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As the dollar amount (or volume) of your order increases, so does the percentage of your discount.  Volume discounts begin at a 5% savings when your order reaches $50.  The maximum discount is 20% when the invoice amount reaches $1000.

With our discount, you can rest assured that you are getting our best prices.  You also get the benefit of knowing that we do not give any other discounts, to anyone, on any product - under any circumstance.

Recently Added Cards

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Value of vintage cards added for the month: $334,907.60

Some of the high dollar cards include:

1951 Bowman #1 Whitey Ford

1953 Topps #220 Satchel Paige

1963 Topps #210 Sandy Koufax

1950 Bowman #45 Otto Graham

Google Customer Reviews

Dean's Cards is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Customer Reviews!  We are dedicated to providing great customer service, competitive prices, conservative grading, an easy-to-use website, actual card scans, one business day shipping and the largest inventory of vintage cards. 

"Got exactly what I was looking for to add to my ever growing collection. Great Value! Will be back to find pieces to complete collections! Even received my card a day earlier than expected. Will refer friends with same hobby!"

Largest Buyer in the Hobby

With years of experience purchasing private collections, you can trust Dean's Cards Purchasing Team to assist you throughout the entire process of selling your vintage items.  We are the largest buyer of vintage sports cards in the hobby and purchase several hundred collections per year. We would be thrilled to take a look at your collection next! Click here to submit your collection information and see if we are interested.

For more information on how and where to sell your baseball cards, please click here.

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Your Home for Team Sets

Dean's Cards has tens of thousands team sets online for current and former professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball franchises.We offer vintage team sets in multiple conditions for all years.  We offer Near Complete Team Sets, which exclude many of the higher priced cards and are constructed for the collector on a budget.

If you are looking to begin collecting your favorite sports team, please click here to view our wide selection of team sets!  

Hobby Books by Dean Hanley

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced collector, Dean's books The Bubble Gum Card War and Before There Was Bubble Gum are "must reads".

The Bubble Gum Card War: The Great Bowman & Topps Sets from 1948 to 1955 centers on the race between Topps and Bowman to widely commercialize baseball cards. Before There Was Bubble Gum: Our Favorite Pre-World War I Baseball Cards covers the cards that came packaged with tobacco, cigarettes, caramels, clothing, and other products in the Pre-War Era of sports cards.

Pre-War Baseball Cards

We are loaded with Pre-War baseball cardsN-Cards, E-Cards, T-Cards Goudey and Play Ball.  Some of these cards are more than 100 years old!  We even have complete or near complete sets for some issues like T206! Click here to see our selection. 

We're always buying and adding hall of famer cards like 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

T207 Reprint Set

This 1912 T207 Brown Background reprint baseball card set, including the Broad Leaf, Cycle, Recruit, Napoleon and Red Cross back variations, was re-produced by Dean's Cards. The T207 baseball card reprints are also available for sale as singles or in Team Sets.

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