1948 Hall of Fame Exhibit Baseball Cards

1948 Hall of Fame Exhibit Baseball Cards
The 1948 Hall of Fame Exhibit Baseball Card Set consists of 33 cards and was produced by the Exhibit Supply Company (ESCO) of Chicago. There are two different cards of Babe Ruth and 31 other great baseball players of the early 1900's. Sold in machines, at arcades, exhibit cards measure 3 3/8" by 5 3/8 

An identical set, containing only 24 of the cards was re-issued in 1974, which has resulted in many of the cards being mis-identified by buyers, sellers and grading companies.  The 1948 cards have the same thickness as the other exhibit cards, while the 1974 cards have a thinner and whiter paper stock.  

Similar cards were again reissued in 1977 by Renata Galasso.  This 32 card set is easier to distinguish from the originals, as the cards have a slight gloss, come in 3 color tones, and have "PRTD" and "U.S.A." in the base of each column.

By Dean Hanley

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