Stan Palys

Stanley Francis Palys (born May 1, 1930 in Blakely, Pennsylvania) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. He played four seasons in the majors, from 1953 until 1956, for the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Redlegs. He is of Polish descent.

After his major league playing days were over, Palys continued to play in the minor leagues till 1963. On July 7, 1963, while playing for the Hawaii Islanders, Palys made the final bizarre out in a no-hitter thrown by Spokane Indians Pitcher Bob Radovich. With two out in the ninth inning, an Islander player, Ron Samford, drew a walk. Palys came in to run for Samford. The next batter hit a grounder to first and Palys danced up and down till the ball hit him in the leg. Under baseball rules, a base hit is recorded for the batter and the baserunner declared out if the latter is struck by a ball in fair territory. Pacific Coast League President Dewey Soriano, who was in attendance that night, notified the press box that the final out was to be credited to the first baseman and that Palys' conduct constituted "unsportsmanlike play". (Apparently, no base hit was credited on this play.)

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