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Thanks for visiting Dean's Cards, and please take a moment to read the testimonials below from customers who have sold their collections to us over the years.

You can count on Dean's Cards to provide you with whatever information you may need to make your decision and then offer you our best price upfront when you sell your baseball cards, football cards, other sports cards and non-sports cards – and that eliminates any haggling and hassles that can come with selling your card collection.

Dean Hanley is an expert in the hobby and has written two books on vintage baseball cards.  Michelle Wall, the Dean's Cards Purchasing Manager, also builds our vintage sports card sets.  Between them, you are in good hands!  (Click Here to Meet the Buying Team!)

Dean's Cards is proud of the positive comments we get from customers who sell their cards to us. We know all of our customers have choices when they sell their collections, which is why we value all of the trusting relationships we have built with our customers.

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Over the years, thousands of people of sold us there vintage sports card collections.

Here is what they had to say:

Sally W. on May 25 2023

After my husband’s death, I had to figure out what to do with his extensive baseball card collection. A couple of Google searches led me to Dean’s cards. The staff was easy to work with, and the process was very straightforward. I received payment promptly. I highly recommend Dean’s if you have a collection to sell.

Don P, Ottawa, Canada on May 10 2023

I was impressed with Dean's card from the get go. Michelle answered my first inquiry with a thorough explanation of how a transaction might work. I was always confident that I was dealing with an honest and trustworthy individual. I was disappointed with the value of my Elvis Presley cards but I trusted the price that Michelle had offered and the deal was closed and the cheque sent in a prompt manner. Thank you

Blake J Vancouver Canada on May 06 2023

As an 8-10 year old I loved every minute of collecting almost two full sets of 1970's National Hockey League cards, and three full sets of Batman cards. Being in my 60's now, after checking with my family, I decided it was time to sell. After contacting four companies, it was clear Dean's Cards were the leaders that would treat me seriously, returning my e-mails, and answering calls. I packged up about 650 cards, and sent them off. Michelle made it easy, they took them all. I wish I'd got more $$ for them, but I was not willing to part them out and sell one by one. So I hope you make someone else happy with those cards, they sure made me happy as a child! Thank you Dean's cards!

Anne P on Apr 26 2023

I had vintage Beatle trading cards that were gifted to me. I knew from online research they had some value. But how to sell them??? Finding Dean’s Cards online was my answer. The whole experience was professionally handled from my first contact. I emailed Dean's that I had about 200 cards to sell, would they be interested? They gave me instructions where to mail my cards and details how the business transaction would work. Information is all up front-no surprises!! No haggling!! Within 3 days of mailing my collection to Dean’s I received an email confirmation of receipt. & a message they would examine the cards and quote me a price within a few days. Within 2-3 days I had a price quote. I felt it was a fair price. Dean's was doing all the work. Once I accepted the quoted price, again I received confirmation that a check would be mailed that day. Within 5 business days I received a business check from Dean. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dean & staff for a great customer experience,

Mal S. on Apr 07 2023

Sold some 60’s football cards. Quick response good communication , prompt payment . Thanks.

Stan F. on Feb 17 2023

I had several incomplete sets of non-sports cards from the 1950s, one of military aircraft from 1952, Flags of the World 1954, from TV Westerns, and creepy cartoons. I have no idea of their value, but had no idea how to sell them except one at a time on Ebay. I sent them and was told they were worth $$, put they would round up to $$ I asked for more because of the cost of shipping them and they readily agreed to my price. Very responsive and easy to deal with. They made the transaction very easy.

Jim S. from Colorado Springs Colorado. on Feb 13 2023

I would highly recommend Deans Cards I contacted them in March of 2022 about my vintage card collection and they were very responsive. We negotiated a very fair amount for my cards and I received their check in about 5 days. My overall experience was excellent highly recommend

Al P. Marcy,NY on Jan 13 2023

I didn't really have the cards that you purchase but everyone was professional that I dealt with. Always got back to me in a short period of time & explained how you evaluate cards you purchase. Would recommend Dean's cards to anyone who has vintage cards to sell. Michele was very friendly & great to work with.

Jim C. on Dec 22 2022

I recently sold my set of approximately 750 baseball cards from mid-60's to early 70s to Dean's Card. I wasn't sure what to expect but after reading reviews I decided to take a leap of faith and send my cards in. Right after they were received, I was notified that they had been received and I would hear back with an offer in a couple of days. After the initial offer, I considered having the cards send back to me. But after several emails with Michelle, we settled on a price that was agreeable to both of us. I was very pleased with the experience and would recommend Dean's cards to anyone looking to sell a large set of cards.

SCOTT B. IN PA. on Dec 22 2022


Anonymous on Dec 21 2022

I was very satisfied with my transaction. Michele was very informative of how the transaction would take place. Her professionalism is a credit to Deans Cards. Please give her an”ATTA GIRL”.

Allan S. on Nov 26 2022

I sent my cards for appraisal, Dean's representative responded with an offer in two days. I accepted the offer and had a check in a week. If you want to sell your cards, I highly recommend Dean's.

Larry W. S. on Nov 22 2022

I am from Topeka, KS and I have sent several collections of sports cards to Dean's Cards. They have been very responsive to me and in quick fashion. They made me an offer for each collection that was very reasonable, and I received payment quickly. I recommend Deans Cards to anyone who has a collection of sports cards to sell.

Tim M. on Nov 01 2022

There was a time when selling my baseball card collection (Vintage Topps 1955-58) would have been absolutely unimaginable. However, at my age (77) and no one to leave them to, they would have been a burden for my wife in the event I pulled an Elvis and left the building! It was time to tie up loose ends and sell. My online research discovered Dean's Cards and after watching their videos, reading their material and pursuing their testimonials, I knew I had found who I was looking for. I found them to be responsive, informative, friendly, helpful, honest and highly professional. Their most important attribute by far, however, was their empathy. These people know and appreciate how much these cards mean to the seller. The decision to sell, find a buyer, then close the deal was an emotional journey for me but was one I did not have to take alone thanks to Dean's Cards. With the almost $$$$ I got for the cards, which exceeded expectations, we are buying something that we can appreciate and enjoy for the rest of our lives. The same cards that brought me so much joy in my youth are now responsible for bringing us joy in our senior years. In a sense they are still with me. Thank you for the happy ending, Dean's Cards, and a special thanks to Michelle.

Larry S. Kansas City, MO on Nov 01 2022

I recently sold my childhood collection of bubble gum cards to Dean's. These included Scoops, antique autos, Wheels, President;s and several other non baseball collections. All were complete series groups totaling over 200 cards. The people at Dean's were easy to work with and I feel gave me a fair offer for the collections.I would recommend them to those wishing to sell their card collections.

Michael B., Norristown, PA on Oct 27 2022

I sold a complete set of 1953 and 1954 Topps baseball cards. Unfortunately the cards were reprint cards. I sold them for $$ I was happy to find out what I had without going through the time and expense of getting them graded. Dean's basically grade the cards similarly to PSA. The process was smooth and quick. They started grading the cards right away and got back to me right away. I received the check in about 7 days. I strongly recommend using Deans.

R.S. Royal Oak Mi on Oct 20 2022

This was a one-time sale of classic cards from my younger days, 1958 & 1959. While I had a number of 'name player' cards, condition is a huge factor in the business. Michelle Wall, Purchasing Manager, was nice enough to get me up-to-date in expectations in a hobby I had been absent from for 60 years. For about 300 cards, including a few non-sports cards, they accepted them all, and i received $$$. While I could have 'shopped around' on the name player cards in excellent shape, this was a one-stop way to sell them and have someone else enjoy what I had. Very professional people.

Gary NC on Sep 14 2022

Dean's was very professional it every way. As most I thought my collection was worth more than Dean's but they are very good at what they do.

John L. on Sep 04 2022

I sold my 1962/1963 Topps baseball collection. I was pleased to work with Michelle as the negotiations went on. She was always prompt to reply as we came to a final offer. Good job on communication. I wish we could have talked in person .

Wendi O. on Jul 23 2022

I sold my 1950/1951 Bowman baseball cards to Dean's. It was a very pleasant and straightforward experience. Dean's team answered every question I had. I was happy with the result! I would definitely recommend Dean's if you are selling your cards.

Mark S., Pottsville, PA on Jul 18 2022

I recently sold my collection of about 700 pieces of ungraded pre-war tobacco cards and pins in varying condition to Dean’s Cards. While it was a tough decision, I felt good about it at the end of the process. Michelle communicated with me in a timely fashion throughout, and their offer was fair. While it was difficult for me to enter a transaction like this without meeting someone in person, Dean’s Cards acted professionally and I’m glad to recommend them without reservation.

Rose M. on Jul 16 2022

I contacted Dean’s about selling my late husband’s 1950s baseball cards. I had hundreds of cards, but no patience to sell them individually on eBay. I know there were a few HoF player cards in mint condition, and Dean’s worked through going all of the cards and offering a very fair price for the lot. I highly recommend Dean’s, especially for anyone who suddenly has a collection that they’re not sure what to do with. Dean’s will assess and make an offer within days of receiving the cards, and will quickly pay if you accept their offer. It has been a pleasure conducting business with them, and I liked working with a reputable business!

John B. WA on Jul 16 2022

I sold some cards to Dean's, about 1,500 commons from the early 70's, a handful in the late 60's, also some HOF and HOF rookies. Football, baseball and basketball. Most of the good players were in rough condition, because of use, some not too bad. Michelle kept in touch the next day with each email I sent, never left hanging. Got a fair price. I felt comfortable throughout because of the quick communication. I would feel good pointing someone towards Dean's to sell their collection.

Fenway13 on Jul 08 2022

We sent over 1500 cards from the 1950s & 1960s to Deans for get an estimate for them to buy the baseball cards. The majority of the cards where in poor condition but a few had some value. It was a very easy process. Deans communicated with us via email when they’re received the cards and the timeline for appraisal was good. They gave us a fair price to purchase the cards. We were very happy with their communication and professionalism throughout the process. I would not hesitate to bring more cards for Deans to purchase in the future!

joyfuldragons on Jun 03 2022

I received my check as promised. I appreciated working with Michelle on the sale, and appreciated the time she spent answering my many questions.

Harold L. on May 31 2022

Dean's Cards handled my transaction with them in a thoroughly professional and courteous manner. Every part of the deal went smoothly and in a short time.

Bruce B. Cockeysville, MD on Apr 02 2022

Hi, just a few lines to let you know how completely satisficed I am with by dealings with Dean's Cards. Most of my cards were complete set or nearly complete set from 1951 to 1961. I had baseball, football and other type such as Elvis, Davy Crockett, space card Presidents and many more. I think I had several thousand cards in total. I was I little leery about sending my complete collection to some one I did not know or had any idea about them. I knew he was is business buying and selling cards so I though they would not take my cards and ignore me , which I have heard of happening. I was not sure of the value of my collection, I did look up some of the cards on line but was not sure of their condition. I did not want to pick out a select few and sell them but I wanted to keep the sets complete. The final value of my deal was $$$$. I was completely satisficed with my experience with this company and would not hesitate about recommending or dealing with them again.

Jeffrey W. on Mar 18 2022

I sold several complete Topps baseball card sets to Dean from the 70’s and 80’s. I was nervous about sending them them to Dean without having any commitment from them. Before I shipped them they responded to all my emails and provided suggestions on how and where to ship. Lastly, I feel like I received a good price for the cards and got paid quickly. Dean is very professional and I recommend without reservation.

Anonymous on Mar 16 2022

I found you to be honest and straight forward. You told me why you gave me the price you did and I appreciated that.

Mark A. Ottawa Canada on Mar 15 2022

I have dealt with a number of purchasers of cards and Dean's Cards is by the far the best to deal with. They are prompt, clear in terms of expectations and have excellent customer service. I was more than happy with their offer. I also have purchased from Dean's and find their service to be first rate. I plan on dealing with them again as I look to simplify my card collection.

Keith J. on Mar 14 2022

I sold a large collection (approximately 6000) vintage baseball cards from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s to Dean's Cards. The sales process was conducted with ease. I dealt with Michelle and she was terrific. She got back to me in a timely fashion and answered any questions I had. Due to the amount of cards being sold, it took a few days to get an offer, which I felt was fair and I accepted. I received a check in the mail about a week after we agreed on the sales price. For other sellers of vintage cards, I would highly recommend them and I would certainly sell to them again.

Kaminsky on Mar 11 2022

Fast easy way to sell cards ,the staff was great and fast response

John K. on Feb 17 2022

Deans was super easy to deal with !

Randy J. on Jan 22 2022

My interactions with Dean’s Cards on the sale of 1400 cards from the late 60s and early 70s was extremely positive. Most of my cards were football from 1972-1974, but I also had a few hundred baseball and basketball cards from the same era. They responded quickly to e-mail inquiries, they provided helpful tips for shipping the cards to minimize cost and potential damage and they paid a fair price ($$$) for them. Like any business that has to sit in inventory for a long time before flipping it, you need to manage you’re expectations and not anticipate getting published retail prices for your cards. However, I felt that the price that they offered me was reasonable considering the vintage and condition of the cards. I would definitely do business with them again. They are straightforward, honest and generated an offer quickly.

Dennis on Jan 05 2022

Deans gave me a fair price for my Hockey Card collection. I will do business with them again.

Allie P. Lansing, MI on Dec 08 2021

I want to thank Michelle and Ava who I worked with when it was time to sell my collection spanning several years from 1960 through 1985. I believe the amount I received was fair based on various card value guides. Communications were timely, instructions were very easy to follow and once a price was agreed on, payment followed within a week. I would highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone interested in selling their collection.

Anonymous on Nov 24 2021

Dean's people were very responsive and honest.

William K. on Nov 11 2021

After researching several card dealers websites, it appeared to me that Dean's Cards was the best one to deal with. I appreciate the honesty and professionalism that was shown to me. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone who desires to sell their sports card collection.

Bill C. on Nov 11 2021

I sent my vintage baseball card collection to Dean's Cards and we came to terms on a sell price that I believe was fair. The payment to me was prompt and I was very pleased with the transaction. I would do business with them again.

Jim R. on Nov 05 2021

Sold my collection of baseball cards to Dean's Cards. It was a relatively small collection compared to others. But meant a lot to me. As a Yankee fan since the 1950's, my cards consisted of the careers in cards of Roger Maris, and Thurman Munson. It also had the 1961 Yankees (arguably the best team ever), with Mantle, Maris and so on. Dealing with Dean's Cards was very simple and fair. 3 emails and a deal was struck. Received a check in a matter of days. I highly recommend selling any collection large or small. Thanks again Dean!!

Tim J. San Diego, CA on Oct 20 2021

I think we all wish that we had that Honus Wagner card in our collections, but I knew better. My 3000 card collection-some from the late 50's, early 60's, but mostly from the late 60's & early 70's were often looked at, handled & enjoyed during my youth. The team at Dean's Cards was friendly, understanding & professional. After they received the cards, the assessment came quickly and I thought the price was fair. I would recommend Dean's to anyone looking for a quote or to sell their cards.

W.J. Maryland on Oct 05 2021

I sold 500+ cards from the 50s and 60s remaining from my collection and as a dealer many years ago so I had a good idea of the value. Dean's was professional, courteous, communicative and efficient every step of the way even though it was a bit hard to let go. Although you can expect to get pennies on the dollar in terms of retail value, it was still a better option for me than trying to sell these individually which would take years and years (and I know from experience). The price was reasonable all things considered. I think the people at Dean's must have a love for this and Dean himself will never be ordering a superyacht based on any profit he makes from the likes of us. Highly recommended if you want to liquidate and get the $ quickly.

Bruce, Hubertus, WI. on Sep 19 2021

I recently sold about 1700 1953 to 1968 Topps baseball cards to Dean's . I've run a small service company for many years, so I am very sensitive to unprofessional business practices/people. Dean's was top notch. They did a great job of keeping in touch and were very timely. The price they gave me seemed more than fair for things that have been sitting in my closet for the past 35 years. I will be sending along a bunch of Baseball and hockey card from 1969 very shortly. I would absolutely recommend Dean's to other people. The money realized from the cards is being donated to the local humane society, so they send a "thank you" to Dean's also.

Mr. Alexander on Sep 07 2021

After a basic research on the web and a visit to an actual brick-and-mortar card shoppe, I chose to deal with Dean’s. Selling the cards online one-by-one was not an option I wanted to pursue. I had a few juicy sports cards from the early 1960’s along with a large collection of non-sports cards. The offer was negotiated after a few emails and they gave me a good deal on the non-sports cards. That was far better than my local shop that had no knowledge about most of the non-sports collection. No complaints about Dean’s offer, but they do not discount for 55 year old cards with no Covid-19 on them; oh well.

David E. H. on Aug 31 2021

When I decided to sell my collection of vintage cards I looked at several places. After checking I picked Dean's cards to handle the transaction. They were very easy to stay in contact through out the whole process. After sending them my cards for appraisal within 3 days we made a deal and I was paid within 3 days after that. What a great company to work with.

JavkW on Jul 28 2021

I sold a small collection of non-sports cards from the early 1960's to Dean's Cards and was very pleased with what they offered me after evaluating them. It was a lot easier than selling them myself and I'm not sure I could have made any more than what they offered me. I hope they make a good profit on them when they sell them. Dean's Cards provides a great service for collectors who are ready to find a new home for their collections.

Susan L., Grass Valley CA on Jul 22 2021

Dean's Cards has made the process of selling my 1950-60 non sport cards collection almost seamless . I appreciate the initial phone conversation, initial email outlining how Deans does business, how cards and value are determined. Michelle sent emails throughout the entire process. Dean's has been straightforward and upfront. It has been a pleasure. I will not hesitate to negotiate with Dean's again when I decide to sell my sports cards collection.

Joseph K. on Jul 13 2021

Dean's Cards purchased over thirty 1970's and 1980's sets from me. Michelle over there communicated very regularly with me and they paid a very fair price. They would definitely get my recommendation.

DJ in Pennsylvania on Jul 08 2021

Sold about 1,800 old baseball, basketball, and hockey cards from the 60’s and 70’s. Very good communication throughout the entire process. Cards were old and worn, but the offer was very fair. Highly recommend Dean’s.

James R. on Jun 30 2021

Selling my lot of 1960-1969 Topps/Philadelphia baseball, football and basketball cards (592 count) to Dean's Cards was a great experience. This tranaction with Dean's Cards was straight forward and pleasant with excellent communication. I was pleased with the price received and would highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone looking to sell their vintage cards.

Dave A. on Jun 08 2021

I had 3 card boxes and metal "coins" of early 1960s baseball and football cards, with one year nearly complete. I read about Dean's on-line, and contacted them and several other dealers. I selected them because of their testimonials. They asked for images of the cards, so I sent a few photos of prominent players. They were interested, so I mailed the cards to them. Within a couple of days after receipt they offered $$$$ for the lot, which I accepted because I wanted to liquidate them quickly. While I am sure I could have gotten more selling them myself, the amount of time I saved was worth it. I don't know their markup and don't really care. I recommend them highly.

Lee on May 24 2021

Really easy to work with. They get right back to you once they receive the cards.

Joe S., Fond du Lac, WI on May 24 2021

I contacted Dean’s in order to sell my football, basketball, baseball, and hockey cards. To date I have sold the baseball and football cards from the 60’s and 1970 football cards. Despite the fact that many of the 60’s cards were not in great shape, Dean’s paid $$$ for about 1600 cards. To me, this was a very fair offer for the cards provided. I do not think a card company could offer any better customer service. They answer emails on the same day and honestly tell you what they think of the probability of making money on your cards. They tell you when they receive your cards and provide a bid on them by the end of the next day. Super easy to work with!!!

Lisa F. on May 19 2021

I am believe in Dean's Cards because of their reputation and ethical way of doing business. I was very happy to sell my card collection, even in the "fair" state it was in. Yes, I had a few "good" cards, but mostly just Fair and I was treated with the upmost respect if my cards had been all "excellent". You can be assured that Dean's will be more than fair about pricing, too. I earned $$$ on cards that had been in a basement for decades. I hope the cards will flesh out other collections that do not have a card or two.

David L. on May 10 2021

A flawless experience - I had a diverse collection - Sports, Civil War, Cars, Zorro and others - all from the 50's and 60's. After looking around the internet I decided to go with Dean. I accepted the offer and a few days later I received $$$$ - more than I had hoped the cards were worth. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone.

The Boy on May 04 2021

I sold cards to Dean's. They are great to work with and very professional.

Robert B. on May 01 2021

I first contacted Dean's in March of this year; 2021. From the beginning, Dean's purchasing team clearly explained the process in an honest and straightforward fashion. The process was easy and quick. I decided to sell my modest collection of Topps Football, Hockey and Basketball cards from 1972 through 1975 in mid-April. A few days after receiving my collection, Michelle informed me that Dean's valued my collection at a fair and reasonable $$$. A few days after that, I received a check from Dean's. The process could not have been easier. I would definitely recommend using Dean's if you are interested in selling your collection. In fact I will very likely be sending Dean's other card collections that i have. Overall an excellent experience with professionals that can be trusted.

Chuck H. on Apr 18 2021

I sent a part of my collection to three card dealers. Dean's was the only one that gave me a fair offer. They were easy to work with and replied to my e-mails within a day. I will defintely work with them again.

Roger S. on Apr 09 2021

Very easy to deal with. They clearly stated their terms and i felt they were very honest. I was happy with my deal.

Tony Jacksonville Florida on Apr 04 2021

It takes a lot of trust to send your cards to a stranger for evaluation and potential purchase. I began my collection in the 1950's and purchased cards into the 1990's. With a large collection and my retirement, I decided to begin selling the cards to supplement my income. I became aware of Dean's Cards and sent my first batch of 500+ Baseball and Football Cards. I was more than satisfied with the offer and continue to send. I have also sent hockey and Canadian Football Cards. To date I have sold over 1600 cards to Dean's and plan to continue to do so. Having a collection of several thousand cards, I sort and organize the cards and sent a batch about once a week. I trust Dean's to provide me with a fair offer and they have done so. Thanks!

Matt P - Hanover, MA on Mar 24 2021

Hi - I reached out to Dean's to sell my older baseball cards that were gathering dust as my kids are not interested in them. Dean's quickly and pleasantly responded to my inquiries, explained the process, promptly acknowledged receipt of my cards, made a fair and honest offer, and sent a check right out. I am more than satisfied and will sell more cards to Dean's in the future.

Scott D. on Mar 16 2021

With nothing but time during the pandemic, I went through my boxes of early football, basketball and baseball cards. The baseball cards mean a great deal to me, so I kept them, but I sent a box of mid to late 1970s football and basketball cards to you after several communications with your staff. They were responsive and answered all my questions. In the end, you sent me $$$ for my cards that were a "nice set" as you said, but a little rough from handling. I agreed completely and was happy with the end result, the communication and total honesty from Dean's Cards. If I ever want to part with my baseball cards I would only work with you.

Fighting Marines/Freedom’s War on Mar 10 2021

Selling my cards to Dean’s Cards was about as easy as it could get. Painless process due to the speed and fairness of this company.

Gary O. on Mar 09 2021

This was the first time I sold cards. The entire experience with Deans was superb. They were honest and fair with me. I sold about 800 cards (from late 50's through late 60's and received $$$. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to downsize their collection.

T. Blakeley Fairview, NC on Mar 02 2021

I recently sold my baseball card collection to Dean’s. At first I was very leery of having to send my entire collection to them for review, but it was the only way to truly evaluate each card’s physical condition. I must say they were very efficient in reviewing my cards in a timely manner. It was less than a day before I got an offer. Also, Michelle, the purchasing manager, was very friendly and helpful and worked with me to come up with a mutual agreement on pricing Overall, I was very pleased with the experience and would very much recommend Dean’s Cards for anyone selling their collection.

Big Dan T. on Feb 15 2021

I recently sold some 1950s era baseball cards to Dean's Card. Dean's staff was extremely responsive to my questions. They were upfront and honest about the pricing expectations. They were very prompt is reviewing my collection and making a fair offer. I am very pleased with my transaction with Dean's Cards.

Ken U. on Feb 07 2021

I sold my old collection of over 1000, 1959-1967 baseball cards in December to Dean's. Over 100 plus Hall of Famer cards, Dean's was very fair in their appraisal and an offer and payment was extended all within seven days. Very knowledgeable, fair, and professional. They know what they are doing and they do it in an easy, clearly defined business manner. I highly recommend them

Anonymous on Jan 13 2021

I was very pleased in selling my baseball cards to Dean's. I had contacted them to let them know what I had as far as baseball cards. I was wanting to sell to them they were interested in my cards even though they were in the 1950 and 1960 and they were just in a box that was not in great shape at all. I would say less than fair I had around 685 cards and I was figuring I would get about 25 cents a card just because of the condition the cards was in. I sent them to Dean's Cards by USPS it took about 4 to 5 days and they text me soon as they got them to let me know. A couple of days later they gave me a offer of $$$ dollars. I was very surprised I said yes to the offer and I got the check in the mail sooner than what they told me. I was very pleased with the service and the attention that Dean's Cards gave me somebody with just some old baseball cards stored in a box and they deal in tens and thousands of cards daily. I would highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone and everyone I will do business with Dean's Cards again. Thank you Dean's for making this easy for me. John R. Wichita KS.

Bob K. on Oct 09 2020

I sold my baseball card collection from the early 1960s. From the time I mailed in my collection to receiving my check was less than 2 weeks. I received $$$$. Dean's was very clear upfront about the process and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their collection.

John S. on Sep 29 2020

I sold 700 mixed baseball and football cards from the late '50s and early '60s that have been in a shoebox for more than 50 years, but were heavily handled when I was a kid. In short, they were far from Mint condition. The folks at Dean's Cards were extremely responsive and straightforward. After I sent the cards, they offered me $$$ within several days which I gladly accepted. I recommend them to anyone looking for a fair deal.

Brad B. on Sep 29 2020

I sold a large collection of vintage baseball and other sports cards to Dean's. They were very professional and fair on payment. Would definitely recommend to other collectors!

Ron on Sep 17 2020

I contacted Dean’s about selling my card collection. Michelle called me right away to set up an appointment. The process was easy and fair. Once we agreed on the price, I was paid right away. I would recommend anyone selling their collection to trust this company. Thank You Again

Jason H. on Sep 07 2020

Could not be happier with my experience selling to Deans. Very professional and prompt service. Top notch.

Mike L. on Aug 26 2020

I had a collection of 2700 baseball cards from 1959-1963 that I was trying to sell. I found Dean's Cards online and was able to sell them the entire collection. It involved my shipping the cards to them, for their perusal (which I was hesitant to do), but I received a fair quote and a check very shortly after. I would recommend Dean's Cards as a buyer of vintage cards.

JoyceAnn L. New Jersey on Jul 30 2020

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Dean's Cards. I was quite impressed with their website which I found to be very detailed and professional. They responded to my initial inquiry immediately and advised the process of selling cards and even suggested shipping method. Upon receiving my 60's TOPPS baseball collection, they provided a quote within 48 hours. I accepted their offer and a check was sent to me within 7 business days. I highly recommend this business, very honest & great communication.

L. Fletcher on Jul 24 2020

I inherited aaprox. 500 late 50's baseball cards. I had no idea what they were worth so I went to the internet looking for a baseball card dealer and ran across Dean's Cards.There website was professional and easy to understand how the process is handled. I then contacted them via email and they responded very quickly. I advised them what I had and they said to send them to them which I did and they contacted me back with an offer which I accepted. It was so easy and great communication.

cardmaniac on May 20 2020

Sold a high end card to Deans and everything went smooth. They paid a fair market value as I would expect. Will definitely do business again.

Joseph V. on Apr 28 2020

The communication was done in a timely manner and the process was efficient. All my questions and concerns were answered. They are upfront about what to expect in the sale and their process of going through the cards. I sold 70’s 80’s baseball and basketball cards. Overall it was a great experience.

Deborah S. on Mar 26 2020

I sold my 1933-1934 Goudey baseball cards to Dean's. I've followed their site among others for years before making the decision to send the cards for review. I was really nervous about sending them but they did a great job at reassuring me and totally won my trust. They were very professional and really worked with me throughout the whole process. I actually felt like part of the family. They were very fair with their offer which I accepted. The check arrived in less than a week. I would recommend to anyone who's looking to sell or even purchase cards to go with Dean's Baseball Cards. The bidding process was a totally new and exciting experience for me. Kudos to Dean's Baseball Cards.

Kevin M. on Mar 09 2020

I sold a collection of 1,300 Topps Baseball cards from 1966 to 1971. These were my cards as a kid and I kept them tucked away in a shoe box for 50 years. Selling to Dean's was easy, parting with the memories was not so easy. Aaron, Mantle, Bench, Clemente, Carew, Kaline, Ryan and many unknowns will all now see the opportunity to rest with collectors. Dean's was professional and timely-

Tom T. on Mar 04 2020

Dean's Cards was extremely professional and I would not hesitate to use them again. I would especially like to thank Michelle for her patience and great attitude during the process.

Charles V A. on Jan 24 2020

I really appreciated your prompt response to my recent request to evaluate my 1954 Topps and 1955 Bowmen baseball card collection and make me an offer to purchase them. You were very honest with me concerning your evaluation and offer of $$$ which I accepted. I received your check in about 4 days. I also conferred with Michelle who was very helpful in answering my questions. I highly recommend your company to anyone who wants to buy or sell their sports cards.

David L. on Nov 05 2019

I have sold my 1950's collection of non sports cards to Dean's. It was a collection of about 1,000 cards in various degrees of condition. I had absolute faith in Dean's and they "held my hand" through the whole process. I dealt with Michelle who was always responsive and helpful. We shared many emails in what for them was most likely a smaller purchase. We arrived at a mutually agreeable price, and I got my check in short order. I think the easiest way to sum it up is I was happy and WILL deal with them again.

Jack on Oct 14 2019

I recently sold Coke 1967 MLB bottle caps to Dean's. It was my first experience sending a piece of my collection to an unknown person, so there was a bit of leap of faith involved. Michelle and Josh at Dean's were extremely professional, prompt, open and honest, and true to their word.

Tuffy on Oct 11 2019

I was very nervous about selling my collection. I had about 9000 cards. They were great in keeping in touch with me and I was pleased with the offer they made. I hope to do business with them again. I was told I was crazy for selling over the internet, but Dean's Cards came through and I am happy.

Jim T. on Sep 10 2019

Recently I discovered my Post Cereal baseball and football sets that I had been collecting since 1960. My children or grandchildren weren't interested in them. I found Deans Cards on the internet and wrote. They responded right away. I sent the cards, they made an offer. It was more than fair and I felt that they gave my collection the reverence that I had in all those years of gathering. I would recommend Deans Cards to anyone who has cards and no idea what to do with them.

Eric S, Nashville, TN on Sep 09 2019

I am always warry of sending valuables through the mail to someone I haven't met before. However, I took a leap of faith with Dean's Cards and sent them part of my collection to test them out. They delivered a fair assessment of my collection (naturally, I thought my collection was worth more but don't we all) and then promptly delivered the check once I had agreed. I then sent the remaining vintage cards and got a second check. I had been carrying these cards around for 45 years and it was time.

Brian B. on Sep 05 2019

Good communication throughout the process. Would deal with again!

Jason on Aug 21 2019

Transaction was September 2017. Collection from my late dad contained cards from Bowman 1953-6 and Topps 1953-7. 3023 cards total. Most were at least a little "loved" and none were graded. No Mickey Mantles, and some of the other $ cards may have been absent. I was hoping for a little more, but I felt the team at Dean's were professional and fair. I coordinated with them, stopped by late morning and met some friends for a day at brew pubs and a Reds game. They called me and we settled up for negotiating and $$$$ and I was on my way. I haven't looked back! I would recommend them to anyone.

Al D. on Aug 13 2019

Very satisfied with price offered & especially the personal service provided by Michelle. As I am now retired, I’ll have the time to work through my collection and Michelle will be my 1st contact when I have something that I wish to sell. I will Be attending the National convention next summer in Atlantic City & will look for you guys at that time.

Jeff N - Raleigh, NC on Jul 17 2019

Sold some of my older cards to Dean’s. The whole process was seamless as there was tremendous communication throughout. Everything went down as they said it would.

Rick on Jul 09 2019

I sold over 1600 1960 & 1961 baseball cards.to Deans. All were in plastic sleeves in order. I dealt with Michelle and found her to be knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Response was always in 2 days or less. Only question was card condition as these had been stored for 50 years in sleeves and notebooks. Overall it was a desirable transaction and would do it again.

Mike M. on Jun 21 2019

I had a partial collection of 1964 Topp's metal round baseball "cards". I contacted Dean's cards and even though it was not a complete or extensive set, they were willing to have a look. After review, they offered me $$$ for the incomplete set, which was a fair offer to me. I was glad to see that the collectibles end up in the hands of such courteous, knowledgeable and professional folks. I would highly recommend them.

Georgia W. on Jun 18 2019

Trying to sell some cards and they were the only ones to have a live person to work with.

TMAC on Jun 06 2019

Sold my Red Man cards for a fair price. I felt satisfied that I received a fair value. I would recommend you consider Dean's if selling your collection.

Ted R. on May 17 2019

Perhaps you are like me, and saved baseball cards from when you were a kid. I had about 600 or so cards, mostly from 1964 and 1965. The good news is that my parents never threw them away and I had brought them back to Minnesota from New York and safely saved them. The bad news is that as a kid, I played with them and traded them with friends. We would toss the cards against a wall and whoever’s card fell closest to the wall won both cards. You can imagine what this did to the condition of the cards! I decided that 50 years of useless storage was enough and that I should sell them. I knew which players were most valuable and I could take a semi-educated guess as to the grade of each card. In fact, I used Dean's website to help me estimate the grade by comparing them to their scanned cards. As for value, I looked at sold, graded cards at the PSA website, Dean's retails, and eBay sold results. All of that is well and fine, but I didn't know how much the spread would be between retail values and sell values. I took the collection to a local detail and received a bid and then sent the collection to Dean's. As with any sane seller of a collection, I had hoped for more money, but in the end I decided that Dean's had made a good offer and likely would be equal or better than selling on eBay, considering the commission, shipping costs, PayPal costs, etc. What I can tell you is that Dean’s was very professional, had great communication, turned around an offer at lightning speed and answered all questions I had. Once I agreed to their offer, I received their check in less than a week for the agreed upon amount. Based upon my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend them if you would like a bid on your collection. My only cost was to send the collection to them. If I had not accepted their bid, they would have mailed me back the collection at their own expense. Also, their website has a wealth of accurate and honest information about your options in selling a collection, as well as the most extensive information I found concerning collectable cards. Before I started this process, I had not even heard of Dean’s (I’m not a collector). But now I think they are a company and resource that any seller should seriously consider when selling collectibles.

edward b on May 17 2019

I had been following Dean's Cards online for several years and finally decided it was time to sell my collection. I had around 1100 cards from about 1958 - 1969. All were Topps except for some from the 1963 Fleer collection. I had multiple stars from those years including a Pete Rose rookie card. I realized that with the age and quality of the cards, I was thinking along the lines of $xxx dollars as a baseline. They offered and I accepted $xxx dollars so I was pleased. I rally liked working with Dean's and everything was done online though e-mails. I had no problems and would definitely recommend Dean's to anyone wanting to sell or buy.

Howie L. on May 08 2019

Great experience selling my late '50's-mid '60's baseball card collection. Michelle was helpful, professional, and fair. Received prompt payment as promised. Highly recommend.

Chas on Apr 26 2019

Dean, A very honest and reliable company. I believe that they gave me a fair price for my 1950’s collection of ball cards Thank you, Chas

Harry G on Apr 16 2019

I recently sold a fairly large collection of 1953 thru 1969 vintage baseball, football and basketball cards. The overall experience in the transaction was cordial and very much appreciated. The bidding process was very timely and I was treated fairly. The transaction amount was $$$,$$$ and payment was received in a very expeditious time frame. I would highly recommend Dean's Cards, if you are looking to sell vintage cards.

Apr 15 2019

easy to work with.prompt and fair

Lori O., Portland OR on Apr 12 2019

I would highly recommend anyone interested in selling their sports cards to check with Dean’s. I had a collection of vintage and near-vintage baseball cards that had been sitting in a box in storage for 20+ years. When I finally decided to part with it, I did extensive research into selling options. One of the most informative websites I found was Dean’s. But I read most of the other websites and blogs about baseball cards as well, and contacted a few dealers. Ultimately I circled back to Dean’s, and sent in a description of what cards I had. From there on, the process was smooth, quick and fair. From my online research and doing some comparisons of ebay prices for cards like mine, I had a ballpark idea of what my collection would likely be worth to a reseller. I’m glad I did that reality-check research, because it put me in a position to objectively evaluate the purchase offer I received from Dean’s. I think there’s a tendency for non-professional collectors like me to overestimate the value of cards because of sentimental attachment, or just because cards are “old” and of famous players. That doesn’t translate in today’s card market. The purchase offer I received from Dean’s was right about what I expected. They were extremely responsive throughout the process from start to finish, and once I agreed to their offer a check was issued promptly and I had it within days. Overall, my experience with Dean’s was excellent and I was pleased with the outcome.

Bob, R. Meadows, IL on Mar 20 2019

I submitted 159 Davy Crockett cards. They did not make a complete set. I sent them to Dean's Cards who offered me $$$ for them. I was glad to find a buy. I agreed to the offer and received the check soon after. The whole experience was quick and easy. I'm glad I found Dean's on the internet, and I would recommend him to anyone who asked.

Batman cards on Mar 12 2019

I recently sold some 1966 Batman cards to Dean's hey were very upfront on what I needed to expect with the whole process. I believe they treated me very fairly and issued me a check for the cards I sent in a very timely manner. Next cards I sell I will definitely contact Dean's again.

Richard A. on Mar 11 2019

I had an excellent experience with Dean's Cards. Trustworthy, fast and fair. Thanks for the professionalism and sustaining my enjoyment of the hobby.

Leigh L. on Jan 31 2019

I received my check this morning. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a reputable company. Thank you again.

Stan S. on Jan 23 2019

Sometimes in life you have to take a chance, which I did by sending my collection to an unknown company, with a great feeling that maybe it won't work out, or I'll be scammed. Guess what, none of the above, When you deal with Michelle it's like family. They are more than fair, and I received my check in two days. They are the "BEST" at what they do,

Doug B San Gabriel, CA on Jan 15 2019

I sent Dean's a few hundred baseball cards from 1952 - 1958, some all-time greats, mostly not. Michelle was very understanding and helpful through several emails. I had no doubt as to her trustworthiness. I tried to estimate their value, but I realize my opinion of a card's quality is questionable at best. In the end I got a check, which was somewhat less than I hoped, but in the "ballpark." I plan to send more in the near future and recommend Dean's to other friends that have some vintage cards.

Kim C on Dec 12 2018

I had been thinking of selling my baseball, football, basketball card collection for months. It was a big decision for me who to sell to. I wanted someone I could trust, appreciate my collections, and get a fair price for my collection. I researched different places, but after reading Dean’s Cards testimonies, I decided to go with Dean. I had cards from 1970 – 1973. I had some great names: Joe Namath, Bob Griese, Bart Starr, Bob Hayes, Dick Butkus, Wilt Chamberlain, Lew Alcindor, Wes Unseld, Jerry West, Pat Riley, Oscar Robinson, Pete Maravich, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Brook Robinson, Willie Mays, and these were just a few. I sold over 1300 cards to Dean. The selling experience was fast and easy, they were very quick responding to my questions, and their response with a bid came back quicker than I expected. I wasn’t sure what my collection was worth but I was very happy with their quote. I received a fair amount considering I could had taken better care of the cards, but they were still in decent condition. I think I worked with Michelle, and she was very helpful and pleasant to work with. My only regret is I didn’t sell them sooner to Dean. I would highly recommend Dean.

Meryl on Nov 07 2018

I have recently sold 3 sets of war cards to Deans. They were offering a fair price. They were extremely quick and professional in their dealings with me, and the cheque was with me within a week (much quicker than post in England at times) I would recommend them to others..

Daryl on Nov 06 2018

I had my cards for over 50 years. They were old cards when I obtained them. I had about 1000 prewar to 1960's cards rubber-banded and kept in a shoebox. I didn't want to take a chance on losing them in our next move...so I gave Deans a try. I was impressed at every turn. The gave great, fast communication all along the way so I mailed my cards to them for a price. They responded in about 2 days, made me an offer and I agreed. I got about $$$$ and no longer have to worry that my cards will get wet, dirty or lost. I could not be happier.

Ed K. on Oct 27 2018

Sold around 180 baseball cards, years 1952-53 to Dean's Cards this October. Was a little concerned at first about sending my cards to someone I have never dealt with, all worked out well, Michelle was vary helpful and gave me a fair price. Check was sent the next week. I do recommend Dean's Thanks Ed

Leonard on Oct 18 2018

I was very pleased with their quick response to my request to sell my collection. Also the ability to discuss and negotiate what I believed to be a fair price for my collection and a fair price for Deans. This was refreshing as this is not always the case. It was difficult to send my cards to someone I do not know however this was not a problem. Very professional and trustworthy company

Gary T on Oct 14 2018

Highly recommend selling cards to Dean's. I had always wanted to sell my baseball card collection but was dreading the process. My collection consisted of mostly 1959-1961 baseball cards. Dean's made it so easy and gave me a fair price.

Roy F on Oct 01 2018

I contacted Dean's Cards in an effort to sell one of my sports card collections--in this case, about 1,000 baseball cards, of which about 400-500 were vintage items, about a quarter of them professionally-graded. At the time I contacted Dean's they were courteous, informative and very professional. They spelled out in detail how to conduct a transaction. A few months later, I actually did send them my collection. The response was very quick and definitive. I received $xxx for this collection. (Which was in line with another estimate I had received elsewhere.) There are pangs involved in giving up a collection, and we always believe our cards are worth more to retailers than they are, despite market realities. Nevertheless, for the prompt attention, the clarity regarding a transaction, the fast, always professional response and the very fast payment, I doubt another dealer could surpass Dean's. Roy F Santa Fe, NM

Chris on Sep 14 2018

I sold some vintage baseball cards to Dean's all though they were only valued at $$$$ they were fair and clear as to why. I will continue to sell cards to them. Their representative Michelle who I dealt with was pleasant and easy to work with.

joseph k on Sep 14 2018

wonderful to deal with! fair prices and nice people thanks again

Ben A. on Sep 14 2018

I recently inherited a large trading card collection from my father. Dean's Cards was so helpful in determining which of these cards were actually worth attempting to sell. Their website gives an excellent break down on which eras of cards still retain value in 2018. After taking inventory on the "vintage cards" in my collection, I contacted Dean's and heard back the very next morning. I dealt with Michelle at Dean's who was great throughout the entire process. After answering a few questions over email, I packed up the cards into several boxes, and shipped them out to Dean's. Despite the sheer number of cards I sent them, I received a bid from Dean's less than a week after they received the cards. I imagine the turn around is even faster when you aren't sending them tens of thousands of cards to appraise! I received a more than generous offer for the cards and within a few days I had a check in my mailbox. I don't expect to ever find myself holding a bunch of sports cards from the 1950s and 1960s again - but if I did I would sell to Dean's again without hesitation.

Tim on Aug 31 2018

Overall positive experience working with Michelle. No problems with sending cards for their evaluation. There is something of an eye opening experience in the whole process, but it is handled professionally.

Ben on Aug 24 2018

I inherited a large collection of vintage cards from my father. Dean's Cards was the perfect to solution to getting these cards into the hands of someone who would really appreciate them. I worked with Michelle at Dean's and she was a great through the entire process. I received a more than generous offer for the collection and quickly received a check from Dean's after accepting their bid. I can't recommend Dean's Cards enough for someone who inherits a card collection or feels that it is finally time to sell a collection they've been holding on to.

jwpittman on Aug 17 2018

I first sent an inquiry to Dean's about purchasing my cards. They got back to me quickly with guidance as to what they would accept and the process for sending the cards.Throughout this process Michelle was quick with communication and was very helpful. In deciding to send my cards to Dean's I had to balance my desire to get as much as I could against my ability to try and sell them independently. I took a chance and sent my collection of 1960s cards to Dean's. They replied with an offer within two days. I considered it a fair offer and accepted. Due to my lack of knowledge about the card market, the experience of trying to grade these cards and to find and outlet to do so made the decision to accept Dean's offer and easy one. Throughout, communication was fast, clear, helpful and friendly and I would recommend getting in touch with Dean's if your looking to sell your cards. jwpittman

Ben A. on Aug 17 2018

All I can say is "wow". I recently inherited my father's sports card collection and feared I'd have to sell them off one by one at an online auction site for years to come. Thankfully, Dean's Cards came to the rescue. I contacted Dean's with a rough estimate of the "vintage" cards I had in the collection and Michelle got back to me quickly asking for some specifics. From there it was really simple. I shipped the cards to Dean's, they assessed the collection, and got back to me very quickly with an offer. Dean's bid on the collection was more than generous and I quickly accepted their offer. Less than a week later I had the money sitting in my bank account. I was especially impressed with how quickly Dean's came up with a bid amount despite the larger size of the collection that I sent to them. I would most definitely recommend Dean's Cards to anyone looking to sell a vintage card collection.

Ray B on Aug 14 2018

I have sent 2 boxes of cards so far. The first box contained a 1947 tip top bread set a 1974 topps baseball set and fleer football sets from 1960 ,61,62,63. I recd a check for $2000.00. The 2nd box contained 14 sets of kellogs baseball and football cards from the 60's and 70's topps football from 70,71 and 72 and Philadelphia football cards from 64,65,66 and 67. recd a check for $$$$.00. Working with Deans has been very easy and rewarding. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell vintage sports cards. And there website is great to.

Aug 02 2018

I received a fair price and received my check quick!!

Baseball and Football cards from 1940's and 1950's on Jul 13 2018

We received $xxxx for the set. We were pleased with the way that Dean's Cards worked with us. Communication was very good. We emailed back and forth several times during the bidding process. We always received the bids in a timely manner and felt that we were dealt with fairly. We also received our check from Dean's in a timely manner. This was our first experience selling a card collection to a dealer and we feel that it went well. We would definitely recommend Dean's Cards to someone else. Paul C.

1960 Topps BB on Jun 27 2018

Nice and fast transaction. Fair Price for collection. Highly recommend....

JeremyF on Jun 19 2018

I recently sold my cards to Dean's after looking around and contacting a number of other card buyers. They were prompt, professional, and there was never any point where I felt they were not on the level. The whole process was flawless. They set out reasonable prices, communicate with you through the whole process, and then follow up to make sure everything worked out for you. I will ABSOLUTELY be using Dean's for all future card sales. Thanks! Jf

Aurelia W. on Jun 16 2018

Working with Dean's Cards was great! #notspon, but they had good customer service as far as responding promptly and being polite. They were also a huge help since we had inherited cards from a dead uncle, and had no idea what to do with them. We had, if I recall correctly, around 2500 cards to sell, all relatively dinged up if I'm being honest, and they sold for $$$$, so I'm pleased with the price as well. To sum it up, if you have cards you dunno what to do with, and can't find anywhere else to sell them, may as well try and sell them here :)

Jon B, Cypress TX on Jun 13 2018

I sold several sets of 1970's / early 1980's cards to Dean's in May. I received a fair price for these borderline modern sets. I was extremely pleased with doing business with Dean's Cards. in particular, the communication throughout the process was excellent, thorough and fair / honest. I could not ask for better communication. In addition, when I had a question about the best way to ship, the team at Dean's gave me a very quick, helpful response. I am very satisfied.

Bobbi O on Jun 08 2018

I dealt with Dean's Cards for the first time and was very pleased. Some vintage Tiger Baseball cards came into my hands and I found Dean's on Goggle. They suggested mailing instructions, were evaluated and an initial price offered in a timely manner. Some questions (from me) and answers (from them) were answered thoroughly and promptly. I was offered a very fair price and the check arrived in a matter of days. If I was involved in buying/trading sports cards, I would highly recommend Dean's cards.

Angie on May 11 2018

I contacted Dean's to sell around 1000 early 50's baseball cards. After some quick communications, I shipped the cards and I was notified when the cards were received. From there I was given an offer on the cards which I felt was fair and within a few days I had the check. I would gladly do business with them again, great communication and fair pricing. Thanks Angie, Lancaster, NY

Jaimie on Apr 30 2018

This is a highly reputable company and I recommend them to everyone selling or purchasing vintage cards! They uphold their end of the bargain. I am very satisfied.

Bob M on Mar 23 2018

I sold early 1960 baseball cards to Dean's Cards. I received $xxx for the collection which totaled about 1100 cards. They were all loose cards in varying condition. The various responses I received were timely and gave me clear instructions on how to proceed next. The overall experience was excellent and I would highly recommend them to others.

Earl on Mar 05 2018

Dean' s staff was very professional, courteous and friendly. I was expecting more, as I am sure most collectors would. But transaction completed within a week time. Well done

Bill K on Feb 15 2018

I had an awesome experience with Dean's Cards. I had over 800 1964-1968 baseball and football cards that I wanted to sell. Dean's Cards responded to my e-mail right away, explained the process in detail, and encouraged me to work with them. They even gave me detailed instructions on how to get the cards to the for valuation. I think the price I got for my cards was extremely fair and the process was really drama-free. I kept roughly 100 of the most valuable cards and I do plan on selling them to Dean's at some time in the future after the sentimentality of some of them (my Mickey Mantle cards and Pete Rose rookie card) rubs off.

Best Site for Vintage Cards on Feb 07 2018

In January of 2018 I sold my long-held vintage (1950's and early1960's ) baseball, football and non-sports cards--about 350 cards in all. From the first to the last communication, the experience was positive and worthwhile. I communicated mostly with Lyndsey and Michelle, and both were prompt and instructive. My check arrived only 3 days after I accepted the offer. I highly recommend Dean's to anyone looking to sell their vintage cards. Jack H Atkinson, NH

Tim on Feb 07 2018

Outstanding transaction. If you have cards to sell, I would not look anywhere else. Fair and honest. Very pleasant to deal with.

Greg on Jan 31 2018

I sold my 1957 & 1959 Topps raw cards complete sets to Dean's. They were very professional throughout the entire transaction and followed up on all matters as promised. They are very proficient in their trade craft and behaved with complete integrity throughout the transaction.

Joe R. on Jan 04 2018

Doing business with Deans Cards was very easy and pleasant.The check arrived very promptly and I received a fair offer for my cards.I have other cards which I will be sending in the future.Thanks again for a pleasant business experience.

Jeff on Dec 20 2017

I recently exchanged messages with Dean's Cards to tell them of the 60 year old collection of baseball and football cards I wanted to sell. They were very professional in their communications, and I felt comfortable in sending them my collection for assessment. Just as they promised, I received an offer by email within several days, and I agreed with the pricing. Subsequently, their check came to me within a few days. I found this to be a very reasonable way to dispose of my collection.

50's Baseball cards on Dec 17 2017

I recently sold my collection of 1950's baseball cards to Dean's Cards. The sale and negotiation were handled very well by Lyndsey Howe and we reached a price I considered fair. My e-mails were answered in a timely manner. Pete

Steve on Nov 29 2017

We live in the Columbus Area and drove down to Cincinnati to sell our baseball cards to Dean's Cards. We meant with Lindsey and she was awesome--very professional and great to work with. We left the cards there for her to review and felt a little nervous to do that but in the end it worked out perfectly. Within a few dates we got an email from Lindsey with a very fair price for the cards---we agree on the amount and received a check in the mail 5 days later. The whole experience went very well and would not hesitate to sell any baseball cards to Dean's Card again.

Charles on Oct 31 2017

I sold my baseball card collection that had saved from my childhood. I am a 60 yr old and not a collector. My kids and grand kids had no interest in them .sold them to Deans it was easy fast and fair.

Lester S on Sep 20 2017

I sold my sets of cards from the 60's and 70's to Dean's. From the beginning when I first inquired about selling my cards the staff has been very up front with me about how the process works. Lyndsey was very honest with me about the possible value off my cards and what to expect. Once they received my cards the process went quickly. After I received the initial offer Lyndsey worked with me to help me get the best deal possible out it wasn't long before my check arrived. My experience with Deans was very pleasurable.

Gary on Sep 18 2017

I recently sold my collection of pre-1970's cards to Dean's Cards. It consisted of the cards I collected as a kid, ranging from a handful of cards from the 50's and several cards from the 60's. The cards were all pretty well beaten up. After contacting Dean's, I was able to get a good feel for what would be looked at and how much value Dean would place on the cards. They responded immediately to my first email, asking for more information. After my reply, I received explicit instructions on how to send my cards for evaluation and why they needed to be sent. I checked around on the internet and found no red flags so I sorted my cards, packed them in a box and sent then to Dean's. Dean's was very good about keeping in touch; notifying me when the cards arrived and providing a timeline for an offer. Within a few days I had my offer. $$$. Because of the upfront exchange of information, I had a feeling for what the offer would be. Since it was close and seemed very fair, I accepted. A check arrived the following week with no problems. I would certainly recommend working with Dean's Cards. He only deals in older cards but that means he has expertise in evaluating them. There is a leap of faith in sending your cards off to a stranger but it worked out just fine and I have no qualms about doing it again if the opportunity arises.

Mark B. on Sep 15 2017

I could not be more pleased with my recent transaction with Dean's Cards. As is true of all companies, the PEOPLE make the difference. Working with Lyndsey was a real joy and she certainly earned my trust and respect -- it wasn't easy to ship hundreds of collector cards to someone I had never met -- but the whole transaction flowed flawlessly. I will not hesitate to do business with Dean's Cards again and am happy to refer them to anyone who is interested in doing business with real pros. Mark B. (Va Beach, VA)

Jay Leamington,Ontario,Canada on Jun 06 2017

I recently sold a baseball card collection from years ranging from Topps 1952-1980 for $$$$!!! I found the staff,especially Lyndsey, to be helpful,informative, and made the transaction very easy !! Deans cards gave a very fair price for the cards and the one thing that impressed me the most was their EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! I highly recommend doing business with Dean's and hope to do business again with them in the future !!!

Tim on Oct 25 2016

I did a lot of research and emailing on the internet before I decided to sell my collection to Dean's. I am sure that there were many people with collections more vast than mine, but from the very first email, I felt that Dean's was the most trustworthy, the most personable, and in my belief, it is where I would get top value for the cards. Dean's seemed like a large and experienced company, but yet very personable. I had a full set of 1969 Topps baseball cards, to include the small decals and signed player photographs that were part of the set that year. In addition, I had about a dozen baseball cards from the early 1960s as well as about 100 football cards from various years of the mid to late 60s. I also had a motley sort of other cards, some Outer Limits cards, some Paramount Studio movie cards, Addams Family Cards, and Batman cards. I realized that as I searched prices for cards on the internet, that Dean has to have room to make a profit also from selling my cards, so I had realistic expectations about the outcome. I was quite pleased by Dean's offer. I countered a bit and we agreed on a mutually beneficial price. I sent the cards to Dean's. They emailed me when they received them. About 7-10 days later I received my check for $800. The process was very simple, and Dean's checked in often to make sure that everything was going OK. I found Dean's ethical, prompt, fair, and a pleasure to deal with. I would give Dean's my highest recommendation to other people who would like to buy/sell vintage cards. Tim Jackson, MS

Phil on Jul 28 2016

I was very satisfied with the prompt evaluation and timely payment I received from Dean's Cards. My cards included several hundred Topps Baseball cards from 1968 and 1969 plus roughly 100 cards of Hall-of-Famers dated in the 1970's. I considered the $$$ to be a fair price since it would have been such a time-consuming effort on my part had I not sold them all at once to Dean.

Carlos on Jul 11 2016

So, why Dean's Cards? My experience may help you decide. I had a small collection (just over 1000 cards, both BB and FB) from the early sixties, acquired when I was a boy. In the mix there was a nice selection of star players -- Mantle, Maris, the Robinsons (both Brooks and Frank), Banks, Mays, McCovey, Clemente, Spahn, Drysdale, and Koufax, to name a few. Some nice FB names as well. But of course, as anyone who collected cards in their youth knows, the preponderance of cards were of lesser known players. That's how the packs were packed. I decided it was time to see what they were worth and sell them. So, I did some research, and checked out a few web sites. By far, the most informative was Dean's Cards. There, I came to understand everything that goes into the evaluation of sports cards -- why even those of star players may be valued differently, depending on the condition of the card and even the imperfections of the manufacturing process. It was the combination of the information and the images of Dean's employees, that convinced me that this was an outfit I could trust. Long story short, I sent them my cards. And Dean made me an offer I could not refuse. Did I hope for more? Of course. But I also understood that even the best cards in my collection were not of the very best quality, given PSA criteria. All things considered, I believe that the evaluation was honest and fair. And the transaction was simple, quick, and transparent. The check arrived exactly two weeks from the time I shipped the cards. Bottom line? I absolutely recommend Dean. Carlos

Tom on Jul 10 2016

I am extremely pleased at my recently aquired '56 Topps BB set. Never expected to get a soft sleeve with each card describing the card. Although I do not care for my cards in sleeves, I will keep them and refer to them from time to time. I'm expecting to purchase two other sets ['54 '55 Bowman BB] soon. Very pleased with my purchase and will surely deal with Dean's again in the near future!

Tom M. on Jun 17 2016

A couple of months ago, I decided to clean out my closet and took out all of my baseball cards that I had collected in the 1960's. I had gotten a couple of postcards from a local guy in the mail who was looking for vintage items, including baseball cards. I gave him a call, and he said "how much do you want for them?" I didn't even know how many cards I actually had, let alone what they were worth. I told him, "I'll get back to you" and started doing some research. Obviously, everything is about condition and who is on the card. I checked several websites, and then happened upon Dean's. After reading testimonials, and what I could expect if I sent cards in, I decided it was worth a try. I sent my first box, cards from mainly 1966 and 1967, with some other earlier odds and ends. I was contacted when the cards arrived, so I knew they got there, and within about 3 days I was given an offer of $750. I figured it was a fair offer and took it. A check arrived within a few days. A few weeks later I sent another box, some more '66 & '67 that I had missed and cards from 1960 and 1961. I was offered $1100 for those. Again, a check arrived within a few days. I have to say that this was a very easy way to sell my cards. Could I have gotten more selling them myself on ebay? I'm sure, but when you consider the amount of time and effort, not worth it. This was easy and I do feel that I was treated very well. Thank you Dean!

Tom M. on Jun 17 2016

A couple of months ago, I decided to clean out my closet and took out all of my baseball cards that I had collected in the 1960's. I had gotten a couple of postcards from a local guy in the mail who was looking for vintage items, including baseball cards. I gave him a call, and he said "how much do you want for them?" I didn't even know how many cards I actually had, let alone what they were worth. I told him, "I'll get back to you" and started doing some research. Obviously, everything is about condition and who is on the card. I checked several websites, and then happened upon Dean's. After reading testimonials, and what I could expect if I sent cards in, I decided it was worth a try. I sent my first box, cards from mainly 1966 and 1967, with some other earlier odds and ends. I was contacted when the cards arrived, so I knew they got there, and within about 3 days I was given an offer of $750. I figured it was a fair offer and took it. A check arrived within a few days. A few weeks later I sent another box, some more '66 & '67 that I had missed and cards from 1960 and 1961. I was offered $1100 for those. Again, a check arrived within a few days. I have to say that this was a very easy way to sell my cards. Could I have gotten more selling them myself on ebay? I'm sure, but when you consider the amount of time and effort, not worth it. This was easy and I do feel that I was treated very well. Thank you Dean!

JB on May 20 2016

Dean's Cards is a professional in every way. I had a large amount of late 50s/early 60s football cards that had been stored in my closets for years. When I contacted Deans, they immediately responded with specific directions on what to expect, how to ship, etc. They emailed me just to let me know they had received the cards, and a few days later offered me what I considered a very good price for the four seasons I had sent. I accepted, and within a week I had payment. Could I have made more money by selling them myself on Ebay? Maybe, maybe not, but the time and effort it would have taken would not make up for any slightly better profit. I was so pleased with Dean's that I am preparing to send them the rest of my cards for possible sale.

Jay on Mar 27 2016

Quick purchase & payment of sev. vintage Sports Illustrated magazines I had. Would enjoy working w/Dean's in the future.

Steve New York on Jan 27 2016

I decided that I wanted to sell the collection that I amassed as a kid in the early 1960's. I had maybe 5000 cards that spanned from the late 50's to mid-60's, mostly Topps baseball but some Bowman and some football. I did some research on the sports card selling market and eventually communicated with Dean's. I received quick, clear, well-explained responses from Dean's. Seemed like the way I wanted to go. So I decided to pack them all up and send to Dean's. -- keeping only the handful of cards that I had drawn beards and mustaches on circa 1963! Within a week I had a price which seemed fair. I said yes and within a few days I received the check. Smooth, easy transaction. Excellent communication. Outstanding service overall. Glad I went this route!

Daymon on Jan 25 2016

I recently got the pleasure of doing business with Dean's Cards. They are very friendly and professional. They answered all of my questions when I had them and made very reasonable offers. Everything went very smoothly with them from start to finish. I would highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone who is looking for a buyer for their vintage cards

Dec 09 2015

I have had the pleasure to sell a variety of cards here, and have always been treated fairly and professionally. I hope to continue doing business with them in the future too. Lyndsey, from purchasing, Is outstanding!

Chuck on Dec 01 2015

I had recently sold over 1000 sports cards from the 1950's and 1960's to Dean's - mostly TOPPS. I was very leery at first selling the cards over the internet and had many questions, however, the quick responses I received were reassuring and the deal was made promptly. I believe that I received fair value for what I had and would deal with them again in the future. Chuck, Bella Vista, Ar.

Daren on Nov 19 2015

It was a timely and easy process. The best part is that they are really interested in pleasing you as the seller. I felt like they had my best interest in mind.

Mike H on Nov 18 2015

I sent a collection of 50's baseball cards to Dean's cards. The communication was great and the offer was fair. This was an easy transaction and I look forward to dealing with them again. - Mike from Ohio

greg on Nov 17 2015

Very pleasant and easy process,they are very knowledgeable- highly recommended

Jim on Aug 19 2015

The transaction was pretty seamless. Dean made an offer that I accepted, and I had payment within just a few days. He had my trust all the way.

Stephen on Aug 12 2015

The transaction was simple and quick I got a fair offer and I had the check within a week..A nice experience

Cheryl on Aug 11 2015

I knew nothing about baseball cards. I sold over 400 cards from 1970-72 to Dean's. They were easy to work with and explained everything to me. They were fair and I highly reccomend them.Very timely communication and payment.

Danny L on Jul 27 2015

I recently sold three separate boxes of cards to Dean. I guess my best testimonial is that after the first box, I kept sending more. Most of the cards were Topps and Bowmans from the 1950s, along with some others dating back to the late 40s and up through the 60s. I received prompt response in terms of notice of receipt of cards, amount offered, and receipt of check. If had other cards to sell, I would expect to deal with him again.

Sally on Jul 14 2015

I was a bit nervous at first, but felt much more comfortable after describing my cards, because I received an immediate response. I exchanged emails with Dean to give a more accurate description of what I had, which included a number of Post cereal sports cards and also some from bubble gum packets in the 1960s. I sent my cards in and got a very timely response. The price was very fair and the transaction went so much more smoothly than I ever expected. I would definitely highly recommend Dean's Cards for anyone wanting to sell their collection!

Scott on Jul 02 2015

I was bit uneasy sending my cards that I have had for 30 to 35 years to a complete stranger. I asked dean a lot of questions, once I saw this YouTube video, I was more confident. I know I could have received $$ for my cards if I sold them myself, but that would have taken a few years of work on my part, besides I have no experience in the grading. Let me tell the customer service to top notch. Every detail, question is covered & answered fully on how the process works. Some e:mails were answered in a matter of minutes and if you need to call, they are there to help as well. I'm very happy with Dean's Cards.

Mike on Jun 17 2015

Dean was very professional and very diligent about getting back to me about the whole process of selling my cards. Dean was very quick to respond and very helpful communicating what the value of the cards were.

John Z on May 07 2015

I was overall pleased with the experience of selling cards to Dean's. I like the way the website is set up, especially with the videos that show the process of grading the cards. It gave me a feeling that the people working at Dean's are genuine and put me somewhat at ease. It feels a little risky to send a collection to strangers, but I felt the process went well and that the amount paid for the cards was fair. I realize Dean's has to make a profit through the whole process, so I knew going in the total amount would be less than what the cards were listed at. I would recommend Dean's to others.

Bill W on May 06 2015

I recently sold Dean approximately 200 1937-41 era cards, some in good to very good condition but most in fair condition. The process from start to finish took about two weeks. I could not ask for a more pleasant or fairer experience. I definitely would recommend sellers of vintage cards to contact Dean.

Gary on Apr 20 2015

After much research on the Internet in regards to selling my card collection from 60's I decided to sell my collection to Dean's Cards. The reviews that I read were all postive so I had trust that I would be treated fairly by Dean and I was. He answered all my questions very promtly. I also feel the price that I received for my collection was fair and I received the check in a few days. I would highly recommend Dean's cards for all of your collector cards needs.

Keith on Apr 15 2015

In this day and age, it is unusual to be treated fairly from a stranger. But Dean was a stranger that I sold some Topps baseball sets (1980 to 1985). I received a check and all went smoothly. Dean told me right upfront that he would have to inspect the cards and that I would receive payment -- what exactly that payment would be would depend on the results of his inspection. A leap of faith on my part? Certainly! Yet it's nice to be treated fairly by a stranger who lives 3,000 miles away.

RR on Apr 12 2015

Dean, Thanks for a great experience in working with you and your team in the selling of some of my vintage 1960's football cards. I was obviously nervous sending my cards to you, but the whole experience went great. You kept me informed on the status of my card review and made me what I thought was a fair offer on my cards. I received the check very quickly and was very pleased with the whole experience. I plan to send you some more cards for your review and will recommend your business to family and friends.

Robert M on Apr 04 2015

If you have cards to sell, these are great people to do business with. I had a small collection of 1950's cards, about 00 total, mostly baseball and football that came out of my parents attic and layer around my house for another 25 years. I had no attachment to them and felt it was way too much work to sell them one at a time on eBay. I found Dean's cards on Google and was more than pleased with their professional handling of the entire transaction. E-mails kept me informed every step of the way, and the final offered price was above my estimate. The internet needs more companies like Deans. Thanks

Gary on Mar 30 2015

After hanging on to many baseball cards i had when young, i decided it time to let someone else enjoy them- Enter Deans' Cards - who gave me advice on getting them boxed, shipped and gave me a fair price. I recommend Dean's Cards for buying or selling. And if you get a Mickey Mantle card from the mid-60s, it might have been from my collection!

Michael on Mar 30 2015

I was very impressed by the time it took to work our deal (selling my cards) and the professional staff that worked with me. i'm a true Oriole fan and the cards that I received were just what I was looking for especially the Brooks Robinson cards, (has always been my favorite player). I would recommend Dean's cards to anyone, after the amount of money I spent with the other dealer, Dean's sold me earlier dated cards for less money than the later years cards I got from the other dealer. Thanks again Mike From Monkton Maryland

Tony J on Mar 25 2015

I sold my collection of cards from the 1950s and 1960s in two batches. I had collected these as a child and kept them throughout the decades. Many of the cards were in bad condition, but Dean accepted and evaluated them fairly and patiently. He was quick, thorough and honest. I was quite satisfied with Dean's offers and I accepted both of them. Dean sent me checks that arrived within just a couple days of his offers. I offer the highest recommendation possible for Dean's Cards! Tony J, Jacksonville, FL

Rob on Mar 06 2015

Dean's Cards, thank you for a wonderful experience. You guys took my cards, and yes I am not going to lie, it was difficult to send these cards out. Knowing that it takes time to sell cards with such nostalgia and rarity, I took the leap to sell to Dean's Cards. I definitely recommend Dean's cards if you are in need of Cash. Their offers are fair. The thing that stood out the most for me was how thoughtful they were throughout the entire process. Thumbs up to you guys, keep up the good work!

Jon from Vermont on Mar 03 2015

Thank you so much for the honesty and integrity shown throughout our communications and transaction. I sent in a small box of very mixed cards that were given to me by my father and I had no idea what to expect. I was not expecting an outrageous amount from the sale, and was very pleasantly surprised. It is rare to find someone (especially blindly on the internet) that truly warrants your good faith. You do. Thank you so much Dean!

Bridgette on Feb 25 2015

Dean's Cards were fast, efficient, and willing to work with me on my sale.

Wayne on Jan 30 2015

I sold about 900 football cards that were all pre 1980 and Dean was very honest and upfront throughout the process. I would recommend his business to anyone trying to sell cards and I would rate his service and communication as exceptional. Wayne Haskins

Norm F. on Nov 20 2014

Excellent communication and support for a first-time seller of a lifetime card collection for a third-party. We had a lot of trepidation in sending the cards but the professionalism and immediate responses to our queries convinced us that this was the right firm to handle an estate sale. Our quote and subsequent bank check arrived very timely and we recieved a very fair price for the merchandise. We highly recommend Dean's Cards for bulk transactions such as ours.

David on Nov 19 2014

I sold a complete set of NHL hockey cards from the 1953-54 hockey season. The price of $920 was agreeable to me even though I never investigated any other dealers. At all times, Dean was quick to respond to my concerns and I was paid in a very timely manner. I would recommend dealing with Dean's Cards for any buying or selling transaction. Sincerely, David A. Martell Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Dave in Gadsden, AL on Nov 18 2014

I recently sold my complete set of Topps 1961 Baseball and NFL cards to Dean. I collected them as a child and have held them for over 50 years. I had not even looked at them in the past 10 years or so. Although it was great fun collecting them and returning to them when my kids were growing up, I don’t have much interest in cards or card shows today. My cards were in pretty good condition, but far from perfect. I sent them to Dean for evaluation. He made an offer to buy in a couple of days. I had a check in a matter of days. I am very satisfied with the process. Dean’s covers every aspect of the process right down to the most economical way to ship the cards. I am confident that with a little tweaking, this set will find its way into a real collector’s hands, so it will be a win, win. I would definitely recommend Dean’s to others in my situation.

Rick in Lincoln on Nov 04 2014

I recently retired and was looking to sell my football cards and some other miscellaneous cards such as Batman and 007. Dean paid me a very fair price for all of them. His evaluation, offer and getting me a check all happened in short order. It is a real pleasure doing business with Dean

Roger in Charlton, MA on Oct 09 2014

I sold my 1970's TOPPS football card collection to Dean, and received a reasonable offer in a timely fashion. My experience in dealing with Dean was a low pressure and high integrity. Communications and instructions on how best to obtain an evaluation of my collections were straight-forward and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Dean’s Cards to other sellers of vintage card collections.

Jeff F. on Oct 01 2014

Dean's Cards is A+++ Top Notch. It was a pleasure to deal with them and witness the expertise they have there in identifying and pricing the cards that I had for sale. A true "Win-Win" where I got a fair price and they will reap the results of their sales. I would CERTAINLY keep Dean's Cards in mind for any cards that I want to purchase in the future or for any other cards that I might want to sell once again. Great job, Dean.

J Smith, Maine on Sep 24 2014

-excellent, honest communication -sale settled and check sent quickly

Don Oconto, WI on Sep 12 2014

I have recently sold a collection of early '50's baseball cards to Dean's Cards. The entire process was smooth and seamless. There was a prompt dialog and a fair offer was made. Once a price was agreed to I received a check within a few days. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone selling vintage cards.

Frank M on Aug 28 2014

When I decided to sell some of my cards, I knew from their reputation that Deans cards was the place to go. Very quickly they made me a very fair offer and the check arrived promptly. I have decided to sell some more of my collection,, and they're going to Deans.In an age when dealing with government or business can be frustrating,the experience with Dean's cards was very professional. .If you need some quick cash, and are willing to part with some of your collection, Deans has no competition. Highly recommended.

Sam on Aug 27 2014

Recently sold a small vintage collection of The Horrors of War cards to Dean's Cards. I sent the collection off to Dean and got an immediate response with an offer to buy which I believe was fair and reasonable knowing that Dean has to make a profit. We all think our stuff is worth a fortune but Dean took the time to explain and show me the good and bad of my cards. All in all it was a good experience.

Rick on Aug 18 2014

Very professional ; would recommend them highly

Jeffrey on Aug 14 2014

Felt like we were on the same page with supply and demand questions...did not have alot of high quality and desirable cards but Deans Cards made me feel that I wasnt a nuisance with such a small selection. I was treated fairly and compensated well.

Richard on Jun 27 2014

I recently came across a small box of baseball cards (about 500 cards) from the late 50s and early 60s, hidden away in my mother's attic. I contacted Dean and following our initial communications sent the cards to him. In very short order I heard back with an offer. The entire transaction was cordial and professional from beginning to end, Dean answered all my questions quickly, with thorough, logical explanations when an answer might not have been what I was hoping to hear. I would absolutely recommend doing business with Dean, and if another sequestered box of cards should ever show up, Dean will be the first, and probably only dealer I contact. Richard Bryson City, NC

Colorado on Jun 26 2014

Having held onto a collection of 1960's Baseball cards for many years, I knew now was the time to sell as all they were doing was collecting dust in my closet. However I quickly learned that when selling, trying to figure out just where to start is not easy. That is when I found Dean's. Knowing that my collection was not in the best of condition but wasn't in bad shape either, I mailed him the cards and had a check within a week. This company was very quick, professional and easy to work with. Dean was in constant communication with me almost daily from the time I inquired to the time the deal was made and then even after to ensure I was satisfied. I will definitely be doing business with them in the future.

Paul- Chicago, Ill. on Jun 23 2014

I recently had contacted Dean's Cards in regard to selling some of my sports card collection, mainly my 1960's baseball and football cards. I received a prompt response from Dean, who gave an honest explanation of the procedure he used to purchase the cards, the state of the market for card selling, and a fairly detailed description of his business operation. Each ensuing email inquiry I submitted was quickly responded to in a professional and forthright manner. Shortly after sending my cards to him (within one week), I received a check from him for $225, which I believed to be a fair price for the quantity and quality of cards I had sent. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone interested in selling their cards, or at least in investing the procedure of doing so. I would also gladly do business with him in the future if that occasion were to arise.

Doug M. on Jun 15 2014

Dean was up front in which cards he was interested. He gave me a fair price and the process took just a week.

Overton on Jun 06 2014

I sold my collection to Dean's Cards recently and was very happy with the results. Dean's made the process very smooth, explained everything with no surprises. I was grateful for their assistance. I felt comfortable and never felt any qualms about the process.

R. Gurtowski on May 28 2014

Great doing business with Dean's cards. Very quick turnaround on payment, satisfied with the value offered, and very responsive on all communication! Highly recommended!!

Dave S. in NC on May 12 2014

I sincerely recommend Dean's Cards to anyone contemplating a sale of their sports cards. My 1966 and 1967 Topps collection held a dear spot in my heart since childhood but a pending move dictated that it was time to part ways. It was a leap of faith to send my collection to someone I had never met but Dean's communication via email and telephone earned my trust. I received a prompt offer from Dean and whilst not an amount that blew me away (a la 1990) it was very fair and acceptable. A few days later my check arrived. You can call me a very satisfied client. Thanks Dean!

Bob on May 09 2014

I sold my 1964 Topps baseball card collection (~325 cards) to Dean. They were in pretty good but not pristine shape. I think I got a fair price after a little negotiating and everything went very smoothly. Satisfied customer!

Lance on May 09 2014

I found Dean's cards on the internet and I must say that I was extremely pleased with their services !!! I was looking to sell about 400 cards in total dating primarily in the sixties and seventies. I shipped my cards with no issues and they received them in two days. I then received a bid the following day so the whole process took less than a week !!! Dean and his team were exceptional and although I only got $130 for my cards they were kinda rough and torn. All in all I just wanted to say that my overall selling experience was fantastic and I was treated fairly, professionally and I would highly recommend Dean's cards as the place to sell your baseball cards. :)

Florida Seller on May 05 2014

Dealing w/ Dean and his team was quick and easy. Very pleasant and professional. If you are interested in selling your cards I suggest that you give Dean a call.

N Ormiston on Apr 30 2014

About a month ago, I contacted Dean's Cards about selling my collection of 1959 to 1965 vintage baseball cards. Within 24 hours I was given the procedures for evaluation. I then shipped my cards to Dean, who promptly made me an offer on my collection. We agreed on the value of the collection and within three days I had a check for $815.00 in my hands. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone with a desire to sell their old baseball card collections.

Steve P on Apr 21 2014

Recently, I decided to sell my collection. At first I thought eBay, then after looking on eBay, I thought that will take quite a bit of time and probably many headaches. So, I browsed for card dealers on-line and found Dean’s Cards. Right away, I felt that Dean was the guy because he had a simple input form on the home page to quickly determine if there was interest. After I sent my inventory, Dean quickly responded and we were beginning the process. I sent my cards to Dean (86lbs via UPS Ground – I’m in Indianapolis and he is in Cincinnati) and when they arrived Dean quickly notified me that they were received and in good hands! I felt better. After a short time, Dean responded with an offer and after very little give-and-take we agreed to a very fair price. What I did to determine the ‘value’ of my cards (none were graded) was I found similar condition cards on eBay that had bids and simply cut it in half (remember guys a dealer has to make a profit or he won’t be in business very long). And guess what Dean’s price was very close to what I came up with using this method. Dean treated me fairly and was completely honest! Very trustworthy and friendly! My collection included a partial 1956 and 1964 set (all HOF and star cards), complete sets from 1973 through 1985, and many many single star cards from the 1950s through the 1990s (several Mantle/Mays/Aaron/Clemente/Williams and on and on). My collection was not gem mint as I collected these throughout my childhood and young adult life, and I can not say enough times that Dean was right on with the offer! Dean’s cards are ‘the way to go guys’ for liquidation (and purchasing)! Thanks Dean!

Jeff T. on Apr 20 2014

I sold vintage-pre 1970, and complete sets 1976-1985 to Deans. I got an immediate response from my first Email. From my shipping of the cards, to my check for $280, it was two weeks. It was a pleasure to work with this company and would highly recommend them to anybody that is trying to sell a collection. I had a constant flow of Emails, letting me know they got the cards, to when the check was mailed. It was extremely difficult to find a business that would even purchase these cards, or give my a fair price. I donated the remainers to Goodwill for a tax deduction. It feels great to be "card free". Thank you so much Dean for showing me what my collection was worth and purchasing what you could for a fair price.

Ben S. La Pointe, Wisconsin on Apr 08 2014

I received excellent service when contacting Dean's about some 1960's baseball cards. Timely, informative, and thorough communication made our transaction a success. I received a good price and immediate payment after my cards had been sent to Dean. I would absolutely recommend Dean's to anyone interested in selling their vintage cards and look forward to working with them again. A smooth and beneficial experience.

Great experience on Mar 29 2014

When I found a box of 160 baseball cards from 1907 in a storage shed, I had no idea what to do with them. I found Dean's on line and sent off a quick email. To my surprise, I got an almost immediate response. I sent off a list of the cards and held my breath. The cards had belonged to my uncle and they were not in mint condition - they had belonged to a little boy. I am not a collector and knew nothing about the cards. Within 3 weeks, I had a check in my hands - those cards were worth more than I would have guessed. Dean's was professional, communication was excellent and I felt that I was treated fairly throughout the process. I would definitely recommend doing business with Dean's if you have cards to sell. Dorothy G. Carver, MA

Mike Marteney on Mar 11 2014

I admit that I was nervous about the selling process...having to send my cards across the country to someone I've never met in person. Those worries were quickly put to rest as Dean was very open, honest, and very detailed about the process from day one. I ended up sending all of my cards from the 50's and 60's to Dean to see if he wanted to purchase them. It was a lot of cards but included my Clemente rookie card, Willie Mays, Harmon Killibrew, Hank Arron, Satchel Paige, and a few others. They were by no means in perfect condition but Dean still gave me a fair deal . I would not hesitate to do business with Dean again in the future. Class act.

James Lewisville, Texas on Feb 25 2014

I had the enjoyable experience of working with Dean during Feb. 2014. I had approx. 2400 cards to sell, which were Bowman and Topps baseball cards from the 50's and early 60's. Also had some Topps football cards from the 50's, and non-sports cards of Davy Crockett and western tv shows. The entire process worked like clockwork. Everything happened as was stated on Dean's web site. Communication was within a 24 hour period. After I sent my cards in a bid was received within 2 days. We agreed on a price of $1635, which I believe was a very fair price. The check arrived within the promised time. The entire process took just a short 16 days. I would recommend Dean's Cards as a company to buy or sell cards. Every item all along the selling process was handled in a professional manner, and everything that Dean promised, happened. If you have trouble dealing with internet companies, Dean;s Cards is one you can trust.

Steven Smith on Feb 21 2014

I recently sold some vintage sports cards to Dean. I sent pics first and got immediate response back that he was interested. My gut feeling was to trust this company after reading other posts and getting quick replies. I sent in approximately 100 cards, baseball, boxing, and track. They were all tobacco and candy cards from early 1900. Dean offered me $1865.00 for the lot, and being very satisfied with the offer I received a certified bank check a few days later. I recommend Dean's very highly. They are a company you can trust with your collections. I am sure they will go to someone who will enjoy them as I did.

Neil D. - Sykesville MD on Feb 20 2014

I was looking to sell 400 baseball card extras from my mid 60s- collection. A local store wasn't interested and said to sell them on ebay. It was much easier to contact Dean's, get an explanation of their pricing, and mail to their location. Dean's provided advice on shipping, acknowledged receipt of the cards, gave me a quote, and mailed a check to me within a week.

Martha, Boston, MA on Feb 13 2014

I am pleased that I had the opportunity to work with Dean and Elana in January, 2014. I had about 700 baseball cards from the 1960's to sell, including rookie cards for Pete Rose (1963), Tony Perez (1965), Jim Palmer (1966), Johnny Bench (1968), Nolan Ryan (1968) and Reggie Jackson (1969). I owned these when I was a child, and handled them all the time, so they weren't in the best condition. Nevertheless, Dean bought these for $480, a price I consider to be very fair. Dean and Elana promptly responded to my emails, always treated me with respect and impressed me with their knowledge of the market. I was very pleased with the overall experience and I would highly recommend them to other people who are interested in selling their cards.

Dennis - Louisville, KY on Jan 06 2014

I had 7 vintage card collections from the 1950's that I had considered selling on ebay. Then I decided it may be easier to sell them to a dealer. After visiting and studying various websites, I decided to contact Dean's Cards and sent them itemized lists of the cards in my collections. They were very interested in my cards, but needed to see them to determine their value. I was convinced from the professional way they responded to my inquiry, that I could trust them with my collection. They offered to purchase my cards within 2 days after receipt of them. I received $375 for my collection of 485 cards, which ranged from very good to fair condition. I believe Dean's Cards is a very professional and customer friendly company. And recommend them to anyone interested in selling their card collections.

Henry Deibel on Dec 17 2013

I had some cards from childhood from 64-66 in about average condition for age, about 320 cards, sent them to Dean's they checked them out and got back in a few days. Made a offer in about a week for $130, pleased with offer only offered $40 at card store. Nice people to deal with, would recommend

mike austin on Dec 13 2013

After moving to a smaller house I discovered I have a lot of stuff that I don't need. One being my baseball card collection from my childhood. I only bought them for the gum anyway. So after looking on the internet and some e-mails back and forth I decide to sell my cards minus the gum to Dean's cards it was quick and easy not to mention fair. I wonder if they buy old broken down pick up trucks?

Hal W on Dec 03 2013

I sold my collection of Topps Giants to Dean.....had 3 complete sets and almost another. Dean communicated with me very professionally and timely. I made $360 on the transaction and will definitely deal with Dean again.

Bonnie, Lansing, MI on Nov 05 2013

This was my very first experience of selling collectible cards. I do not collect cards, but years ago a friend of mine gave me a collection of non-sports cards -- and recently, I decided it was time to sell. Initially, I was very intimidated, cautious, and distrusting with the process, having never bought, traded, or sold collectible cards. But after several email communications with the company, I felt confident enough to send my collection in for evaluation. I received an email the day my collection was received in the mail by them, and another one within a few days letting me know their offer. Within a week of my acceptance, I had a check for $800 in my hands. The quick, personal responses to emails, combined with the quick turn around time for providing an offer and, ultimately, the check made this transaction painless and easy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to my family and friends. In fact, I already have!

Diane on Oct 31 2013

I received good, quick service. The estimate was made and the check received quickly. The payment was fair for the quality of the 1960s cards.

Richard on Oct 29 2013

Deal went very smooth. I sold some war cards I have had for a while collecting dust. The 315.00 in my pocket felt good.

K Stamm, Marietta, GA on Oct 28 2013

I found a box of football trading cards and contacted Dean's to see if they were interested in purchasing them. The process was explained to me and within a couple of weeks I had a check for them. It was a pleasure doing business with Dean's . . . all of my communications were handled in a professional and timely manner, all my questions were answered in detail, and my entire transaction was handled quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Craig Haueter, North Canton, OH on Oct 25 2013

I just recently sold Dean my Topps baseball sets from 1976-1985. I found Dean's approach very straight-forward, fair and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to deal with Dean with their sports cards.

64 year old sells collection on Oct 24 2013

I am a life long collector of baseball, football and non-sports cards. I recently decided to sell my pre 1970 sets and cards of over 7,000 cards. I was hesitant to sell because in February 2009 Mastro Auctions from Chicago area sold my cards, received payment for them, filed bankruptcy and owed me about $7,500 and I never received a penny after constant assurances I would get paid. I have been a buyer from Dean's Cards to fill holes over the last few years and was always impressed with his grading, inventory, and professional approach to the card business. We coordinated to send cards he would want. I had a bid of $5,070 in less than 2 days and received my check in the mail after after 3 business days. Dean's staff was courteous, helpful and took the sting of selling my complete run of 1948-1969 Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions, along with all 1961-1969 Minnesota Twins and Vikings and my beloved Davy Crockett, Robin Hood, Zorro, Flags and other childhood sets. I highly recommend doing business with them because the pain of selling cards to the wrong people is too much to bare. I heard Mastro now works for another Chicago Sports Memorabilia Auction House. Seller Beware. Happy Collecting. Marty Best

Kevin, New Hartford, NY on Oct 20 2013

Realizing that I was finally prepared to sell at least part of my baseball card collection, I began doing research on possible buyers and quickly came across Dean's Cards. Before contacting Dean, I checked to ensure that he was trustworthy, and not a fictional front for a scam. I double-checked, among other things, his business on ebay, coverage in trade journals, and coverage by the media. It all checked out properly, so I contacted Dean and was consistently impressed by his punctual and frank correspondence. I ultimately sent him a selection of my cards, which included some complete sets of Topps cards from the late 1970s and an assortment of Topps, Bowman, and Red Man Tobacco in various conditions, mostly from the 1950s. These included a number of star cards, including Mantle, Williams, Mays et al. Dean made an offer of $645. I took a couple days to think about this and eventually decided that it was fair. In preparing to sell cards, bear in mind that you also need to prepare to face real market prices, and that Dean's evaluation will probably come in under your expectations. That is normal, because most of us don't spend time in the real market for cards. Fortunately, I had spent several weeks doing some research, so I was able to appreciate the terms of Dean's bid and realize that I did not want to sell my own cards on ebay or drive between local cards shops in New York. After I accepted the bid, I had a check in the mail within less than a week. If you decide that you are ready to sell cards, you should certainly contact Dean. If I decide to sell more cards, I will do so.

Galen Goss on Oct 07 2013

Thanks again Dean for the positive transactions. I appreciate the fair offers and quick payment. Your responses to my concerns and questions were thoughtful, informative and complete. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to sell there vintage baseball cards and want a quick,fair and professional transaction. Thanks again, Galen Goss

Mike Lantz on Sep 20 2013

I had a partial collection of Topps Baseball cards that ranged from 1960 – 1968. I also had a very small collection of football cards as well from 1964 – 1967. I did some research to determine what I thought the value of the cards were and what I thought was a reasonable selling price for the entire collection. As most sellers do, I tended to over value the selling price, but in reality, I was not that far off of what Dean was willing to offer. So, I shipped my collection to Dean. Initially, I was a little hesitant, but after talking to them, felt complete comfortable with shipping the collection for them to visually inspect and value the cards. We had some good discussions and compromised on the offer - $740. I was very satisfied with that offer and felt that they treated me as an individual customer with respect and fairness. How was our communication? Through the process, which took about 7 days from the time they received the collection, the communication was very timely and professional. The initial offer was received on about 2 days and we closed the deal about 2 days later. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone interested in selling their card collections. Their team is very knowledgeable, fair and professional. Mike Lantz Perry Hall Md.

Richard S on Sep 16 2013

I sent Dean a small collection of cards from 1949-1950. Even though the cards were damaged from having been taped into a scrapbook many years ago, Dean saw at least some value in them, and I accepted what seemed to me a fair offer of $70 for the collection. I was impressed by the timeliness and the honesty of Dean's correspondence.

Larry Holverson on Aug 14 2013

I sold two sets of NFL Topps chewing gum poster like photos and found Dean Hanley of Dean's Cards very easy to deal with. It was a low number of photos but yet he took the time to help me in a kind and courteous way, I also feel he was more than fair in our transaction. I would highly recommend him and will do all of my business with him in the future. Larry Holverson, Alexandria, MN

Grandpa Hot Rod on Aug 13 2013

I sold my cards to Dean's. I was very happy with the selling process. I am planning on selling more cards to Dean's at a later date.

James Patrick on Aug 12 2013

I recently had such a positive experience in selling some of my trading and baseball cards, that I have collected for over 60 plus years, that I will continue to do business with them. It is sometimes a financial or emotional experience that we go thru on collecting and selling our items and collections. I TOTALLY trust Deans cards that I will send them more in the future! I have other collectibles that I am excited to share with them as well. It makes me feel good that someone else really values what I valued .

Danny Koffman on Aug 12 2013

I had the childhood magical pleasure of assembling a full collection of Topp's 1960 Baseball Cards . . . Yes . . . I also enjoyed the gum in each package. I enjoyed looking at the cards from time to time over the years . . . always "took me back" . . . Fast forward over 50 years and the time had come to simplify my life . . . with all of life's possessions . . . to get the ball rolling and to start the big changes I knew I faced, I sold my collection to Dean. He was fair, he was thoughtful and I am pleased that someone else will soon have a solid collection, lovingly built by me all those years ago.

John in California on Aug 12 2013

Contacted Dean about my childhood baseball card collection. He gave me very honest & forthright information about the value of the cards and what I could expect to get for them. I had a mixture of "average players" and Hall of Famers such as Aaron, Musial, Dryadale, Mantle, Matthews, Berra, Ford, and many more. I sent the cards to Dean, on faith that he would evaluate and get me a quote. In a couple of days, we agreed on a selling price and I had a check within a week. This is the way to do business!

Kari R., Philadelphia PA on Jul 09 2013

Selling my father's baseball card collection couldn't have been easier. Dean was fair and explained in detail the rationale for appraising the cards. It made an overwhelming process streamlined and stress-free.

Gene D. Holbrook, NY on Jul 01 2013

I recently sold a few tobacco cards and found Dean's staff to be very helpful. They were quick to respond to any questions and assisted in any way possible. I received a fair price and they made the process painless. I highly recommend Dean's Cards if you want or need to sell your collection.

Frank Talcik on Jun 20 2013

I recently sold my Topps collection to Dean's Cards. They are really professional and Fair and work quickly with you.

Bob N on Jun 20 2013

Having communicated directly with Dean Hanley, I can state that he is a person of integrity, that he provided excellent communication, and that the agreed to payment for the nice 1955 Bowman set and 1956 Topps set arrived in a timely manner... I would do business with him again.

Jeff El Cajon, Ca on Feb 10 2013

Dean's cards was: -Professional -Honest -Helpful -Experienced It was a pleasure doing business with Dean and his staff! Jeff El Cajon, Ca

Jan 22 2013

Everyone is concerned about submitting their prized cards to someone they have only "met" on the web. However, the response was quick and they provided fast followup to my questions. The transaction was smooth and I was paid very promptly. Very easy to do business with.

Michael L. Pittsburgh, PA on Dec 31 2012

Tasked with selling some vintage baseball cards, I found Dean's Cards on the web. Although reluctant to do business online, I found near immediate and professional responses to my inquiries. After thorough research, I did mail my collection to them and received a quote about 110% of what I expected. Since I'm disabled with no income, I'm especially grateful for the integrity of Dean's Cards and the easy opportunity to turn my cards into cash. Thank you, sincerely, Dean's Cards! Michael L. Pittsburgh, PA

Jim O, Murrysville, PA on Dec 21 2012

I recently sold over 5000 of my older 50s and 60s baseball cards to Dean’s. Barry Lovett was great to work always responding to my e-mails in a prompt and professional manner. Upon initial contact, he detailed a step by step selling process and how Dean’s would evaluate my cards. So expectations were established and clear even before I sent my cards to Dean’s. Beyond this, Barry was patient with me as I continued to ask questions throughout the process. I was very satisfied with the overall experience including the fair price I got for my cards. I highly recommend Dean’s to anyone selling their collection. Jim O, Murrysville, PA

Dec 07 2012

I sold cards that I know will go to a deserving collector. Barry Lovett treated me fairly,promptly ,and the selling process was very simple. I am highly recommending Deans Cards as a great place to shop for your needs

Mary F., Dearborn, Michigan on Nov 30 2012

Barry Lovett at Dean's was very good to work with. He offered tips on sending our collection to him, explained his offer, was always very prompt in following up, and gave me a price that exceeded what I could get locally. I would recommend Dean's if you have a collection you need to sell. Mary F., Dearborn, Michigan

Terry Shaw Avondale Estates, Ga on Oct 08 2012

I recently sold my baseball cards to Barry Lovett of Dean's Cards and he was very prompt and fair always up front and fair paying me with a check for $730. Needless to say I plan on doing business with them again in the future. Terry Shaw Avondale Estates, Ga

Aug 06 2012

Great doing Business with Elana of Deans's Cards. I sold Topps Baseball Cards from the 50-60's era. Was given a fair price and received my check in 3 business days. The whole process was easy. I would do business again with Deans's Cards. Thanks, Elana!

Jul 29 2012

I sold some of my older cards to Dean's, they made the whole process easy. I feel I recieved a fair price, look to sent them a few more sets in the near future.

Dave D, Minneapolis on Jul 11 2012

I feel very fortunate to have found Dean's. They guided me through the card-selling process and made it very easy for me. After submitting inquiries to three web-based card buyers, I decided to send my cards to Dean's because they were prompt, courteous, friendly and thorough. I got a great offer for around 1,200 cards and I was very impressed with Dean's at every step in the process. I would recommend Dean's highly to anyone looking to sell cards. Dave D, Minneapolis

Jul 09 2012

Was a little hesitant to send cards thru the mail to a stranger, but it ended much better than I could have expected. They rated my cards the next day and I agreed to their fair price and had a check about a week later. Now am looking to sell the rest of my collection to them, who I fully trust with my cards.

Jun 21 2012

I sold a all my old baseball cards to Dean's and I feel like they treated me right. Everything was quick and they were very nice to work with. It was a lot easier than trying to figure out how to rank and sell the cards on ebay.

Jun 08 2012

I recently sold about 1400 fairly rough baseball, basketball cards to Dean's Cards. They were nice, responsiv, and saved me a lot of trouble not having to sell them myself. Got a check for $705.Elana was great to deal with.

May 29 2012

This was a very easy process. E- mailed other sites and never had reply. Deans cards answered the same or next day. Made the whole process a pleasent experience. Paid me $120 for Bowman cards I had no interest in anymore. I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling!

May 14 2012

I had some old Astronaut Cards that I wanted to sell. Elana gave me a rough quote and after I sent them in she told me that the estimate came back at almost double what she had quoted me. I suspect that most places would have given me the lower amount. Thanks for your honesty Deans.

May 01 2012

I had a box of about 800 cards of mostly 1960's sports cards mostly baseball but also some basketball and football that I wanted to sell. I found Dean's Cards on the internet and after looking through their website I decided to contact them. I was a little dubious since we had never done business before and it was over the internet. But Elana was very helpful and within a few days I sent the cards and received a check for $1000. The whole process was painless and handled very professionally and fairly. I would do business with Dean's Cards again.

Lisa - Grafton,Wisconsin on Apr 26 2012

I was given a box of around 600 - 1950 and 1960 baseball and football cards from my grandfather recently. I literally had no idea what I had. I started to research on the internet and I found Deans Cards. I was skeptic and my husband even more so however the more I visited Deans web site, the more comfortable I became. I sent Dean an e-mail and got a response from Elana the same day. I sent my cards in and in less than 48 hours got a nice bid of $1,410.00 for the cards. I am thrilled and I hope that someone else will be able to enjoy the cards that my Grandpa loved. Thank you Deans!!! Lisa - Grafton,Wisconsin

Lisa - Grafton,Wisconsin on Apr 26 2012

I was given a box of around 600 - 1950 and 1960 baseball and football cards from my grandfather recently. I literally had no idea what I had. I started to research on the internet and I found Deans Cards. I was skeptic and my husband even more so however the more I visited Deans web site, the more comfortable I became. I sent Dean an e-mail and got a response from Elana the same day. I sent my cards in and in less than 48 hours got a nice bid of $1,410.00 for the cards. I am thrilled and I hope that someone else will be able to enjoy the cards that my Grandpa loved. Thank you Deans!!! Lisa - Grafton,Wisconsin

Apr 23 2012

Recently I sold a box of 1960's baseball cards to Dean's Cards. From my first e-mail contact with Elana, it was firmly established that Dean's is prompt, professional, precise and realistic in their dealings. I have been a record collector and dealer for many years and know that the disconnect between what people think something is "worth" and what it actually sells for is often vast. Dean's rhetoric is straight forward and not at all hyped. I was very happy with my interaction and will use Dean's in the future and also tell my friends about them.

Apr 11 2012

Recently I decided to sell my original collection of 1953 Bowman baseball cards. Having them for over 50 years I had some misgivings about selling them, especially over the Internet. Having no experience in this field I knew I would be at the mercy of those I would work with. I was fortunate to find Dean's Cards. They were a pleasure to work with, very responsive to any questions and were very fair in their appraisal and offer. In less than two weeks the cards were evaluated, a quote given and I had my check. They are everything they say they are, I would highly recommend them. Elana was very efficent and always reponded quickly to e-mails. Absolutely no problem in sending the cards to Dean's for them to look at and grade. It would be great if all Internet companies were like Dean's!

David F, Elgin IL on Mar 14 2012

From the original contact to the final price, everything was handled promptly & efficiently. This was the way you dream an internet sale should be handled. I had no fear sending my entire collection to Deans. They advised me how to send them, and offered me a bid within 48 hours. I accepted their bid of $700. Thanks Deans!! Keep up the good work. David F, Elgin IL

Michael Smith Vineland, New Jwersey on Mar 14 2012

When I was looking to buying sports cards online, I found Dean's Cards to be the best. Price, quality of product and honest, reliable service is why I chose Dean's Cards and I highly-recommend Dean's Crads to everyone. It was a great experience! Michael Smith Vineland, New Jwersey

Mar 11 2012

I found the staff to be very responsive. I do not live in a metropolitan area and Dean's was my first choice for convenience. I was completely pleased by my experience with Dean's.

Sacramento, CA. on Mar 02 2012

Due to unfortunate circumstances,I felt compelled to sell my modest collection of about 560 baseball cards. Consisting of a couple of pre-war cards, and about 280 1970's cards, and the rest were 1950's and '60's. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a check for $1365 in just a couple of days. I must say, I was quite apprehensive about trusting anyone with my childhood memories, let alone, to someone I don't even know and have never met. Elana was a pleasure to deal with. She responded promptly to e-mails,answered questions, and was very professional throughout the whole process. She got back to me the same day they received the cards with a price. I would reccomend Dean's Cards to anyone who's having any second thoughts about sending their memories in the mail. I was totally handled with kid gloves. God Bless Dean's Cards. Sacramento, CA.

Gary Robinson, Newburyport MA on Mar 02 2012

I've just sold my collection of 1960s cards to Dean's. The cards were mostly TV show-related -- Addams Family, Gomer Pyle, Hogan's Heroes and five others, all full sets. These, along with some miscellaneous cards brought $300. I think the price was fair and the selling process was quick and easy. The folks at Dean's are honest and straightforward to deal with. You can trust 'em! Gary Robinson, Newburyport MA

Emily M. Whitsett, NC on Feb 23 2012

I recently sold my collection of 50s baseball cards to Dean's Cards and was very happy with the experience. My internet search had brought me to Dean's website which is filled with useful information about buying, selling, and grading cards. I emailed some questions, and Elana responded right away. She provided helpful information on packing and shipping the cards and reassured me that they had never lost any cards in the mail. She emailed me as soon as the cards arrived and, the next day, offered to buy the cards for $780 which seemed a fair price. The check arrived a few days later. I found the whole process very pleasant and easy and would recommend Dean's to other sellers. Emily M. Whitsett, NC

TG-Dawsonville, GA on Feb 17 2012

My brother and I recently decided to sell our baseball card collection, which totaled in excess of 7,000 cards mostly from 1958-65. I researched the internet to find the best process to sell them. Naturally, my search brought me to Dean's Cards. I contacted Elana to get some information (I was somewhat skeptical about sending them to a stranger) and she couldn't have been more helpful. She explained the process and gave me instructions on how to box the collection. I had a fair offer the day the cards arrived at their facility, and a check was in my hands shortly thereafter. The process couldn't have been more professional and stress free. I had also contacted 3 other firms who advertised that they would fly to me to evaluate the collection. None of them did what they alluded to in their emails or on their website. If you want quality service, a straightforward approach, and fair pricing, then you should do yourself a favor and work with Dean's Cards. TG-Dawsonville, GA

TG-Dawsonville, GA on Feb 17 2012

My brother and I recently decided to sell our baseball card collection, which totaled in excess of 7,000 cards mostly from 1958-65. I researched the internet to find the best process to sell them. Naturally, my search brought me to Dean's Cards. I contacted Elana to get some information (I was somewhat skeptical about sending them to a stranger) and she couldn't have been more helpful. She explained the process and gave me instructions on how to box the collection. I had a fair offer the day the cards arrived at their facility, and a check was in my hands shortly thereafter. The process couldn't have been more professional and stress free. I had also contacted 3 other firms who advertised that they would fly to me to evaluate the collection. None of them did what they alluded to in their emails or on their website. If you want quality service, a straightforward approach, and fair pricing, then you should do yourself a favor and work with Dean's Cards. TG-Dawsonville, GA

Christy Alexander - Norfolk, VA on Feb 08 2012

I was very impressed with the professionalism, speed and results of working with Dean's Cards. Elana was wonderful to work with. I sold about 150 Beatles trading cards to Deans. I felt the price offered was very fair - $50. Elana worked with me on the price until we both felt satisfied. Overall, I would highly recommend you doing business with Dean's. Christy Alexander - Norfolk, VA

Jan 27 2012

While it was difficult to sell the childhood memories collected over 40 years the process of working with Elana made for a professional experience. The amount offered was fair; given the market, conditions, etc. I would highly recommend Dean's Cards.

Jan 27 2012

Great website. Extremely impressed with the response quickness of first and following contacts. Had no problem shipping for apprasial before collecting $$ because correspondance appeared truthful. Would not hesitate to use them again. A+++ rating!!!

Ben. P., Atlanta, GA on Jan 24 2012

I found a box of my father-in-law's football cards and was looking for a way to help my mother-in-law sell them. I did some internet research as well as visiting some stores in-person, and was not getting good service. Once I found Dean's website and started communicating with their staff I felt a lot better about the sales process. They answered all my questions before I sent off the cards, were very quick to respond to my emails, and after I sent off the cards they got back to me within 48 hours of receiving them with an offer that I found very fair. I would highly recommend them and plan to use them again should I find more cards in the future. Ben. P., Atlanta, GA

Jan 16 2012

I had about 2000 baseball cards that I collected as a young boy in the last 60's early 70's. I wasn't sure where to find their value, and ended up seeing Dean's when I preformed a Google Search. Elana made the process very easy, and kept me informed of the process all along. I would say that the offer was lower than what I thought 2000 cards would have been worth, but I don't have anything to base that on other than assumption! That aside, everything published on the Deam's website is accurate, and I'd consider them a premium vendor.

Jan 14 2012

Easy, peasy. Elana was prompt and thorough in all communications. Payment was prompt for cards sold and cards ordered were in great shape. I sold ~250 50s/60s baseball cards, a 1969 football near set, and some archive football and baseball cards. Got a couple hundred bucks and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone. Sounds shady at first to just mail your cards and get a check back, but was 100% legit, professional, and an overall fantastic experience.

Jan 13 2012

Thanks to Elana and her great customer service. Dean's Cards has a great employee in Elana. She is honest and has earned my trust. I plan on doing much more business with Dean's. Thanks again!

Jan 12 2012

I found Deans cards on the internet.Was hesitant about selling to a "stranger".They made the process of buying my collection very easy.Their offer was straight forward,honest and more than fair.Anyone looking to sell their card collection would be doing themselves a big favor if they contact deans cards.Professional,prompt,courteous and fair service.A good experience.Special thanks to Elana.

RW,Queens NY. on Jan 12 2012

Sold 8 sets to Deanscards.Took a total of 7 days to contact,ship and receive nice offer.Very fast transaction RW,Queens NY.

Jan 11 2012

I found Deans Cards on line and then a friend also recommended them to me. The process was fast and efficient. Such a simple and trustworthy process. I would highly recommend Deans Cards and Elana anytime! Thanks, again.

Jan 04 2012

I inherited over 200 baseball cards from the mid 1950's. While researching the best way to sell them, Dean's Cards stood out for their honest & professional advice. They were extremely prompt with answering my questions & once the the cards were received, the offer they made was, in my opinion, more than fair. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for sell their card collection.

Dec 20 2011

Couldn't have been more pleased with the prompt and courteous service from Elana! Reminded me of the way people did business back in the 50's when people cared. I count my blessings for my good fortune in finding this company, my experience could not have been better.

F.c. Russell on Dec 17 2011

I sold my card collection to Dean's Card's. found them on the web, emailed and talked to Elana. She was very kind and helpful.I would recommend Dean's cards to anyone. Thanks, F.c. Russell

Dec 12 2011

I wanted to sell my collection of about 1600 baseball cards from the mid 1950s. I could not find any interest locally and contacted Dean's. They provided extremely swift turnaround to all of my questions. It only took until one day after they received my cards to make me an offer. Since I did not shop the cards, I don't know how competitive the offer was, but the offer seemed reasonable and I certainly found the service very convenient. The transaction could not have been easier.

Dec 07 2011

I sold 3400 1960's vintage Baseball and Football Cards to Dean's in December 2011. I was extremely pleased with how the transaction was conducted both in timeliness and the price I received. !! Elana went above and beyond in my expectations! She is a true professional! I would highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone considering selling their beloved card collections!

Nov 02 2011

I've been doing business with Dean's Cards for years. As a buyer, his cards are graded to perfection, offers deep stock positions and discounted prices based on the purchase value. This week I offered a collection of SGC graded cards. Shipping with USPS was $13 with confirmation (.60 cents). They received the collection Friday afternoon, made me an excellent & more than fair offer on Tuesday and sent me a bank check on Wed. During this 5 day period, Elana kept me informed during each step. Just wonderful services. Far more than a single service. This is the second time I've sold cards to Dean's. With my buying & selling history with Dean's I would never offer to sell to any one else. I told Elana that they are like the Boy Scouts of the card business. Thanks. This is why you"re still in business - and growing.

Oct 31 2011

I had several hundred cards from my collection of mid 60's to mid 70's I was interested in selling. I contacted Elana from Dean's & had an excellent transaction with the company. Elana was very prompt & courteous in all our correspondence. Would definitely recommend this site for anyone who is interested in selling or buying cards.

Sep 29 2011

I sold an incomplete 1969 set to Dean's in September,2011 and was very pleased with the manner in which Elana handled the transaction. All of her communications were specific and clear and were made in a professional and timely way.I would highly recommend Dean's to collectors with any different degrees of experience and knowledge.

Sep 29 2011

Sold a good portion of my 50's -60's collection to Dean's Cards.Worked with Elana, communication was fantastic, got quote one day after cards were received. I definitely would work with them again.

Stan Hill Herndon, Virginia on Sep 21 2011

Excellent response time on cards sold. Will do business in the future with Dean's Cards as they have a great selection of cards. Thanks Stan Hill Herndon, Virginia

Aug 30 2011

I initially searched the web for various places to purchase 1950's non-sports trading cards to fill in several series I had. The response and professionalism from Dean's cards concerning my purchases gave me the security I needed to send the excess cards I had for possible sale to Dean's Cards. The response from Dean was marvelous. Not only was the transaction completed in a short period of time, but also Dean offered much more than I was expecting for my cards. It was a true pleasure to do business with your firm, Dean!

Joel R., Minneapolis, MN on Aug 22 2011

I recently sold my collection of Who's Who in Baseball magazines. The service I got from Dean and his staff was courteous and professional. Some of the issues were just in average condition, but I got a very fair price from Dean. The payment was received promptly. Joel R., Minneapolis, MN

Rusty Burris Fort Worth Texas on Aug 13 2011

From the start communication with Tara until the end with offer from Dean,The experience was great I would highly encourage you to feel comfortable in dealing with Dean's.I will be using him again with next round of cards. Thanks again, Rusty Burris Fort Worth Texas

Aug 10 2011

Bought This for 8.00 at a Flea Market. Most Cards are Near Mint Condition. Most all are from 1986. Most Teams (if not all) are in this Collection. All are in alphabetical order ranging from the Angels to the Yankees. Included are Record Breaker Cards, A.L. All Star Cards, N.l All Star Cards, Artist Rendition Cards, Signed Cards in the back.

Aug 02 2011

I'm sad because I want my mom to go to Cuba because my grandpa is in Cuba and I got 170 baseball cards and hoping to collect enough money. Thanks

Jul 17 2011

second time selling to deans. very professional, prompt and courteous. live close enough to drop cards off,staff is always polite and friendly. take store credit for cards and is very generous.

Jul 02 2011

Selling to Dean's Cards was a pleasant experience from beginning communication to fair offer and completion of sale. It was easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend Dean's Cards when you have memories to sell.

Jun 29 2011

I sold my cards to Dean's Cards, and I was really pleased with their service. He got back to me with a quote within days of receiving my cards. He is very trustworthy, and I can tell you this, he really does believe in excellent customer service. He educated me on the process of how they grade the cards, and when payment would be made. Dean really knows his business and I felt he really answered all of my questions, and gave me more than a fare deal on my collectible cards. Thanks so much Dean.

Jun 07 2011

Really please with Deans Card, I am from the UK so was a little apprehensive, but the service was excellent and was the communication, really pleased with what I was offered. Thanks again

Jun 04 2011

I was a little nervous about sending my set out to a stranger at first.but i read the feed backs and took a chance...everthing dean emailed me was right on ...with a business this big i dont think he wants to stick it to people...hes no bullshit..will do business again...

Jun 04 2011

In total I sold seven cards: 1887 Ezra Sutton and Ned Williamson, 1910 Sam Crawford and Gavvy Cravath, Gold Border Frank Schulte, and two 1933 Goudey Indian cards. I sold for a total of $310 and am very pleased with the entire transaction. After initially contacting Dean through the site, he got back to me by email the next day with instructions on how to proceed. His explanations of how he conducts business were very up front and put me at ease. I sent my collection via USPS, and within four days Dean sent me a bid. The website itself has great information on the overall card selling market, as well as explanations of how Dean operates and why. He also reiterates these sentiments in later communications during the selling process. I was very comfortable and impressed with the way Dean conducted business. I am completely satisfied with my transaction and highly recommend using Dean's Cards to sell vintage cards.

Putnam, New England on Jun 03 2011

I was very pleased with my experience in selling a memorabilia collection that a friend of ours had inherited. I spent a good deal of time trying to set a value on the collection which included close to 2,000 cards going back to the late ‘40s and found that determining quality of the individual cards was the hardest task. Next hardest was deciding on just how to liquidate the collection. After more research we settled on Dean’s. I conversed with Dean and some of his staff by e-mail & phone, and it was obvious from his responses that he had read every word that I wrote and actually cared about what was transpiring. (In contrast to a “Local” dealer who was quite brusque.) Dean’s people checked out the collection and in a few days made a fair offer for the collection. Dean’s is a very professional organization and friendly to boot. I would recommend Dean’s to anyone looking to sell their cards. Putnam, New England (pmorgan7@sbcglobal.net)

Jun 03 2011

I was very impressed with the way Dean conduct's he's businees. The set I sold was originally acquired by auction for $ 175.00,but unfortunaly the set wasn't in the greatest condition. I got in contact with Dean's website an was impressed with the catagories that are listed. I would recommend DEAN'S CARDS to anyone looking to sell a collection, very prompt in responding to a client. I was very impressed in the choice of either a check or the store credit upon the sale of the cards. I don't see any other dealer even coming close to doing that sort of gesture. So Dean I will keep in touch as much as possible. So for anyone and everyone out there please check out Dean's Cards.

May 26 2011

As I live in Cincinnati I was able to drop my cards by the office. Dean and his staff was very courteous and came back with an offer the very same day. Will definitely do business with Dean in the future in buying or selling additional cards.

May 23 2011

I sold well over 1000 baseball and football cards. Most of the cards were baseball cards and most of them dated back to the 1960s. Dean's was very quick, efficient and professional in their dealings with me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

May 14 2011

Received an offer the same day the cards arrived at Deans. Accepted the offer, which was very competitive and received payment 4 days later.

Joe: from the Jersey Shore on May 10 2011

I was very pleased with the quick response to my inquiry about selling my card set. Dean and I conversed by e-mail, and in two days made a fair offer for my cards. Very professional organization, and friendly.I would recommend Dean to anyone looking to sell their cards. Joe: from the Jersey Shore

May 03 2011

I was very well pleased with the integrity of Dean's Cards. Everything was communicated well in a fair and honest way, ensuing in a sale of some great memories.

Apr 29 2011

I was pleased with all that transpired with Deans Cards

Bob Ruete Florence, KY. on Apr 29 2011

I had a great experience and a quick turn around time in selling the baseball cards in the first issue of the magazine and received a fair price. I have already given Dean's website to another friend who has a large card collection. Thank again Bob Ruete Florence, KY.

Apr 27 2011

Having removed the cards that had sentimental childhood value to me, I sold the balance of my cards to Dean. I found the entire process to be friendly, professional and fair.

Ryan M. - Cleveland, Ohio on Apr 13 2011

Sold some tobacco cards to Dean. Dean's Cards was very quick with their response and offer. I would recommend selling your cards to Dean's due to his fairness and honesty . Thanks again , Ryan M. - Cleveland, Ohio

Apr 02 2011

Thank you to Dean and his team for a quick, easy, and most importantly fair transaction. I would recommend Dean's cards to anyone that is selling a collection of cards

Jeremy P. Laurel, MD on Mar 31 2011

The transaction with Dean was quick and easy. Within a few days of him receiving the shipment I had a quote and was quite pleased with the results. I sold around 3,600 commons in rough to fair condition for $565, a fair price based on what I had seen elsewhere. -Jeremy P. Laurel, MD

Mar 28 2011

I recently sold my collection of 50's and 60's baseball cards to Deans cards. The whole process was quick and easy to complete. I was paid a good price. I give Dean my highest recommendation.

Shane H. Bellefontaine Ohio on Mar 25 2011

I recently sold Dean my collection of 1960'S Topps baseball commons,he paid a very fair price for these cards and was prompt in dealing with my e-mail inquiries. He is one of the few honest guys on the internet,very professional. Thanks Mr Hanley Shane H. Bellefontaine ohio

Steve-Cincinnati on Mar 22 2011

I'm a previous customer and a first time seller. The cards were a little rough. I received a $55 store credit. I received timely e-mails and was very satisfied with the results. He was very professional and I will continue to deal with Dean's Cards and would recommend them to others. Steve-Cincinnati

Mar 21 2011

Alan P from Illinois here. I found an old collection of baseball cards in a box in the basement ( approx 400 cards from 1961 thru 1963 ) that I bought as a kid - I liked the gum! I looked around on the internet for what I was hoping was an honest dealer - and I found one ( Dean! ). He responded promptly to my emails, explained how the process worked, processed the cards quickly, and sent me a check whick I considered more than fair ( $255 for cards in fair condition ). Whether you know your cards, or whether you're like me, I think you'll find Dean to be fair and honest ( traits that seem harder and harder to find these days ). Thanks Dean!

Mar 17 2011


Mar 11 2011

Once I finally decided to sell my boyhood collection of cards from the 1950’s and early 1960’s, I spent a lot of time investigating possible ways to do this, including retail card stores, Ebay, and various online card dealers. I was initially very reluctant to send my cards through the mail to a stranger. But after I spent some time reviewing Dean’s website, I realized that he was likely to become the owner of my cards. Among the potential card buyers with whom I communicated, Dean was unique in making clear his respect and understanding for those of us who have a strong emotional attachment, as well as important memories, tied to our card collection. Communication was both comprehensive and timely. And his site is loaded with both general and very specific information about selling cards, including values for individual cards, which I found to be particularly helpful in gauging the value of my collection. My collection consisted of various kinds of cards, not just baseball, and their condition ranged from well worn to excellent. There were definitely some high value cards in good to excellent condition, but the majority were either common, or fairly well worn, or both. I would guesstimate that I had approximately 1,800-2,000 cards, which I sold to Dean for $1,625. Based upon the research I did, I consider this to be a fair price; at least as good, and probably better, than I would be likely to find elsewhere. In addition, the process was easy and the communication excellent. If I had more cards to sell, Dean would be my first choice as buyer. The selling experience could not have been better.

Mar 05 2011

I sent in a lot of old cards I'd collected to trade for some Horrors of War cards. The email responses and shipping of items was very timely; I feel I was given a good price for my submissions and was able to purchase the cards I needed from Dean's inventory. I will buy from them again.

Mar 05 2011

I sent in a lot of old cards I'd collected to trade for some Horrors of War cards. The email responses and shipping of items was very timely; I feel I was given a good price for my submissions and was able to purchase the cards I needed from Dean's inventory. I will buy from them again.

Mar 03 2011

I had a great experience working with Dean.I found his communication timely and we worked a deal collectively. I sold a partial 1958 and 1960 Topps football card set, there were some very nice cards and some were autographed. Getting close to retirement I decided to sell my sets and Dean gave me a fair price. Thanks dean

Fred from California on Mar 01 2011

This is Fred from California. I found Dean's on the internet about two + years ago. Have sent him four groups of cards, and from sale one, I was pleased with the way things worked out. I will continue to work with him and his company, they give great service and are quick.

Joe F. on Feb 28 2011

My first foray into selling trading cards was handled professionally by Dean and his staff. Besides his fair purchase of the collection for $200, Dean was very patient and professional when answering my questions on how to properly package and send the cards. Thank you very much, Dean and crew, for your wisdom and assistance. Here's hoping that we do business again in the future. --Joe F.

Feb 27 2011

I had no idea about Deans but came across them on the internet. They provided me with a transparent explanation of the process; the advantages of using their service than trying to sell the item myself and made the posting of the items to them hassle free. Deans price was very close to what I anticipated receiving. Deans explanation of my portfolio was honest, and if I had more to sell, he would be my go to guy! I think they not only value their customers but also their suppliers.

New Jersey on Feb 13 2011

This is Michael from NJ...recently sold to Dean collection of about 1000 cards...90% commons...10% HOF'ers/All Stars...condition varied but in general were excellent +...Dean was honest and upfront in his communication...his analysis of alternatives is correct...do the research...grading is expensive, selling online takes time and expense to prepare the set, plus offers no guarantee of getting close to 'book value'. Dean, offers a fair price, 25-35% of book, honest evaluation, quick turnaround, customer service support, and a 'bank check' to boot!!! I received $340 for my cards...I did much research to find a buyer online...and Dean was my choice. He lived up to his word and to his promise of service and fairness...Much Thanks to the 'Dean Team' from satisfied seller in NJ

Feb 08 2011

Thank you Dean for your help and expertise, for being honest and trustworthy...I really can't say enough good about the marvelous way you conduct your business. You are dependable and helpful. Many thanks again.

Feb 05 2011

I was very satisfied with the communication and the response from deans cards. i trusted them in sending my cards to someone i have never heard of before. and they came thru very well for me. i look forward to doing business with them in the future should i have the chance

ROCKY on Feb 01 2011


Jan 26 2011

My first time selling baseball cards and Dean was fantastic. I had a small collection of Topps baseball cards from the mid-1960s. Dean bought them for $120, very generous for a pretty small collection. Very timely communication, honest, up-front in his assessment of my collection and the process for getting the cards to him. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone interested in buying and/or selling collectable cards. I am very pleased in my dealing with Dean. Thanks!

Jan 19 2011

The best experience I've had in 10+ years of doing business with at least six other card companies. Up-front...honest...quick to respond...extremely professional...easiest and best website I've ever used. Did absolutely everything they said they would do and when they said they would do it. Very top of my list now as I continue to build '50s baseball sets. Thanks, Dean !

Dec 08 2010

Dean's Cards purchased my 1952 Redman Chewing Tobacco Card Collection w/tabs for $400.00 which I found to be an acceptable offer, not to mention a price within the range he quoted me sight unseen. My overall experience with Dean's Cards was without a doubt a pleasurable one, and an experience cloaked in honesty, integrity, and punctuality from the very first email exchange, shipping of my collection, an offer to purchase, and an agreed upon purchase price and payment. I must admit that it was not an easy decision to place my card collection in a box with packing materials and allow UPS to take them from the security of my posession, to the uncertainty of whether the person I was dealing with was a reputable business connection or an electronic internet scam artist. Dean's Cards passed the litmus test and I highly recommend this internet buyer/seller when you make the decision to sell your treasured collection or if you are in the market to purchase a vintage collection.

Dec 02 2010

Just received my #50 Mickey Mantle 1966 Topps. Great service and the card is in excellent condition as you stated. I grew up in the 1950's and 'The Mick' was my hero. This card will someday go to my Grandson. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas! :D

Melanie, Indiana on Nov 22 2010

Dean's Cards is an excellent business with wonderful customer service. They are quick to reply to e-mails and treat you as if you are their only customer. We were very hesitant to send the blankets but after a few e-mails I knew we had nothing to worry about. If we are ever to buy or sell again - we're definitely going with Dean's and you should too! Thank You! Melanie, Indiana

CR, Orlando, Fla. on Nov 11 2010

Dean's Cards was the first place I checked out online when I was looking to sell some 1960s baseball cards for my dad. I read his piece about what types of cards sell these days and why, and it was very informative. It took some faith to box up hundreds of cards and mail them to a "faraway place," but Dean and staff were good in getting back to me via e-mail about the collection. I made more than $300 on the deal, which I found to be quite fair. Thanks for a good experience. CR, Orlando, Fla.

KMG Edmond, OK on Nov 09 2010

It was a leap of faith to bring myself to part with my childhood collection of basebal cards and even more of a leap to do this with an online buyer. Having said this, I can attest to the prompt, professional and curteous manner in which Dean dealt with his assessment of my card collection. After the offer was negotiated, I accepted and felt it was a fair, Win - Win decision for us both. My "leap of faith" was bolstered partly by review of these testimonials prior to initiation of my contact and I hope my comments will also have the effect of lessening the stress of parting with a piece of my past, (I still have my favorite '61 NY Yankees as a team in a display case in my office to remind me of my youthful pursuit of my fav team ! Thanks Dean, KMG Edmond, OK

T.D. Erie, PA on Oct 01 2010

The company was very fair and professional. I felt as though I was a personal friend, as the treatment was excellent. T.D. Erie, PA

Sep 26 2010

I contacted Dean about selling some cards that have been in my family for over fifty years. This was not easy for me to do. From the beginning Dean was courteous, explained things clearly, kept me informed when he had to get them graded and made it simple. Even when I expressed my doubts and concerns, Dean was willing to be very forthright with me and gave me reason to believe that I couldn't work with a more honest broker. I don't think one could find a better place to go if they want to try and sell their cards.

Sep 16 2010

Went to google and discovered Dean's and started process. It was very professional and i believe that i received fair value for my small collection.I would not hesitate to do business again or reccommend them to do business with.

Jenn, PA on Aug 26 2010

The whole process was timely and fair. It took a bit of courage to send my magazine and trust that it would end in a positive transaction, but it proved to be trustworthy and safer than using Craigslist. Jenn, PA

Pam on Aug 19 2010

I recently purchased a large estate that included baseball cards that I had no interest in. I researched the resale market of this collection and soon realized that I did not want to be in the card business. I made an inquiry to Dean's Cards and received prompt, courteous and professional responses. After I shipped the collection, received an offer, which I accepted and the check arrived in my mail quickly. That was the kind of card business I needed to be in and appreciated the way this was handled by Dean's Cards. I read testimonials like this when I chose Dean and wanted to assure you that it is why I came here and that it does work with this honest man. Thanks, Pam

CC in CT on Aug 06 2010

I had not tried to sell my collection of almost 400 cards anywhere else but felt very comfortable after corresponding with Dean and felt his offer to be very fair. His response was quick and the check came in a few days. Nice to know there are still nice people to do business with in this impersonal online world! CC in CT

Jeff B. on Aug 02 2010

I was extremely happy to have dealt with Dean's cards, on what was a sizeable sale of baseball and non-sports cards. Dean was totally responsive and my offer was quickly made and the transaction was extremely sound. I did not doubt Dean's for a second, and certainly the reputation of this on-line buyer and seller was an A+ experience for me. Their offer was fair and I am going to be sending them future cards for sale, as well as buying cards from them based on this solid experience. Thanks Dean's Cards, for enhancing the credible experiences to be found on the web!!!!! Sincerely, Jeff B.

Jul 31 2010

First time selling to Dean, but it definitely won't be the last! My appraisal was done within a few days of dropping them off at the post office, and I was given a fair price along the lines of what I expected. I was very pleased with the experience, in fact I have just boxed up another batch to send in. Great transactions both as a buyer and seller, Dean's is THE site for cards, bar none!

Jul 26 2010

Dean was fair and flexible in his purchase of my cards. After our initial email interaction, I felt comfortable sending them to him for his review. His payment came quickly, too. Thank you, Dean.

Jul 24 2010

I felt the whole transaction went very easy. After reading seller testimonials I had confidenence in Dean's cards.

Jul 22 2010

I decided to sell my childhood card collection (114 cards)and found Dean's on the web. After reading the home page & testimonials, I began communicating and received good information. I decided to send my cards for Dean's review & appraisal. The whole process was timely and professional. Thank you Dean's!

Jul 16 2010

Thanks again for working with me in moving some of my items, 62 TOPPS Outer Limits UK set, 68 TOPPS FB posters, 62 Fleer FB cards, etc. Everything done professionally and quickly. Trading seems to be a lost art, especially among dealers. It is good to know that there is still someone who still understands collecting and the hobby.

Dan on Jul 16 2010

I have to say this was smooth as glass. Deans gave me a little more than I had hoped to get by 25.00 dollars, and it was fast and handled all on the up and up. I will not hesitate to do business again. Dan

Roger Whipple on Jul 06 2010

I sent the yearbooks on faith because Dean's correspondence seemed sincere. I was very satisfied with the price I received. Every part of the transaction was done as promised. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone involved in the sorts card or memorabilia business. Roger Whipple

Jul 01 2010

Thank you for the prompt service and the fair treatment. Offered 50 % more in trade for store credit, which helps me build my collection

Frank T. Columbus, Ohio on May 20 2010

May 2010… I mailed my collection of mostly baseball cards with a few football cards to Dean, and two days later I received a fair and reasonable offer. A week later I had a check in hand for $645 for my collection. I had about 1,600 cards, most from the early 1960s. Everything went as advertised by Dean. It was all quite easy and straight-forward, and I recommend dealing with Dean. Frank T. Columbus, Ohio

JEFF S. Atlanta, GA on May 07 2010

I came across Dean's via Google searching for a way to sell duplicate vintage cards I had...in a manner that I could also directly buy vintage cards I needed. Dean's was that answer. A quality website that FAIRLY puts all this together, with an inventory this impressive, you will not find elsewhere. Mailed my cards out using USPS Priority ship, and within 3 days was offered store credit for my cards that was exactly on par with my expectations and exactly as outlined on the website. No surprises, which was great. Communication was not only fast but, perhaps most important in this day and age, friendly. I recommend Dean's and look forward to using your services again in the future. JEFF S. Atlanta, GA

Apr 05 2010

i sold cards i've had all my life. There were no superstars, but i felt I got a fair price considering their condition.

Mar 14 2010

After several years of scouting mall shows and local shops, I found Dean's site on the web and decided to sell a small collection of about 1,000+ Football cards. Dean was very easy and honest to deal with, I had a fair price in about 3-4 days Football cards, and payment shortly thereafter. After a good first experience, I will be selling my baseball card collection as well.

Mar 13 2010

Never thought I'd find a new home for these. My husband had saved them from the 50's and now it is time to clean house. Checked the internet and Dean seemed to have the best site, called and talked to him. Very pleasant man, very knowledgeable, great service and a fair price. This is the only time I have dealt with him but would absolutely do it again.

Marty Weaver; New Castle, IN on Mar 12 2010

I recently sold 500+ Post cereal cards from the early 60's to Dean's Cards. I was impressed with the prompt response...not only in reviewing the cards, but also in answering my e-mailed questions. There was a transperancy in our dealings that made me comfortable with sending my cards. The offer was was fair. My whole experience was very positive and I will not hesitate to use their services in the future. Marty Weaver; New Castle, IN

Mar 09 2010

I have roughly 400 baseball cards and was looking for a fair offer from a trusted source...I found that and more from Dean's Cards. Offer was quick, fair and timely. I will be sure to use Dean's Cards again and would recommend them to any collector looking to sell their collection the right way.

Feb 26 2010

I was completely satisfied with the way my collection was reviewed and the short time it took to receive a very fair offer.I did not know where or how to sell my collection, but was surprised how well Dean explained and followed thru with is offer. No one should be afraid to send their cards to Dean,He will deliver as his website states. I recommend his company to all collectors.

Feb 22 2010

I must admit I was hesitant about mailing my collection to anyone. Dean's however handled everything promptly and put me as ease. I would recommend Dean and suggest that you give him the first chance at an offer if you are considering selling a collection.

Feb 11 2010

I came across Dean on the internet and was intrigued by what I saw. I had some questions as I had never sold anything online. Dean was very up front about how he values the cards and answered all questions about the selling process. I have now sent him 3 boxes of cards from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, as well as some non sports cards I came across. Considering the condition and somewhat random nature of the cards I sent him, I was quite pleased and actually pleasantly surprised with his offers. I very happy I decided to do business with Dean, as every aspect of the process has been great. He always replies promptly to questions, with offers, and ultimately with payment.

Glenn on Feb 08 2010

Preparing to sell my childhood collection of over 3,000 baseball cards from the 1950's, I discovered Dean's Cards on the internet as well as several other potential buyers. Dean was prompt and thorough in responding to my inquiry and fully answered all my questions about the process, which was new to me. I did send the cards to another dealer prior to Dean and had a good experience with him. Dean was superb and thorough with me and he offered a fair price for my cards, a price which I accepted. The check to me arrived in the promised time frame. I thank Dean for his service and wholeheartedly recommend him to others. Glenn

Feb 03 2010

Found this site searching for card values. When I inquired about selling my entire Baseball collection, I got a clear and honest explanation of the process and an approximate value for the collection. After Dean received the cards, I feel I was offered a fair price for the collection and payment was promptly sent. I will recommend Dean's Cards and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Feb 01 2010

I searched on line for someone to sell the cards to. Found Deans & he suggested I mail them to him. Very scary, but I must say No problem He's very honest & very eager to deal with you. He can be trusted to return them should you desire. I'll continue to look through what we have & deal with him again.

Jan 29 2010

I just sold to Dean the complete set of Topps Mickey Mantle from years 1959-1968. Dean paid me top dollar and is very honest and fair about his offer. The thing I like most about Dean's company is that He responded to all my emails very quickly. I strongly recommend him to you all. again I'm very pleased with your business. Thanks a lot Dean!

Jan 27 2010

I sold a couple of sets from the '70s,a box of '61 Topps baseball cards and a couple of '69 baseball insert sets. I e-mailed Dean to see if he was interested in them and see said he was. I shipped them to him and told him them they were on the way and he said he would watch for them. He contacted with an offer which I gladly accepted. This was all within the past week so the turn around was very fast. I amm now waiting for the check to arrive. Thanks Dean and if any of you are thinking about selling your cards, give Dean a try. You will not be disappointed.

Jan 25 2010

Dean was very easy to deal with and trustworthy. He came back with a great offer for an old collection which wasnt in top shape. I will continue to do business with Dean's Cards in the future and highly recommend him to others.

Jan 25 2010

After doing some research on line I took a chance on sending Dean my cards. My wife was somewhat skeptical about mailing the cards to a stranger, but this seemed much easier than going on E-Bay. Although my collection was quite small, I believe I received a fair price. My collection consisted mainly of 60's commons as well as some star players of the 60's. Dean was very prompt in responding to all of my correspondence. I would not hesitate to use Dean or recommend him to others in the future.

Jan 20 2010

Dean was fair and honest about his offer. Even contacted me on a Sunday. After accepting his offer the bank check arrived in 5 days. Great dealer.

Jan 17 2010

We just sold our 1952 Topps original baseball card series to Dean for $20,000, including a Mickey Mantle. Through the whole experience, Dean was very professional and thorough. He responded to every question we had with lightning speed and was extremely upfront and honest. The scariest part was having to mail our cards, but Dean gave us thorough instructions and great advice. It worked like a charm. There are a lot of dishonest and irresponsible dealers out there today, but Dean is absolutely top-notch to deal with. We trusted him with a prize collection and he came through for us 100%. We HIGHLY recommend Dean to any seller out there.

Jan 15 2010

Dean responded overnight to my inquiry and was very prompt in follow up e-mails. He was very good about reviewing the cards I had sent and in giving advice as to the best way to send them quickly, and cheaply. Upon receipt, he had a quote to me within 48 hours and was very open and honest when I questioned his quote. He was very professional and I would gladly recommend him and do business with him again in the future.

Jan 04 2010

The market for trading cards is horrible, so it is incredible that a dealer still exists that will give you some value for your cards. Dean is the only dealer I have found that actually responds to e-mails. I know it is worrisome to send your cards to someone you do not know but Dean has proven to be trustworthy and has offered to pay for the cards to be returned if you do not accept his offer. I am sure he would do this although I have never not accepted the fair prices he has offered for the cards have sent him.

Jan 01 2010

I decided to sell my football card collection consisting of several complete sets of cards from all years 1970 thru 1976. Dean was very fair and responded quickly to my questions. I would highly recommend giving Dean a chance to quote you on buying your cards. The payment was timely and exactly as he said it would be.

Dec 24 2009

I really had a pleasant experience with Dean. My emails were returned in a timely manner and my questions and concerns were all handled with great detail. Bottom line, I felt like I was in good hands with Dean right from the beginning.

Dec 13 2009

I sold a 100 or so 1950's baseball cards to Dean last Summer and I am sorry to have taken so long to write this letter. The cards were various grades but many were in poor condition. The gem was a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial. The offer by Dean was adequate but the great benfit of his process is the ease of it. Without an inventory or official grading I simply sent him my cards and within a few days had an offer to accept or reject. My friend warned me not to send my cards to what was then a stranger but I took a chance and was very pleased with the response and the payment. No other buying site even responded to my inquiries. I hope to do business again with Dean.

Dec 08 2009

It took me a year to send my child hood collection of 1962 Topps baseball cards to Dean's Cards. I could not bring myself to sell these treasures but dealing with Dean made it easy. A gut feeling about Dean's Cards became reality. This dealer can be trusted, is honest and fair. Thanks Dean for being upfront and convincing me I made the right deal.

Nov 18 2009

I recently sold my baseball and football cards to Dean as I haven't looked at tehm in years. He was very upfront about pricing and was easy to deal with. He even threw in a couple of Fran Tarkenton cards so I can show my son when he is a little lder who my favorite player used to be. Thanks again!

Oct 24 2009

I returned to card collecting as a customer of Dean's with such satisfaction that I decided to become a seller. Hoping to capitalize on the value of some of the doubles I own from the 1960's I decided to offer 135 ungraded mostly low-numbered common cards from 1964 and '65. I expected either a flat refusal or a complicated matter of having to have them graded and/or suffer several exchanges by mail of wanted and unwanted cards. To my surprise Dean offered to take them all and trust his judgement regarding their value. It was very clear that they would not be returned. The e-mails I received during this exchange were immediate, personal, honest and very transparent. In a word it was 'easy'. For the number of cards I sent (135) described as "rough" by Dean I was given $32.00 value plus 150% of that because I had requested store credit for $48.00 and then a generous "rounding up" to $50.00. All-in-all approximately 37 cents/card. Shipment to Dean's was $8.00. The transaction in all regards was satisfactory and I would recommend Dean's cards to anyone buying and/or selling cards.

Sep 14 2009

I worked with Dean as the agent for someone who was selling 1933-1934 Goudey cards. Dean was quick to my email and phone responses and professional in every conversation. It is hard doing a deal with a middle man, but Dean was relaxed and helpful to get the deal done. Dean sent me a quote that give me a ballpark range of an offer. The meeting was nothing but the best. He was a great guy to work with and very professional. I have been involved in many business transactions, but working with Dean was honestly one of my best experiences. I recommend Dean's Cards to anyone selling cards!

Tim D. on Sep 07 2009

About a month ago, I decided to sell my card collections of football & baseball cards. After talking to a couple of local card shops, I found out that the only way they would take my sets of cards was through consignment. In other words, they would put a price on each individual set and put it on shelf until someone buys it. The only problem with this is it could take months or years to sell my collections. Plus, the card shop would take a percentage (10 to 20%) when the sets would sell. I did not like the idea of waiting so long and that they take a percentage. After looking online at several sites I came across Dean's Card's and after reading what he had to say about how the card collecting hobby has been ruined by overproduction and loss of interest these days. I totally agreed with what Dean had to say. Now, I love my card collection's and I've been collecting since I was 9 years old, but I haven't collected in the last ten years or so. This was due to the high cost of cards and that there are just to many cards out there to keep up with them. So, I e-mailed dean to inquire about them and found that he was very straight forward with me and I liked that very much. I decided to send him four of my baseball sets just to see how much they would worth and I was pleased with his offer. I must say that dealing with Dean is a much easier way to sell my collection's, than going thru local card dealer's (which by the way, are disappearing)and waiting for who knows how long to sell them. I need to get them out quicker than that. I am currently getting my next batch of cards ready to send to Dean and will continue to do so. As I said before, I love my cards, but I need to part with them as all they are doing is collecting dust for past ten years and hopefully they will go to someone who cares about them as much as I do. Thanks again, Dean I will be in contact. Tim D.

Frank on Sep 02 2009

I had a set of the 1956 Flags of the World cards and a number of Scoop cards. I had no idea of the value or how to sell them. I had gone to a card shop in town and they were not interested. I came across Dean's Cards while searching the Internet. I contacted him and he said that the only way to give a fair appraisal was for me to send him the cards. I was a bit skeptical about sending my cards. After reading all the positive testimonials I decided to send them. I am pleased to say that Dean contacted me with a very fair price. I am quite happy with the outcome. In our modern world of internet scams, I am happy to say that Dean was very honest and forth right with me. I would recommend him anytime to anyone wanting to sell their card collections. Thanks Dean. Your new friend, Frank

Aug 24 2009

After moving around my collection for the past 50 years, I decided to sell my cards. I had over 500 baseball cards and about 75 football cards. Even though they were worth less than the "value" I placed on them (sentimental I guess), Dean was very upfront with me and we agreed on an acceptable price. Dean was very quick in providing me a price and was responsive to my questions. I would recommend him if you are considering "letting go" your prized collection.

Aug 12 2009

Recently, I decided to sell my entire set of 1966 Topps baseball cards. Also included were assorted '60s cards of various all-stars.Dean was the first and only individual I contacted for the following reasons:1.) He immediantly responded to my initial email, and subsequent numerous telephone calls, and follow-up emails. 2.)He was courteous and respectful each time, 3.)He offered to me what I believed was a fair market price, and 4.)he mailed the check immediantly upon us agreeing on the value of the collection. It was a very good experience.

Aug 02 2009

This is the second time i have sold cards to Dean. This is the second time i sold cards to Dean.He is honest and timely with his reponses.I had 70s NHL and NFL and 80s MLS along with some 60 Toppps MLB.Very fair offer and quick turnaround with payment.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DEAN......

Jul 20 2009

I recently sold Dean my 1969 Topps partial set which included over 300 autographed cards. Dean cared enough to help ease the difficult decision to sell these cards. He was fair and understanding, not only in the deal but the effort it took on my part to get these cards signed. It was a pleasure to do business with Dean.

Jul 11 2009

I sold Dean c. 300 older baseball cards from the above-captioned era and 44 Davy Crockett cards: 17 orange-backs & 27 green-backs. Many of these cards were in good condition, but many others were in fair to poor condition. These were all cards that I had replaced with superior cards over a number of years; cards I had no use for. While many dealers would have told me they just weren't interested, Dean made me a prompt and fair offer. He also offered me 150% of that figure in store credit should I choose to make additional purchases from him. I chose the latter option and must say all of my experiences with Dean's Cards--buying and selling--have been very positive.

Jun 09 2009

dean was a great communicator, very honest, and straight forward. i wouldn't hesitate to do business with again. i appreciated his fast replies to my questions thru email. definitely recommend.

Joe and Liz Saffomilla on May 15 2009

My wife inherited a very large collection and we had no idea how to sell it. It contained stuff from the 90s all the way back to the 20s. Just the thought of selling over 10,000 cards was a daunting task, and not knowing the values we were twice as nervous about it. I contacted many dealers and was somewhat upset at what we were offered and in fact I was kind of rude to Dean, but after a lot of research I learned he was being more than fair with us and went out of his way to help us and explain things to us. He took the good with the bad poke man right up to the Horrors of war, Rails and Sails and Davey Crockett and offered almost double what others offered him. It was a scary experience sending shipments of cards to an unknown person and trusting them, Dean was not only fair, but always willing to talk on the phone and answer questions and had the checks out to us within a day or two of getting the shipments. Over the months we sent him at least 20 boxes without a single problem I would recommend Dean to anyone who has a collection to sell, he is not only fair and professional but fast and a really nice guy to deal with. My only regrets are that we have sent him all the cards and that I did not find him sooner. Do yourself a favor and do your dealings with him it will save you a lot of time and aggravation. ~Joe and Liz Saffomilla

May 14 2009

A very pleasing,pain free way to sell your cards/sets. No pressure..very frank and honest It was all good for me

Mike Taylor on May 11 2009

I contacted Dean's on May 4th, with the collection I wanted to sell. I was selling some 1933 Goudey's I had. I tried to sell them on E-Bay but people try to take advantage of you on that site. I talked to dean through e-mails and believe me when I tell you he is right on top of things. Like I said I first talked to dean on Monday May 4th he told me to mail the cards to him. I mailed them that same day and he got them on Thursday and by Friday we came to an agreement on a price. He was very fair I got almost double what I was being offered on E-Bay. I have also bought cards from Dean's in the past and was very happy with those cards. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone who asks me. Thank You Dean. ~Mike Taylor

Bob S. on Apr 01 2009

I came across an old grocery bag of cards in a basement I was cleaning out. Now I know nothing at all about collecting or the value of baseball cards. I considered Ebay but that would've meant A LOT of searching and going through card by card to get value estimates, Then there were the listing fees to consider, the e-mails to answer with questions I probably COULDN"T answer, the shipping too! About 900 trips to the Post office! I thought too about just listing the whole lot for 25 dollars just to sell them. Further searching led me to several sites... why I clicked on Deans Cards I can not say, but I did. I read the pages and I can say honestly that I had very little concern, The information was concise and complete.I contacted Dean with what I had and I stated again that I knew absolutely nothing at all about baseball cards. Dean stated he would need to see the cards to actually give me a good estimate on value. I had a wee bit of hesitation about sending them though. I went back to the site and read about the thousands of cards they view month by month and decided to take the chance. Hey what did I have to lose....I got them for free to begin with so I gambled on the little postage it was to send them. I sent in over 900 cards from the mid sixties...( I learned they were from the mid-sixties from Deans Cards site information!) I sent him an e-mail that I had shipped the cards and the reply was quick in saying he would look forward to seeing them. Three days later I got an e-mail stating the cards were received and had been reviewed. Dean stated the cards were in kind of rough condition and I was inclined to agree with him. They were not at all pristine... hey they were probably in that bag in the basement since the mid sixties... all piled together and moved around about a thousand times!Anyway, Dean came back with an offer of $215.00 for the lot and I agreed.... he saved me a ton of Ebay aggravation! The bottom line is this...I gained a whole bunch of respect for someone I didn't know who was actually extremely honest compared to the billions of rouges out there in cyber-space! Dean if you read this...blessings to you for your honesty! If I EVER come across another bag or box or whatever of baseball cards Deans Cards will be my first and only stop! If you are a reader hesitant about sending your collection in for his evaluation.... I say "lose the worry, send the cards and know you will be treated fairly"!!!!!!!! Thanks Dean!!! Bob S.

Mar 26 2009

I had a couple of old baseball tobacco cards and a few old silk flags from cigarettes. I saved them for years hoping to make the big bucks someday but after checking these things out on e bay, I noticed there really wasn't a market for me. Dean was nice enough to explain the business to me and I decided to sell Dean the small collection. (even though he may not be able to sell them). I am very happy that he has the collection and I hope some day someone will buy them and enjoy them. Thank you Dean for taking them off my hands and giving me a little spending money.

Mar 12 2009

I found an old box full of 1950 Topps Freedom's War cards in my attic recently and wondered what to do with them. I didn't know what I had found. I did some research on the internet, and I kept coming back to Dean's Cards. So I did a little research on Dean's Cards and found many favorable reviews. I could not find one negative remark. Not one. I contacted Dean's Cards out of curiosity, and they promptly responded to me. The email gave explicit directions as to what they do, what I should do, and the process of buying my lot. Although I was very hesistant about sending out my 'treasure' ... I was assured that options were available to me to insure my package. I simply packed up the cards to prevent any further damage and sent them off certified mail to Dean's Cards to a physical street address. To satisfy my hesitation, I took inventory of what I was about to send. I also took pictures and had a witness standby. None of that was necessary. I got my return receipt and an email from Dean's Cards the same day. They contacted me in the alloted time they said they would, they were very professional and very accommodating. And, they were very fair in their offer to me. If I find any more treasures in my attic, I'm going to contact Dean's Cards! They made it fast, fun and easy.

Feb 16 2009

I decided to sell my old baseball cards and, after searching the Net, contacted Dean. I had been nervous about sending cards in the mail to someone I didn't know, but he patiently and helpfully guided me through the process. When I sent the ungraded 1966 Topps baseball set, Dean promptly made an offer for what I felt was a fair price. I agreed, and his check quickly arrived. It was a very good experience

Jan 29 2009

Selling my baseball cards to Dean's Cards was a new experience for me. First time I sell something through the Internet. I sold several cards from the 1965 Topps Collection. Personally, I am not a baseball cards collector. I had these cards from when I was a kid and decided to sell them to Dean's Cards after researching the Internet for possible cards buyers. I received a quick response from Dean's Cards regarding a bid and believe I got a fair price for my cards. It was a gratifying experience and I recommend Dean's Cards for selling any sports cards you might have.

Jan 13 2009

I had a very good experience selling my childhood baseball card to Dean's. I would recommend Dean to anyone considering the sale of their cards. My collection consisted of rather worn 1960's Topps baseball cards and inserts. My experience was that Dean did exactly what they said they would do on the web site concerning the sale: - Communicated with me quickly by email about the kinds of cards they would be interested in buying; - Reviewed my cards quickly (less than 2 days from after they received them); - Gave me a price that I expected. - Mailed the check quickly. I know it's hard to part with these childhood treasures over the internet, but they handled my sale very professionally.

Dec 16 2008

I sold a collection of early 1960's basketball and football cards, plus some specialty baseball cards ("Baseball Greats"). A lot of cards, the magazines and websites suggested value could be as much as $7000 - that is, IF they're all in Near Mint condition, and IF one can find a buyer. I am no expert on condition, hadn't touched the collection in years. (Last previous trading included sale of Pete Rose rookie card - the year before Pete got busted.) Only was reminded of the cards while sorting through years of accumulated children's stuff. Well, after some modest haggling, Dean paid about $1000. I was satisfied, seemed a fair transaction. I can strongly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone considering selling a collection of vintage cards. Our e-mail communication was accurate, thorough, and prompt. Dean's review of my collection and his purchase offer was also respectably rapid, and his payment arrived quickly too. Assuming Dean moderates these forums, may I wish you and yours a fine holiday season and beyond.

Randsy on Nov 11 2008

My cards were saved by my mother and given back to me at a later age. These cards were part of my childhood and were handled,traded and flipped against the garage walls almost on a daily basis. Dean took these cards as well used as they were and treated me fairly and honestly and I thank him for that. I will continue to deal with Dean as long as he wants me as a customer. Cheers

Oct 21 2008

Looked on line for a way to sell about 700 baseball cards from 1961-1973 that I used to "flip" as a kid and collected. Deans was very upfront about their buying procedures and expectations. The cards were not in mint condition but the offer was fair and the process was definitely very thorough and exact. The experience was very good and I was happy with the result. I definitely recommend Deans as a top notch dealer to do any future business with.

Ray on Oct 16 2008

Recently sold my collection of complete sets 1970-76 Topps Baseball. Excellent communication with Dean and very pleased with my check for $1000. Hope to do more business in the future and highly recommend. Ray

Sep 30 2008

I had finally come to the time that I decided to sell my collection of baseball and football cards from the late 60s and early 70s. I looked for many different options/avenues to try and get what value I thought I should get . First try was to go to a local dealer and the dealer was only interested in a couple of cards and wasn't interested in any other offers. So, reluctantly, I went to the web. I had heard enough disappointing stories from ebay experiences. I went to Beckett's site and then I discovered Dean's site. After reading the documentation on his website and through emailing him, I felt good enough about sending my collection to him from Texas. We came to a fair price into which he was willing to consider my thoughts about my cards. Every collector thinks very highly of the cards he owns, whether it is nostalgic or deserving. Thanks Dean for being honest and straight-forward in your business.

Sep 07 2008

I recently sold a portion of my collection and was impressed with Dean's quick and thorough resonse to my inquiry. He laid out a scenario that was fair and educational before the cards were shipped out for review. This minimized any negative surprises and allowed for the proper management of expectations. The review process was quick and instant once the collection was recieved and an offer given by Dean the same day! I look forward to doing more business with Dean in the very near future.

Larry Murphy on Aug 19 2008

Like many "boomers" I have had 3 or 4 boxes of baseball and football cards in shoeboxes since the last 60's. I think we all hope that our childhood toys are now worth a fortune, but we're realists and know better. I got my cards out of the closet about a month ago and started re-living childhood memories. After that, I decided that it was time to part with my cards, so I decided to sell them. I spent time looking at ebay, and realized that it would cost me more to sell them than my collection was worth. Between my time, ebay insertion fees, ebay sale fees, PayPay fees, postage, packaging, and nearly $4 gas to/from the post office, I decided that that wasn't the way to go. From there I found Dean's, and read this article. Link ==> https://www.deanscards.com/sell-your-...ction-i-5.html It answered all of my questions! I then emailed Deans and talked to Dean directly. I was hesitant at first to send him my collection, but after talking to Dean I got comfortable and sent him the entire thing. I sold everything, and still feel good about it. There price was fair too. Thanks Dean! Larry Murphy

Jake on Aug 18 2008

Dean is great to work with, he looked at my cards, and within a day i recived my check. Dean had great communications and helped me every step of the way. Thanks Dean

Jul 17 2008

dean was a great communicator, very honest, and straight forward. i wouldn't hesitate to do business with again. i appreciated his fast replies to my questions thru email. definitely recommend.

May 20 2008

Sold Dean a collection of 1952 and 1953 TOPPS baseball cards. Everything went very smooth and was very impressed with communication and professionalism. payment was received very promptly and I appreciated his comments on insurance which saved me a few bucks on the deal.

Apr 28 2008

After an extensive Internet search to unload my vintage 1950s and 1960s baseball card collection, I discovered Dean's. The responses I got from Dean's were spot on. The submission process was a bit complicated, but designed to protect my collection. My questions were answered promptly, and discussions with Dean were clear, fair, and honest. I appreciated them being up front with me, and my valid concerns brought us to an equitable resolution. I sold my collection!

Scott H. (Tampa ,Florida) on Apr 01 2008

I recently asked Deans Cards to look at my grandfathers 1963 Topps Complete Set and asked them if they were interested in buying them. They were very honest and fair, after a quote from them I decided to have them purchase them. I sent my cards to them knowing that I sent these cards without being paid. After the set arrived in Ohio a check was in my hands within 2 days. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. I will do business with them again in the near future Thanks Deans Cards and all who work there. Job well done !!! Scott H. (Tampa ,Florida)

Mar 27 2008

Selling a baseball card collection carries so much emotional baggage. The circumstances of my choosing to sell--which were not financial need--left me feeling anxious, uneasy, even sick. The honest, frank, and decent guidance provided by Dean's Cards put me at ease right away and made me feel I was dealing with someone who knew what this process meant. I sent in a mixed collection of vintage, near-vintage, and non-vintage, and within hours of receiving my collection Dean sent me an offer that was more than fair. I would never have been able to sell these cards myself for their supposed full-value; selling them to Dean's Cards was a better experience than I imagined possible. I feel like I found a good home for a pet I could no longer keep.

Anonymous on Mar 26 2008

Doing business with Dean's has been a great experience. Everything was handled in a professional and timely fashion. I have nothing but praise for the entire organization.

Mar 26 2008

Just sold my 1957 and 1958 Topps to Dean and belive I got fair value for the cards. I had checked out Dean via the internet with Secretary of State and BBB in Ohio - and it looked like he was the real deal - so I sent one set via Fedex. I would recommend Dean to any holders of old cards who want to get a good return without delay and effort (eg consignment at various shops).

Todd Middleton on Mar 20 2008

I was asked to sell a 1950's collection of cards including a Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ted Williams for a close friend whose husband had passed away. I have not experience with cards and I put my trust in Deans cards and sent the collection to them. They immediately got back to me with and offer that went far beyond expectation. You can trust them with your cards and that they will give you a good price. Thanks guys! Todd Middleton

Feb 22 2008

I sold my old card collection to Dean's cards about a month ago. I received timely, honest emails. I had no issues with shipping the collection or getting the check. If I had any more cards I would definitely sell them to Dean again. It's too bad he doesnt buy cards from the 80's and 90's! Thanks again

Feb 22 2008

Dean, the check arrived! This concludes another great transaction that featured quick replies, fair price, and rapid payment. I am happy that my 1956-1974 Oriole team sets ended up in Dean's hands!

Feb 20 2008

It is a leap of faith to mail your collection to a stranger. However, Dean made me feel at ease and the testimonials on this site did as well. The entire transaction was extremely smooth. Once Dean received my collection he sent an email with his offer. I received a check within a few days. I have much more to send Dean and will do so without hesitation. I would recommend Dean's Cards to anyone wanting to sell. Thanks Dean.

Feb 12 2008

I sold a some Topps cards from 1958. Dean was very helpful and answered all my questions. He put a bid on the cards very quickly. I received the check within 2 days after I accepted the offer. All in all a very positive experience.

Feb 07 2008

I had a collection of about 150 baseball cards, mostly from 1957-58 that had been tucked away in my mother's attic. Cards featured players from a wide variety of teams and included a few of the more notable players of the time. Most of the cards were in reasonably good condition but had not been handled or preserved with resale in mind. I became aware of Dean's Cards via internet and was favorably impressed with the prompt and informative reply that was forwarded following my inquiry. I was given a realistic expectation of what to expect and offered a seemingly risk-free opportunity to receive a bid on the cards. After having sent the cards for appraisal I received a bid very promptly. (which I accepted) It is my impression that Dean's Cards conducts business in an exemplary manner!

Feb 02 2008

Dean is the best. Easy to deal with very prompt at returning e-mails and phone calls.It is hard to just send ur collection and hope,Dean made me feel at ease about doing it.I was surprised at how fast the check was sent and the amount.when i called Dean he explained how he does business and everything went as planed. very professional. thks Dean

Jan 28 2008

Dean, I APPLAUD my experience selling to you. I sent you my lots of Oriole Team sets and assorted minor stars from the 50s and 60s. You were quick to respond and even quicker with your payment, which, quite frankly was somewhat more than I expected. Adding three dollars to round out the amount was a touch of class. I'll be sending you more material and will heartily recommend you to any of my friends and acquaintances who might be looking for a buyer for their vintage sports cards. Keep up the good work, Dean.

Jan 10 2008

I just completed the sale of a 1954 Topps Baseball collection with Dean and could not have been happier with the result and overall experience. Every step of the transaction was handled professionally with clear expectations and communications. The final pricing was very fair and I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Dean's cards to anyone interested in selling vintage cards. Dean's gets a 5 out 5 stars in my book!

Dec 10 2007

Sold a 1969 complete set. The transaction was excellent, and I received an extremely fair price for the cards!!! I highly recommend Deans Cards to anyone looking to sell their card collection. Quick transaction and very easy to work with!

Dec 01 2007

I recently sold my childhood baseball card collection to Dean. The collection included cards from the 50's, 60's, and 70's - including superstars. Also included were 25 common tobacco cards that I had collected over the years. Dean was very prompt with his initial offer. Communication was excellent (I believe he is the most communicative dealer out there). In addition, he listened to my concerns and worked with me to determine a price that we both considered fair. I ended up trading my collection for a high end card and was given 150% of the offer in trade. Also, the card I traded for was discounted 20%. The remaining money I received as a check. Overall, I was very happy with the experience and would not hesitate to refer anyone selling their collection to Dean for an offer.

Nov 22 2007

I sold my cards at fair price. Check was in mail less 8 Days.

Neil on Nov 09 2007

I have always believed any card on the planet is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it. With that said, the selling of my small collection of '57-'69 Topps baseball cards was done quickly & professionally. Only downer was UPS charging me almost $15 to send 3.5 lb. package from Fl. to OH. Neil.

J.K. on Nov 06 2007

As a person that didn't have a clue about selling baseball cards; I never realized that there was such good help out there. That help was Dean and his online card business. He was unbelievably helpful and always answered my questions promptly no matter how silly I thought the question might be. We had cards to sell from the 60's & 70's primarily. At first we were hesitant about sending them anywhere to be looked at; but we quickly realized that Dean was the real thing--honest, professional, and someone we could certainly trust. Business is conducted in a timely manner (send him the cards-he looks at them-he makes you an offer-if you accept, he sends you a check!) Don't think twice; Dean's cards is the way to go if you are looking to sell your baseball cards!!! ~J.K.

MM on Oct 27 2007


Oct 19 2007

Deciding to sell my childhood baseball card collection, most notably a 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax rookie card in Mint condition, I was envisioning a prolonged, arduous process of haggling over ebay. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could sell all of my cards to one person with no hassle and receive a pretty fair price. I was a little leary of sending my cards by mail, but Dean's website and email instructions were so detailed and informative, I felt comfortable that he was legit. Many of my cards were in only fair condition, so my collection yielded $265.00, but much better than continuing to collect dust in my closet. Dean was fair, honest, extremely responsive, and very very fast. Thank you Dean for making it so easy!

Oct 04 2007

Quick and Fair Offer, Whole Deal Only Took a week from me sending my cards to receiving my check. Will Definately do business again.

Sep 17 2007

Dealing with Dean has been a painlessly simple process. Initial and continuing contact through email is a breeze. Upon first contact Dean was very fast in his reply. I had in my possession about 4,000 baseball cards with nearly complete sets ranging from 1957 through 1961 and later in better than very good condition. Although I regret not having any superstars included with the sets, Dean provided a fair value for the entire collection at over $1,000 which I gladly accepted. From the moment I sent the cards to Dean the entire process was completed in less than a week! Dean's service is impeccible! I highly recommend Dean's Cards to anyone interested in selling their collections! His services and response times are second to none!

Sep 13 2007

Thank you for purchasing my daughter's card collection which she accumulated during the years circa 1966 to 1971. You made it very easy to conduct the transaction and we feel offered a fair pricefor the collection. Your responses were prompt and friendly and I certainly would recommendyou to any else selling or buying cards. ron linton

Sep 07 2007

I found Dean's Cards as a link when I was trying to purchase three cards to complete my collection of "Freedom's War Cards". I purchased the cards from Dean's an told him I had approximately 200 excess cards from that collection and offered to sell them to Dean. He responded in a timely and detailed manner and explained the process fully. I sent the cards to him and within three days he responded with an offer to purchase my cards for $320 which I found very reasonable. I accepted his offer with an overall great experience, was treated fairly, and would recommend Dean's Cards to anyyone interested in purchasing or selling collectible cards. One of the true professionals around.

Aug 06 2007

I wanted to sell some duplicate baseball cards I had in my collection from the mid-1960's, the majority of which were 1969 and 1970. Dean responded very promptly to my inquiries, made the whole process very easy, and paid what I felt was a fair price for the cards I was selling, which were not in the greatest of shape. I opted to take a store credit for the cards and used it to buy cards I needed to fill out my 1970 set. Overall, the experience of dealing with Dean was extremely satisfactory, and I would recommend his services to anyone who was looking to buy or sell cards. Thanks Dean! It's nice to come across someone with such good business practices.

ROB on Jul 05 2007


Art Kevorkian; Berlin, CT on Jul 05 2007

I have used Dean's Cards several times in the last two months to sell several batches of baseball and football cards. I have used several other dealers over the same time as I am slowly selling my collection of over 20,000+ cards. I have found Dean's prices to be reasonable and within the "ballpark" of other dealers. More importantly he is quite prompt in giving me a quote and once an agreement on price is met he is extremely prompt in sending out a check. I am currently waiting over two weeks from another dealer! I would highly recommend Dean. ~Art Kevorkian; Berlin, CT

jha71857 Sterling, Illinois on Jul 04 2007

Just a quick note to say I was happy selling about 500 pieces of semi-vintage cards to Dean. He has spent a lot of time providing info on his website to make an informed decision about the process of selling cards. The total value was $43 and he rounded it UP to $45!!! Very nice. Great communication, and rocket check. I would not hesitate to use Dean's Cards again when I have cards to sell. Thanks again, jha71857 Sterling, Illinois

Bill Drippon Cleveland,Ohio on Jun 28 2007

To anyone who is thinking of buying or selling cards from Deans Cards all i can say you should check with Deans first before you waste your time with any other card co. they were upfront and honest right from the beginning with me when i wanted to sell my collection of Baseball cards from the 50s and 60s.I sent my collection on a Monday and they e-mail a bid on Wed.,which was more than fair .I would highly recommend Deans Cards to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling cards.In closing i would like to Thank Dean for the way he treated me in selling my cards Thanks again. Bill Drippon Cleveland,Ohio

PB on Jun 16 2007

I just wanted to mention that my experience with DeanCards was a very pleasant one. Dean is very professional and very responsible. As stated, he got back to me within 2 days with an offer (once he had received my cards). Very reliable and great timely e-mail correspondence. ~PB

Douglas Ruby on Apr 17 2007

I was afraid of sending my cards at first.But Dean answered all my e mails ,and telephone calls, even on sunday.He gave me an idea what the cards were worth,and gave my a great price. I was also aware that Dean has to be aware of fake cards,thats why I was not afraid to send then.Dean told me all about packaging ,and shipping. I would go to Dean again, or recommend someone to him.Best of luck Dean. Thanks Douglas Ruby

Rock on Feb 12 2007

I recently decided to sell football cards I had since I was a youngster (1958-1961). DEAN made the process very simple. Once I sent him my collection, he responded within two days with an offer I thought was very fair. (I had researched the values before taking this step.) Within 2 days I had the check. Thanks Dean Rock

Jan 30 2007

I want to thank Dean for being a straight-up, honest business man. He did what he said he would and even more. It's rare to encounter ethical people like Dean, but I'm happy I did business with him. He paid me promptly and handled all my concerns by phone. A+

Jan 24 2007

If you are one of those people who thinks that the feedback section on a company's website can be "suspect" I'd like to correct that notion as it applies to Dean's Cards.. In the infamous words of Al Pacino in A Scent Of A Woman, I'm here to tell you when it comes to Internet commerce "I've been around, you know!" I just sold my baseball card collection from the 50's along with 25 autographed baseballs, most of which I got from Hall of Famers myself, to Dean. Besides their incredible attentiveness and sense of urgency as it pertains to responding to e-mail inquiries, the process was painless and fair. If you are sitting on the fence, unsure of whether you should trust this firm in Cincinnati, and send them your prized collection, I encourage you to do so! Worst case it will be returned if a fair price cannot be negotiated. So bravo to Dean's Cards! An electronic standing ovation from this satisfied customer.

Rob on Jan 09 2007

I sold my card collection to Dean. Fast turn-around, prompt payment, good communication, good price, and great communication! Thanks Dean! I recommend Dean without hesitation. Thanks, Rob

Mr. Met Scotia, NY on Dec 30 2006

This fall, I finally decided to dispose of my card collection from childhood (baseball and football from 1952-59) and looked into various ways of selling them with the least amount of hassle. After checking several internet sites, I focused on Dean's Cards and sent an email to Dean with a list of my football cards. I received a prompt reply and sent off my small football sollection for appriasal and purchase. Within a few days, I received a reasonable offer, agreed to it and promptly received a check. I then listed and self-evaluated my baseball card collection and sent them off to Dean. We again agreed to a price and the check was quickly sent. Given the number of scams in cyberspace, I realize it takes a pretty big leap of faith to send a couple thousand cards to some person like Dean on the Internet. If it's of any help, I can say that once I started the process, I had nothing but a good response from Dean and good vibes about the person I was dealing with. I'd strongly recommend that you give Dean's Cards a try when you're ready to say goodbye to your old baseball card friends. It was an easy process and it's good to know that my cards will eventually be in the hands of those who will appreciate them. Most importantly, given the contents and condition of my cards, I believe I received a realistic value for the collection. Mr. Met Scotia, NY

Bill on Dec 26 2006

They were quick and fair with the price offer on my cards ~Thanks Bill

Andrew in Philadelphia PA on Dec 15 2006

I had a couple of hundred baseball cards from the 50's but didn't have a clue how to sell them. Or even if anybody would want to buy them. I found Dean's Cards while browsing the internet. The site was so straightforward and informative. Dean answered all my questions promptly. I sent him the cards and a week later I had a check for $635! I couldn't be happier. Andrew in Philadelphia PA

Nov 16 2006

Dean was both helpful, in promptly responding to my concerns, and informative, in sharing his knowledge and experience, with regards to selling my baseball card collection. I believe I received a fair price for my collection, and would defintely consider contacting Dean concerning any future sale of my collectibles.

Aug 20 2006

I found Dean's website when I was searching for buyers of vintage sports magazines on the Internet. I contacted Dean's website and had an answer from him within the hour [In fact every correspondence has been answered with the same efficiency]. I then had the pleasure of actually meeting Dean and many of his staff when I visited his business on my way to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. I left my magazines and a few other items with Dean. Being a former cardshop owner I had a minimum dollar amount that I expected to receive for my magazine collection. Dean's price was almost double the price that I had expected to receive!!!!!!!! I will continue to do business with Dean's. I will also recommend Dean's to all my former customers who contact me from time to time [some of them still think my cardshop is open....I closed it in 1996]!

Aug 07 2006

Newbie…I had a group of cards from the late 50s and early 60s that I decided to sell – a Mantle ’57 and ‘61, Ernie Banks rookie, Mays ’56, Snider ’56, some Yaz, a Maris, etc. –typical of a 50-year old with a small collection. After a Google search, I came upon Dean’s Cards, primarily doing research into how I should go about selling the cards. At this point I’m thinking “eBay” and dreading the experience. Long story short: I e-mailed Dean on Tuesday, got a reply within the hour, liked what I heard (and what I read on the site) and sent the cards out that day. Dean got the cards on Thursday morning of the same week and made me what I considered a fair offer later that same afternoon. I received the check in the mail the following Tuesday – one week from start to finish. I’m still amazed at how fast this all came about. I came away from the experience impressed at the speed with which my transaction took place, as well as Dean’s honesty and professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend Dean’s Cards to my friends, many of whom will be cleaning out their closets searching for their cards based on my favorable experience.

Jul 16 2006

Dean just bought my almost full set of 1960 Topps baseball cards. He gave me clear feedback on the condition of several top cards and gave me a fair price. We completed the entire deal in just over a week. Read his notes on why it is foolish to sell your own cards - I was convinced Dean was correct - and he proved it on this deal. I will be back again.

Jun 05 2006

I just recently sold my 1970-1977 complete football card sets and some misc. older football singles to Dean's Cards for $1,200.00. They have been great to work with, they communicate well, very up front, and timely in replying to e-mail correspondence. I was given a quote the same day my cards arrived at Dean's and recieved a check within a couple of days of coming to an agreement for the purchase of my collection! From Ohio to Idaho!

May 02 2006

I recently sold some of my vintage(1957-1959)Topps baseball cards to Dean. He was a very knowledgeable and professional person. After explaining how cards were valued,by their condition,his offer was fair. He even helped me with choosing the best way to ship my cards,from California to Ohio. I would definetly recommend him to anyone who may be in the market for selling vintage baseball or football cards. You need not worry about his integrity. I look forward to doing more business with him in the future.

Mar 28 2006

i sold my favorite cards to dean and everything went well. good job dean.

Feb 09 2006

I was very satisfied in my dealings with Dean. I sold him my 1956, 1958, 1960 and partial 1957 baseball sets that I had put together myself some years ago. I knew what they were worth and still was very happy with the price I received from Dean. I can attest that Dean is a very professional, standup guy who realizes that how you treat people is just as important as the price he pays for your cards. In dealing with probably hundreds of dealers at hundreds of shows, I can honestly say that Dean ranks near the top when it comes to fairness and integrity. Thanks Dean

Steve T - Las Vegas on Jan 19 2006

My collection consisted of approx. 25 1950's-80's prominent , ungraded singles. Dean was very efficient and prompt in his correspondence with me. We were able to negotiate a fair offer within 48 hours of him receiving my cards. Dean made the selling experience very simple. The most important factor is the feeling of security in knowing you are doing business with a reputable and trustworthy company who will handle your collection with care and pay you fairly for it. ~Steve T - Las Vegas

Jan 17 2006

I sold Dean my Beatles, hockey, football, baseball, and some variables for $625. I had no problem sending them from Mass. to Ohio without worrying if I'd ever see them or get paid in return. Although we all expect to get big bucks in return, Dean is up front about what to expect. Everything was completed within a week. I highly recommend Dean to everyone!

Jan 13 2006

I recently decided to sell my Salada and Armour Baseball coin collection from the 1960's. I did some re on the internet and came up with some pricing and then send a list to three sites who indicated they would buy them. Only two responded and Dean's cards were by far the most professional and easy to work with. His web site is perfect as a tool to educate the non-professional collector as to what to expect. Once he was contacted, he quickly responded by e-mail and explained his overall philosophy and why he is in the business. We exchanged several e-mails and eventually talked on the phone. He was never to busy or impatient. He runs his business the way it should be run and treats you with respect. I felt very comfortable sending him my collection to view and fully expected him to send it back, if necessary. His customer service skills are exc nt. In an industry where it is not always easy to trust those you meet, he is the exception. I would recommend him to all and would do business with him again.

The Sandy Beach Bum on Nov 29 2005

Hello fellow brother, I just last week sold my 60s and 70s collection to Dean. I am not sure how many cards there were, but I am guessing there were more than 450 cards in the collection. Dean was very accommodating and fair in his treatment of my collection, and I found him to be quite polite in our correspondence. Just yesterday I received my much needed check- five days after our agreement was settled! Being an amateur, I am not sure how much the collection is worth, but I believe Dean to be very honest and reasonable in his dealings with me. I highly recommend him to anyone - buyer or seller - who is interested in card collecting. Should the dear reader of this post want any further testimony, please, please, please email me at LiveMichael@iwon.com (anytime!). Thank you. - The Sandy Beach Bum

Oct 02 2005

I had been holding on to aprrox. 2000 cards that I had bought as a youth in the 60"s. I wanted a quick and easy way to sell the cards because I was tired of dragging them around. I had no emotional ties to the cards. I found Dean's site on the Yahoo search engine. After viewing his site I decided to take a chance and send him half of my collection. I must admit that I was disapointed that my cards we're not worth more I felt I was treated fairly. If i had more cards to sell I would'nt hesitate to sell them to Dean's.

Sep 18 2005

I sold my vintage baseball card collection of to Dean's Cards in August. I'd been visiting Beckett's web site as well as eBay to see what was involved in selling my baseball cards (a ton of trouble!). A Google search found deanscards.com, which I found quite informative and straightforward. I emailed Dean who replied (in detail) to some of my concerns about sending cards to a stranger. I must have emailed him 3-4 times before I decided to ship my collection. He quickly made an offer that I thought was essentially fair-I thought they were worth more of course. Another round of emails and the deal was done. I was quite impressed with Dean's sense of integrity, as well as patience to quell my misgivings. Based on my exchange with him, I would strongly recommend doing business with Dean's Cards. :-)

PC :smt045 on Sep 11 2005

I sold my baseball cards that I have had sitting around for over 40 years simply because I need money in order to take my life in a new direction. Otherwise, I'd still have them. Baseball cards are really only worth what someone is willing to pay you for them. I could have possibly grossed more money from my cards if I had marketed them myself, but when one starts calculating the cost of locating buyers, communicating with them, and shipping the cards (not to mention the value of the time spent doing all this), it readily becomes apparent that selling to Dean and letting him worry about getting top dollar for the cards is a no-brainer. Dean paid me $1,500 for my cards, which I think is a very fair price. Communicating with him was quick and easy, and the actual transaction, from my shipping the cards to the check arriving, took less than a week. I found Dean to be both courteous and trustworthy, and I highly recommend him to others who have collections to sell. --PC :smt045

Sep 08 2005

I recently sold my childhood collection of cards to Dean. I read closely his website's advice on selling cards and understood that when you sell something that the buyer has to have room to make a profit. I feel that Dean treated me and my collection with great respect. When you keep a collection for over 40 years you become attached to it. I feel that I received a very fair offer for my cards. Communication was great and payment was prompt. I had offered my cards to several other buyers but Dean was by far the best to deal with. I am glad I dealt with Dean!!!

Sep 07 2005

Contacted Dean about a few hundred 1962 Topps baseball cards. Reply received the same day which included a good deal of useful information about the business of buying and selling of sports cards and what to expect in terms of the value of the cards. Went on vacation for two weeks, recontacted Dean upon return, received same day reply. FedExed cards to Dean, received email acknowledging receipt the next day. The following day received estimated value of $322 which Dean rounded up to $350. Bid was accepted. Received email the following day indicating the check was in the mail. Check for $350 arrived three days later. Check was deposited and cleared in three days. The whole operation was smooth and professional especially given the potential for disappointment. Dean was true to his word.

Sep 04 2005

I found my transaction with Dean's Cards to be very positive. I sold approximately 50,000 cards during my transaction, and the people at Dean's were very thorough, upfront, honest and professional with me. I was notified of when the cards arrived at their business, and they quickly yet thoroughly analyzed the collection. The purchase price was fair, and payment from them was very prompt. If you're thinking of selling your collection, I would certainly put Dean's Cards very high on your list of potential buyers.

Jan 19 2005

I recently contacted Dean about selling my 1958 Topps Baseball Set. He was so quick to get back to me with information that I couldn't believe it! After sending the cards to him he contacted me with an offer that same day! The offer was very fair and after a day to think about it I accepted his offer. He mailed the check that same day and I received it 2 days later! If that isn't the best service ever, I don't know what is! If anyone has reservations about using Dean for a transaction, don't, as this guy is a CLASS ACT!!!!! I would highly recommend him! Thanks, Dean I'm even going to send him some more things do make an offer on.

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