Joe Charboneau

Joseph Charboneau (born June 17, 1955) was a Major League Baseball player for the Cleveland Indians in the early 1980s. Bursting on the scene in 1980, Charboneau captured Cleveland's imagination, not just with his production but also his eccentricities. Charboneau had a tendency to dye his hair unnatural colors, as well as open beer bottles with his eye socket and drink beer with a straw through his nose.

After winning the AL Rookie of the Year award in 1980, Charboneau's career quickly flamed out amidst injuries. He is one of the most oft-cited examples of baseball's fabled sophomore jinx, holding the record for the fewest career games played in the Major Leagues by a Rookie of the Year, with 201.

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By Dean Hanley

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