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Dean's Cards provides great customer service, low prices, conservative grading, an easy-to-use website, actual card scans, one business day shipping and the largest inventory of vintage cards. 

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Have you asked yourself, "How do I sell my old baseball cards?" or "Should I get my cards graded?" Let Dean help.  Click here to find out more information about how to sell your old baseball card collection.

Dean's Cards has 14,661 Team Sets Online

We offer vintage team sets in multiple conditions for all vintage years.  We also offer Near Complete Team Sets, which exclude many of the higher priced cards and are ideal for the collector on a budget.

Recently Added Cards

Total vintage cards added in June: 25,233
Value of vintage cards added for the month: $516,040.01

YouTube Video of The Week

In this video, Dean provides information about the E92 Dockman and Sons baseball cards and also a few interesting facts about the players.  We enjoy making these in-house videos to better educate current and future collectors, and we hope you enjoy them too.  Please subscribe on YouTube!

Dean's Books on baseball cards

Dean's books The Bubble Gum Card War and Before There Was Bubble Gum are "must reads" for collectors of vintage baseball cards.

A Dean's Cards exclusive: The T207 Reprint Set

This 1912 T207 Brown Background reprint baseball card set, including the Broad Leaf, Cycle, Recruit, Napoleon and Red Cross back variations, was re-produced by Dean's Cards. The T207 baseball card reprints are also available for sale and singles or as Team Sets.

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