1967 Topps Venezuelan

The 1967 Topps Venezuelan baseball card set has a lot of interesting quirks that their previous Venezuelan issues do not have.  Those earlier issues more closely resemble the American version.  The 1967 set was printed in Spanish and featured both retired and active players.  Cards numbered 139-188 featured retired players while the rest were active.  The first 138 cards feature players who were played in the Venezuelan Winter League at the time. Further, the first 138 cards in this set have red card backs, cards 139-188 have green card backs and cards 189-338 have light blue card backs.

Interestingly, the 1967 Topps Venezuelan set includes Bobby Cox and Dave Concepcion cards that significantly predate their American Topps rookie cards. The 1967 Topps Venezuelan set consists of 341 cards.

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