1971 Topps Football Complete Set (In Binder)

Year 1971
Manufacturer Topps

VG - 3

1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
1971 Topps     Football Complete Set (In Binder)
Different Types of Complete Sets

Complete sets from Dean's Cards are organized in three different ways:

1) (In Box) which means the set has actual scans of a few major star players.

2) (In Binder) indicates that the complete set comes in a binder with 9-page binder pages.  The (In Binder) sets are available as they are acquired from personal collections.

3) If the set is listed with neither of these designations, then the set is built virtually from our million card inventory.  The cards are individually graded, and front and back scans are provided.  These sets are usually priced a bit higher than the sets in box and in binder due to the labor involved.
Dean's Cards Binder Sets contain 9 cards per binder page, and come in a three-ring binder. These are ideal for viewing and enjoying your collection.

Example cards pictured are ACTUAL IMAGES of cards included in this set.

This 1971 Topps Football complete set grades in 3.0 Very Good condition. The cards come nicely displayed in a binder 9 cards to a page so both the front and back of each card can be seen. Approximately 80-85% of the individual cards grade from 3.0 VG to 4.0 VGEX with about 5-10% grading higher and perhaps 10% lower. Cards show some corner and edge wear consistent with the set's grade. Very few cards show creases and no major creasing was found upon inspection of the set. Some checklists have been . As with any large set, expect some individual cards to grade higher and some lower than the overall set grade. This is a great mid grade set being offered at a very affordable price! The set has been graded a 3.0 VG, but is quite possibly a little higher. It will make a great addition to any sports card collection.

High dollar examples included in this set grade as follows (cards pictured above are the actual cards you will receive):

#25 Dick Butkus : 4 VG/EX
#150 Gale Sayers : 5 EX
#156 Terry Bradshaw RC : 2 GD
#200 Bart Starr : 4 VG/EX
#245 Joe Greene : 4 VG/EX
#250 Joe Namath : 2 GD

Dean's Cards offers a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases. Just contact us within ten days of the purchase date and we will refund your money or, when possible, replace the cards.
3 - VG
$324.00 after 10% discount

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