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Take a look at the 29,756 cards added in June with a value of $499,919.25
Some vintage cards we've added:

Dean's player of the week

The Mick's baseball cards are in more demand than cards from any other player from the post-war vintage era.  His most famous card that holds the highest value is the 1952 Topps Rookie.  Even reprints of this cards are popular with collectors.

Starter Sets & Lots

Dean's Cards Starter Sets, Lots & Near Complete Sets are a great way to get lots of the cards in a particular set for just a fraction of the cost.  For collectors who shy away from purchasing complete sets, Near Complete Sets are a fun choice.

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Dean’s Cards posts fun facts about cards, players and teams every day on our Facebook page.  We enjoy connecting with fellow collectors in the baseball card hobby.  We invite you to share in on the conversation about all things vintage baseball cardsClick here to “Like” us.

Dean's Amazon Best Sellers

Dean's Book The Bubble Gum Card War is currently ranked on Amazon's Best Seller List and the Kindle Best Seller List.  If you would, PLEASE LEAVE DEAN A REVIEW & read his first book: Before There Was Bubble Gum: Our Favorite Pre-World War I Baseball Cards.

YouTube Video of The Week!

We recently acquired a near complete set of professionally graded 1910 Williams Caramel cards. Here's a quick video that shows off some of the cards and provides information about a few of the players!

Vintage Team Sets & Lots

We have the best selection of Complete Team Sets of vintage baseball cards and football cards in the hobby.  The team sets will contain every card issued that particular year for the players on the team, including all-star, multi-player and World Series or post-season cards.

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