1976 Topps Baseball Complete Set (In Box)

Year 1976
Manufacturer Topps

EX/MT - 6

1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
1976 Topps     Baseball Complete Set (In Box)
The 1976 Topps Baseball Set contains 660 cards. The front of each card features a color photo of the player with his name and team on a colored border along the bottom of the card. This set is one of the few years to feature live-action shots instead of still photos. 

Subseries for this set include: Record Breakers (1-6), Father and Son (66-70), League Leaders (191-205), All Time All Stars (341-350), Post Season (461,462), and Rookie Prospects (589-599). The "All Time All Stars" series features players such as Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Williams, Wagner, Cochrane, Traynor, Gehrig, Hornsby, and more.

This set is loaded with Hall-of-Famers including: Aaron, Seaver, Brock, Brett, Perry, B. Robinson, Eckersley, Hunter, Winfield, Yaz, Rose, Jenkins, Stargell, Bench, Yount, Perez, Ryan, Carlton, Fisk, Carew, Fingers, Morgan, Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Cochrane, Hornsby, Wagner, Grove, Traynor, Grove, Niekro, Carter, Palmer, Schmidt, Jackson, McCovey, B. Williams, Sutton, Aaron, and Seaver.

Example cards pictured are ACTUAL IMAGES of cards included in this set.

This 1976 Topps Baseball complete set is graded in 6.0 Excellent - Mint overall condition. The set was obtained through a private collection and the cards are clean throughout with only limited signs of handling. The set is mostly an even mix of cards individually grading between 5.0 EX to 7.0 NM. Perhaps 10-15% of the set grades a little lower than 5.0 EX and a few of the cards may actually exceed 7.0 NM. Few, if any, major flaws are present such as creasing, cards (including team cards, checklists), etc. Centering varies from card to card, but does appear to be consistent with the factory production year and the majority of individual cards have nice eye appeal. As with any large set, expect some individual cards to grade higher and some lower than the overall set grade. As a bonus, the 44 card traded set has been included. These cards have sorted within the set behind the player's original issued card. Traded cards appear to be a tad rougher than the 660 card base set. This sharp, upper mid grade set will make a great addition to any sports card collection.

High dollar examples included in this set grade as follows (cards pictured above are the actual cards you will receive):

#19 George Brett : 5 EX
#98 Dennis Eckersley RC : 7 NM
#104 Reds Team Checklist : 6 EX/MT
#330 Nolan Ryan : 5 EX
#500 Reggie Jackson : 7 NM
#599 Ron Guidry RC : 6 EX/MT

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6 - EX/MT
$450.50 after 15% discount

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