Bierman or Biermann is a surname. The genealogy of the Dutch family Bierman is published in the Nederland's Patriciaat (in Dutch)

Notable people with surname Bierman or Biermann:

  • Adolph Biermann (1842–1914), an American politician
  • Bernie Bierman (1894–1977), an American college football coach
  • Bernie Bierman (1908–2012), an American Tin Pan Alley composer
  • Charlie Bierman (1845–1879), an American baseball player
  • Fred Biermann (1884–1968), a U.S. Representative from Iowa
  • Hugo Biermann (1916–2012), a South African military commander
  • Kroy Biermann (born 1985), an American football player for the Atlanta Falcons
  • Ludwig Biermann (1907–1986), a German astronomer
  • Nick Bierman (1910–1977), a South African military commander
  • Robert Bierman, a British film and television director
  • Ronnie Bierman (1938–1984), a Dutch film and television actress
  • Wolf Biermann (born 1936), a German singer and songwriter

By Dean Hanley

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