1915 E106 American Caramel Baseball Cards

1915 E106 American Caramel Baseball Cards
The 1915 American Caramel E106 baseball card set consists of 48 cards that measure 1½" by 2¾" . The E106 baseball cards feature the same artwork from the E90-1 and E90-2 sets from about 5 years earlier. 

The front of E106 American Caramel cards have a glossy coating, which is known to damage easily.  For this reason, many of the E106 cards found are in lower grades.  The backs read, "This card is one of a set of forty-eight leading baseball players...American Caramel Co, York, PA"

Some of the key hall-of-famers included in this issue are the: E106 Ty Cobb, Johnny Evers, Christy Mathewson, Eddie Plank and Honus Wagner.

By Dean Hanley

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