Complete Sets

Complete Sets

Dean's Cards offers the best selection of vintage complete sets in the hobby, with thousands in stock.  We have multiple grades of every major, post-WW2 set in stock, at all times.  Huge front and back scans of each card are provided - as well as- detailed set statistics, are provided for your inspection.

Dean's Cards builds most of our vintage complete sets with a software that we developed.  With this technology, the best cards for each set are selected, from our million card inventory, based on grade and price.  If a card in a sells elsewhere, it is immediately replaced.  Please see each set's description for its average weighted and unweighted grades.  There are front and back scans, and detailed grading statistics, of each card contained in the set.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all sets.  Dean always says, "Once you get a vintage set from Dean's Cards, you will never buy a set from anyone else again."   Our conservative grading, prices, and overall quality our unmatched in the hobby.

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