2010 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Cards

The 2010 Turkey Red Baseball card set contains 150 cards featuring both past and present players.  These newer Turkey Red cards were designed by Topps to look like the originals; the front of the cards feature a simple color portrait of the player surrounded by a light brown border.  Printed inside of the border at the bottom of the card is the players name. The backs of the 2010 Topps Turkey Red are printed in black and white only and include biographical information about the player.

The 2010 Topps edition of the Turkey Red set is loaded with with Hall of Fame players, including #TR3 Nolan Ryan, #TR19 Cal Ripkin Jr., #TR28 Mickey Mantle, #TR46 Babe Ruth and #TR70 Jackie Robinson.

This Turkey Red set also includes such contemporary stars as #TR22 Tim Lincecum, #TR49 Josh Hamilton, #58 Joey Votto and #TR1 Ryan Howard.

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