Cottrell is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Frank Cottrell Boyce, British screenwriter and novelist
  • Alan Cottrell, a British metallurgist and physicist
  • Anthony Cottrell, one of the investors in the Port Phillip Association
  • Chris Cottrell, an American entrepreneur
  • Con Cottrell, an Irish sportsperson
  • Frederick Gardner Cottrell, an American inventor and physical chemist
  • James La Fayette Cottrell, an American politician from Alabama
  • Jim Cottrell, an American football linebacker
  • Lance Cottrell, Founder of Anonymizer, Inc. and the designer of the Mixmaster Protocol
  • Leonard Cottrell, a British writer and archaeologist
  • Louis Cottrell, Sr. (1878–1927), noted jazz drummer
  • Louis Cottrell, Jr. (1911–1978), noted jazz reedist
  • Myron Cottrell, the founder and owner of TPI Specialties
  • Peter Cottrell, British historian and novelist
  • Porter Cottrell, an American professional bodybuilder
  • Raymond Cottrell, a Seventh-day Adventist theologian
  • Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Reading
  • T. J. Cottrell, an American football player
  • Ted Cottrell, a defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers
  • Thomas Cottrell, a Canadian politician from New Brunswick
  • William Cottrell, a convicted arsonist
  • Ann Cottrell Free, an American journalist

By Dean Hanley

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