1966 Kahn's Baseball Cards

The 1966 Kahn's Wieners Baseball Set contains 32 cards made from the meat company that was based out of Ohio.  The company's geographical location explains why this set only contains cards from players on the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and Pittsburgh Pirates.  Cards from this issue differ from other Kahn's cards in that they are the first year to feature a full wrap around panel that encourages collectors to "Cut Along Dotted Lines", which means that many cards from this set will come in various sizes.

The key cards from the 1966 Kahn's Baseball Set are of Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Pete Rose, and Willie Stargell.

Many of the cards from this set are nearly identical to cards from the 1967 Kahn's Wiener Baseball Set, so differences between the two years is notated in each card.

By Dean Hanley

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