Discounts on orders over $50

Discounts start when your order reaches $50.  As the dollar amount of your order increases, so does the percentage of your discount.  The maximum discount is 20% when the invoice amount reaches $1000.  Click for details.

Dean's Videos on Vintage Card Collecting

Check out our video series hosted by Dean, highlighting some of the great vintage baseball card sets.  Ever wonder what it takes to sell and ship a thousand cards a day?  Watch our new video for a glimpse inside the inner workings of Dean's Cards.  Click here to watch.

Baseball Card Collecting Books by Dean

Check out Dean's best selling books. The Bubble Gum Card War details the battle between Topps & Bowman in the 1950s and Before There Was Bubble Gum covers the Pre-War Era of sports cards.

4.9 out of 5 on Google Reviews!

Dean's Cards customers give us an almost unheard of 4.9 stars, on Google Customer Reviews!  We are dedicated to providing great customer service, competitive prices, conservative grading, an easy-to-use website, actual card scans, one business day shipping and the largest inventory of vintage cards.

10,000+ Complete & Near Complete Sets

Shop the biggest inventory of vintage baseball complete sets online!  The sets are usually 25% to 60% off of the individual card prices.  Our baseball card complete sets have actual scans of every card.  We Guarantee that You'll Love are tough & consistent grading!  Click Here to find out more!

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The Dean's Cards Newsletter is a great way to keep up with the sports card hobby and recent additions to the Dean's Cards inventory.   Click here to sign up today.

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Recently Added Cards

Want to stay current with the newest cards added to our million card inventory?  Click the image above.

20,000 Team Sets Online

Dean's Cards currently has approximately 20,000 team sets online for baseball, football, hockey and basketball, usually in multiple conditions & years.  This includes Near Complete Team Sets, which exclude some of the higher priced cards, and are great for the collector on a budget.

Please click here to shop our wide selection of team sets!  

We are Buying!

Dean's Cards is always buying vintage sports cards.  We are the largest buyer of vintage sports cards in the hobby and purchase several hundred collections per year.  Click here to submit your collection information

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