something we can do better. Over the years, we have gotten some great suggestions and have implemented the ones that we could.  

If you have shopped in the Dean's Cards eStore or sold us your collection to us, we would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a few comments about your experience and how you were treated by our team.  Please click on our testimonial page.  We welcome your honest feedback.

Please feel free to read the testimonials that we have we received over the years, from our customers, and people who sold us their vintage sports card collections:

--> Testimonials from BUYERS of cards from Dean's Cards <--

--> Testimonials from SELLERS of cards to Dean's Cards <-- 

By Dean Hanley - Fellow Collector and President of Dean's Cards

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