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Since 2002, Dean's Cards has been the number one resource for information on buying, selling, and investing in vintage baseball cards. With nearly 1.5 million sports cards online, Dean's Cards is a top seller in the booming sports cards industry and offers the largest selection on the market. The company is run by a staff of about 20 employees and is located in an 8500 square foot office in Cincinnati, Ohio. We features high-resolution scans of every vintage card online, plus detailed statistics on the grades of individual cards as well as complete sets. With our state-of-the-art website, top grading standards, five-star customer service, and the most complete online catalog in the hobby, Dean's Cards provides one of the best shopping experiences on the web!

Meet the Owner

In December 2001, Dean Hanley left corporate America and started Dean's Cards out of his basement in Cincinnati, OH. A life-long baseball fanatic and collector of sports cards, Dean wrote a paper for his MBA program in the early 90s about selling vintage baseball cards through a catalog. The professor deemed the idea unrealistic and Dean earned a solid 'A minus'! About a decade later, he realized his dream could become reality with the help of the internet boom. Seeing the path for the baseball card hobby to move from catalog sales and card shows to e-commerce, Dean started one of the first strictly online baseball card companies out of his basement. Armed with his childhood collection, his dad's doubles, and the support of his loving wife, Dean launched the Dean's Cards website in 2002. Dean's Cards recorded its first sale in May of 2002 and hasn't stopped growing since!

Our Mission

The mission of Dean's Cards is to make collecting vintage sports cards Fast, Easy and Fun!  We fulfill this mission by constantly striving to maintain the best eCommerce Shopping Experience, Product Selection, and Customer Service in the hobby.  Specifically, we do this by: 1) designing the DeansCards.com eStore to be fast, secure and easy-to-use, 2) by having online inventory of over a million vintage sports cards, 3) a selection of 20,000 different complete sets, starter sets, and team sets for almost every vintage (1948 to 1980) sports card set, in several different conditions, 4) a knowledgeable, friendly team, 5) a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

If you will give us the opportunity to earn your business, you will be glad that you did.  We guarantee it. We love this hobby and work very hard to ensure that orders are shipped 100% correct, mailed within one business day and that the items sent are conservatively graded. If you are not happy for any reason, you may return your order for a full refund. 

Our goal at Dean's Cards is to provide our customers with a simple, cost-effective and enjoyable way to build their collections. We have the largest online selection of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and non-sports cards ranging in years from 1887 to the present. We also offer thousands of issues of Sports Illustrated, Sport Magazine, Baseball and Football Digest as well as vintage team yearbooks and media guides. 

Our customers have given Dean's Cards 4.9 (out of a possible 5.0) stars on Google Customer Reviews.  We are NOT a physical retail store that people can visit, so we were able to focus our efforts on designing and stocking a website that provides the best collecting experience possible.

Deans Knows Vintage Sports Cards

One of the foremost experts on the subject of vintage baseball and football cards, Dean created Dean's Cards with collectors in mind: "I am a collector, just like our customers. My goal is to provide the ideal place to buy sports cards. We strive to make the experience fast, easy and fun. The whole Dean's Cards team has worked hard to provide the best selection of vintage cards available anywhere, toughly graded and at great prices." 

Aside from running his website, Dean strives to educate the card collecting hobby by writing a blog, filming videos, writing articles for Sports Collectors Digest, and has published two best-selling books on vintage baseball cards.

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