1933 Sea Raiders

1933 Sea Raiders
The 1933 Sea Raiders set is actually a composite of two sets.  The first is the 1933 World Wide Gum Sea Raiders Set (V359), that was produced in Canada and has 48 cards.  There is an English Only Version (V359-2) and a Bilingual Version (V359-1).  

The second set is 1933 Goudey Sea Raiders set that contained only cards 1 -24.  The Goudey cards say "Printed in the U.S.A."and has two possible variations of each card.  The cards that say "Boston" are much more common than the Goudey cards with Montreal on the back.  

The 1933 Sea Raiders cards measure 2 3/8 by 2 7/8 inches in size and all of the variations have identical images on the card fronts.  Most collectors build their sets with a combination of the variations of the cards from either set.  The #1 card of Blackbeard is the most popular.

By Dean Hanley

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