1965 Topps -69 California Angels Team Starter Set / Lot - Sm

Year 1965
Manufacturer Topps
Team Angels

GOOD - 2

1965 Topps  -69  California Angels Team Starter Set / Lot - Sm

Representative Image

This 1965-69 California Angels Team Starter Set / Lot contains 25 different late 1960's Topps cards of California Angels players.

This California Angels Team Set will include many of the following players: Jim Fregosi, Bobby Knoop, Rick Reichardt, Buck Rodger, paul Schaal, Jose Cardenal, Tom Satriano, Jay Johnstone, Roger Repoz, Don Mincher, Aurelio Rodriguez, Bubba Morton, Ed Kickpatrick and many more.

This lot will also include many of these top Angels pitchers: George Brunet, Jim McGlothlin, Dean Chance, Minnie Rojas, Marcelino Lopez, Andy Messersmith, Clyde Wright, and Fred Newman.

Team Starter Sets are a great way to buy large quantities of cards at an affordable price. Dean's Cards Starter Sets are priced 25%-50% lower than if you purchased the cards individually. On top of the already discounted prices, our quantity discount still applies!

The condition of the cards will vary between "Fair" to "Very Good", for non-collectors, these cards are in lower than average condition, but are still fun to look at and make a nice gift.

All cards in the Starter Sets are our choice, but there will be a wide variety of different players, with plenty of your favorites. This team starter set makes a great gift for any California Angels fan.

Please note that Starter Sets are the only product we sell that cannot be returned due to the labor involved in building the set.



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