1933 Goudey Baseball Complete Set - Built to Order

Year 1933
Manufacturer Goudey

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This is a listing for a Built To Order set. DeansCards.com has 1.5 million cards online, and nobody builds or sells more Goudey sets, Play Ball sets, and complete sets than DeansCards.com. 
These sets are built to order, and will be constructed to the collector’s precise specifications. We can build most of these sets from inventory, but we may be required to go out and purchase a few cards. That said, the time to build, the condition, and the price may vary. For more information, please Contact Us.
Popular Players featured in this set include: Ruth, Gehrig, LaJoie, Hornsby, Dean, Foxx, Dickey, Maranville, Ott, Wilson, Gomez, Grove, Hartnett, Gehringer, Hubbell, Lazzeri, Frisch, Traynor, Speaker, and many others.

This is a listing for a Built-to-Order 1933 Goudey R319 Complete set.   There are 240 cards in the complete set, and right now we have approximately 85-90% of the cards we need to complete the set in-stock.  That said, a reasonable time frame to complete this set is going to be in the 1-3 month range.  This set can be built with or without the Lajoie card, although to include the Lajoie card would raise the cost of the set by thousands of dollars, so the set is most often built without it.
The final cost of the 1933 Goudey set can vary more than most sets of this era.  This is because the top six cards in this set (all of the guys named Ruth and Gehrig), comprise such a huge percentage of the sets value.  This always leaves the option of upgrading these cards at a later date.  
Over the years, we have seen collectors employ many different strategies on how they want us to build their complete set.  One option that collectors use is to build the majority of the set, all of the commons and a selection of the minor stars in a 5 (Excellent) and then fill in the more expensive Ruth and Gehrig cards in a lower grade.  This always leaves the option of upgrading these cards at a later date. It is quite possible that this can bring the cost of the set down by 1/3 or 1/2 of the price with the higher grade Ruth and Gehrig cards.  We are happy to work with a collector in building the set to his or her precise specifications.  
Serial Number
Item #1493569
3 - VG
$30,000.00 after 20% discount

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