1959 Bazooka

1959 Bazooka

The 1959 Bazooka Baseball cards were originally cut from the bottom of boxes of 25 piece Bazooka gum boxes.  The set consists of 23 unnumbered cards, with blank backs, that are approximately 3" x 5" in size. Cards that are still on intact boxes sell for a premium.  

Bazooka originally issued boxes with 9 different player cards, but later added 14 more players, which were printed in smaller quantities.  The original nine players featured were Hank Aaron, Orlando Cepeda, Del Crandell, Jim Davenport, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Bill Mazeroski, Roy McMillian and Bob Turley. The Hank Aaron card can be found with both white and yellow print for his name, however, they are similar in value.

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