1928 Fro-Joy Ice Cream Babe Ruth Reprint Complete Set

Year 1928
Manufacturer Fro-Joy

NM/MT - 8

1928 Fro-Joy    Ice Cream Babe Ruth Reprint Complete Set

Representative Image

These 1928 Fro-Joy Ice Cream Babe Ruth sets consists of 6 cards. The original 1928 Fro-Joy Ice Cream cards were only issued for one week (August 6-11th) back in 1928.  Kids were implored to collect all six babe ruth photos, send them to the General Ice Cream Corporation, and in return recieved a large photograph of Babe Ruth, along with the six original photos, but this time they were printed on a lower quality paper.  With that said, there has been numerous controversey surrounding the original cards, as many people attempted to sell counterfeit cards as originals. The original cards printed on the higher quality paper are extremely rare, and would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to collect all six.  This reprint set is a great way to collect reprint cards at an affordable price.


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