1894 Mayo Cut Plugs (N302) Football Cards

1894 Mayo Cut Plugs (N302) Football Cards
The 1894 Mayo Cut Plug football set (N302) contains 35 cards measuring 1 5/8" by 2 7/8".   Due to the unique black-backed design of these cards, wear or damage can be very easily seen.  This same design was used by Mayo Plug in their baseball card set, that was released the following year.  The 1894 May Cut Plug set was the first football set ever issued and showcases collegiate players from Yale, Harvard and Princeton - the powerhouses of the day.  

The rarest card is that of John Dunlop, which is the only 1894 Mayo Cut Plug card that did not have have the player's name or school. For decades it was referred to as the "anonymous" card and was issued in much smaller numbers.

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