1929 Kashin Publications (R316) Baseball Cards

The 1929 Kashin Publications baseball card set (R316) consists of 101 unnumbered cards with blank backs. The photos on the cards were taken by Charles Conlon.  Printed on thin paper stock, each 1929 Kashin card is 3 3/8" x 4 1/2" in size, with a facsimile of the players' signature, and his team's city and league.

Distributed in four color-coded boxes, each containing a unique series of 25 cards, the 1929 Kashin set contains 32 future Hall-of-Famers.  A card of Babe Ruth was later added to each box.  To make room for the Babe, the cards of Bump Hadley, Jesse Haines, Harry Siebold and Phil Todt were removed, making these 4 short-prints difficult to find.

By Dean Hanley

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