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Dean's Cards is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sales are conducted through our website.  Dean's Cards is not a retail store that can be visited to view sports cards.  There is nothing to see! No showcases with cards in them. 

Our location is 5000 square feet of office space and inventory storage. We conduct all of our business online.  A website is the only way to display over a million vintage sports cards.  We would hate for you to waste a trip!  

The is designed to be fast, easy, and fun. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully, we can address your inquiry immediately. Otherwise, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within one business day - if not much sooner.  


The first step to selling a collection, is to visit our SELL YOUR CARDS INFORMATION PAGE.  Even if a card seller calls, we will direct them to this page for more information and to contact our purchasing department.  You can also contact our Purchasing Department directly by sending specific information about your collection to  

It provides detailed information on all types of cards and how our process works and provides a way to contact our purchasing manager.

We can NOT buy individual, loose cards newer than 1975 or complete sets newer than 1985.  So Sorry!

Please do NOT call us about post-1980 cards, as we will simply direct you towards our SELL YOUR CARDS PAGE

Your inquiry is greatly appreciated.
By Dean Hanley

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