1909 E92 Nadja Caramel Baseball Cards

The 1909 Nadja Caramel E92 baseball card set consists of 62 unnumbered cards that measure 1½" by 2¾". Similar E92 sets were also released by Dockman & Sons, Croft's & Allen's Candy Company, and Croft's Cocoa Company. The Nadja Caramel E92 baseball cards have paintings of players on the front of each card and say "Play Ball and Eat Nadja Caramels" on the backs. 

The 1909 Nadja Caramel E92 is loaded with cards of 15 different Hall-of-Famers, such as: Chief Bender, Frank Chance, Sam Crawford, Hughie Jennings, Nap Lajoie, Christy Mathewson, John McGraw, Joe Tinker, Honus Wagner, Bobby Wallace and Cy Young. The rarest card is the Ty Cobb, which was not printed in the E92 Dockman & Sons set.

By Dean Hanley

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