Pre-War Baseball Cards

Pre-War Baseball Cards
The listings below feature baseball cards for sale from long ago tobacco companies, candy companies -- and the first bubble gum baseball cards, as well. Pre-War Cards have the most value on a per card basis. The most popular Pre-WWII set is the T206 White Border cards featuring the famous T206 Honus Wagner card.  Although the prices quoted for these cards are typically high, much depends on the condition of the cards. Dean's Cards will purchase these baseball cards in almost any condition. 
Dean literally wrote the book on Pre-War baseball cards, and you can find this best seller on Before There Was Bubble Gum: Our Favorite Pre-World War I Baseball CardsMost of the popular of the pre-war sets have been reissued in the form of reprint (or archives) sets. These sets provide an affordable alternative for budget collectors.

By Dean Hanley
Click on the links below to find the Pre-War baseball cards you want, including cards from the famous T-206 set.

Pre-1950s Baseball Cards

R-Cards: Bubble Gum Baseball Cards

T-Cards: Tobacco Baseball Cards

E-Cards: Caramel Baseball Cards

M-Cards: Newspaper Supplements & Cards

D-Cards: Bread Company Baseball Cards

W-Cards: Strip Cards

N-Cards: 19th Century Baseball Cards

Miscellaneous Pre-War Baseball Cards

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