1909 T206 Reprint -11 Complete Set 8 - NM/MT

1909 T206 Reprint   -11  Complete Set

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This T206 Complete Reprint Set, was produced in 1988, by CCC. It includes 524 cards, that are slightly larger (1½" by 2¾") than their original counterparts, and feature backs from El Principe De Gales, Old Mill, Piedmont, Polar Bear and Sweet Caporal, as well as the rare back, American Beauty.

This T206 Reprint Baseball Card Set is loaded with Hall of Famers.  Some of the stars in this set are: Baker, Bender, Bresnahan, G. Brown, M. Brown, Chance, Chase, Chesbro, Cicotte, Clarke, Cobb, Collins, Crawford, Davis, Donlin, Doyle, Duffy, Evers, Huggins, Jennings, Johnson, Joss, Keeler, Klienow, Lajoie, Marquard, Mathewson, McGraw, Merkle, Speaker, Tinker, Waddell, Wallace, and Young.  To attempt to buy a complete set of original T206 cards would cost many thousands of dollars.

Please Note that is the reprint set produced by CCC, and is not to be confused with The Monster T206 Reprint Set, which was issued by Renata Gallaso.

8 - NM/MT
$225.00 after 10% discount

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