Ponder can refer to:


  • Bruce Ponder, Director of and Professor of Oncology at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute
  • Christian Ponder (born 1988), starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings football team
  • Elmer Ponder (1893-1974), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • James Ponder (1819–1897), an American merchant and politician
  • Onie Ponder (1898-2010), American supercentenarian
  • Patricia Maxwell née Ponder (born 1942), American romance writer
  • Samantha Ponder (born 1987), American sportscaster and wife of Christian Ponder
  • William Ponder (1893-1947), American World War I flying ace
  • Winston Ponder (born c. 1944), Australian malacologist (studier of molluscs)

Other uses:

  • Ponder, Texas, a town in the United States
  • Ponder (horse), American Thoroughbred racehorse and 1956 Kentucky Derby winner
  • Glen Ponder, a character in the UK comedy series Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • Permanent brain, the usage of the opponent's time for thinking in turn-based games

By Dean Hanley

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