1954 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards

The 1954 Johnston Cookies baseball card set is a 35 card set that features players from the Milwaukee Braves.  The size of the cards was changed to 2" X 3 7/8", and feature color photographs of the Braves players posing in front of a chain link fence.  Below the player photo is the player's name printed twice, both in standard and facsimile autograph forms, as well as a Milwaukee Braves logo shadowing the signature.   

The coolest thing about the 1954 Johnston Cookie Baseball Card Set is that each player was given the same card number that he wore on his uniform, with the only exceptions being Dr. Charles Lacks and Joseph Taylor, the only two non-players in this set.  Hank Aaron is card #5, which was his spring training uniform number. Bobby Thomson card is the most difficult to find, as it was withdrawn from the cookies after Thompson broke his ankle in spring training.

By Dean Hanley

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