1911 T3 Turkey Red Reprint Complete Set 8 - NM/MT

1911 T3 Turkey Red Reprint     Complete Set

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The T3 1910-1911 Turkey Red Baseball Card set by Renata Galasso features 101of the orginal 126 cards with full-color lithographs on the front and either a checklist or advertisement for Turkey Red cigarettes on the back.

The reprint 1910-1911 Turkey Red baseball cards are much smaller, measuring 2½" x 3½", than their original counterparts, which measure 5¾"x 8" and come with their own gray frames. Cards #51 to #76 were never reprinted. In Near Mint condition, all of the cards from the original Turkey Red Cabinets set are priced over $1000. Ty Cobb is priced at over $30,000.

$135.00 after 10% discount

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