1913 Zeenut PCL

1913 Zeenut PCL

The 1913 Zeenut PCL cards are 2” x 3-3/4” and there are 149 cards in the set. The 1913 Zeenut fronts are a sepia toned photo on a light background. The backs are unnumbered and blank.

This was the company’s third year producing baseball card sets and the first year that they added a coupon to the bottom of the card. Since most of the coupons were removed and used in the various promotions, it is estimated that now only a few percent of all Zeenut cards still have the coupon attached.

Cards from the 1913 Zeenut set can be differentiated by their light background design, as compared to the darker background design from the previous year.

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SFO Ivon Howard (Team is San Francisco VARIATION)
$104 after 10% discount
SGC 5 - EX
$171 after 10% discount

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