1949 Bowman Baseball Variation Set 5 - EX

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This 1949 Bowman Variation Set contains the 12 harder-to-find variations.  This 1949 Bowman Baseball Variation Set contains the 6 variations found in the 3rd series, with printed name on the front (NAM), and also the 6 variations from Series 4 - with the name in print letters on the cards' back (PRT).  

The 1949 Bowman cards were printed in seven series, each on a printing sheet of 36 cards.  As this was only the second year that bowman printed cards, they modified the cards as the season progressed.  

The first 3 series of the 1949 Bowman Baseball Card Set features a clean image of the player, without his name (NNOF).  Series 4 changed the players' name of the reverse to a scripted print (SCR).  Series 5 through 7 of the 1949 Bowman baseball card set, added the players name (NAM) to the card fronts and reverted back to the printed name on the card back (NAM).

When it became time to print the cards of Series 7, Bowman had only 24 players left to place on 36 cards.  So not to waste paper, Bowman reprinted six cards that were previously issued in 3rd series, and six from the 4th series - but used the new design, with the player's name on the front of the card (NAM), and with his Name in Printed on the back of the card (PRT).  This is what accounts for the 1949 Bowman variations, and since less of the 7th Series cards were printed, these variations are harder to find.

It should also be noted that the first two series of cards were printed with both grey and white backs, with technically make them variations.  These cards are NOT included in this variation set, but can be easily purchased separately online.

Purchased separately the cards in this set have a break-up value of $684.50.

The High Dollar Cards in this set include:

  • 1949 Bowman #98 NAM Phil Rizzuto : 5 - EX
  • 1949 Bowman #132 PRT Al Evans : 6 - EX/MT
  • 1949 Bowman #78 NAM Sam Zoldak : 5.5 - EX+
  • 1949 Bowman #88 NAM Bill Salkeld : 5 - EX
  • 1949 Bowman #83 NAM Bob Scheffing : 5 - EX
  • 1949 Bowman #4 NAM Jerry Priddy : 4 - VG/EX

Below is the set breakdown by grade:

Number of Cards in Set 6
Average Grade - Weighted by Value 5.21 - EX
Average Grade - Unweighted 5.08 - EX
Grade Breakdown
6 - EX/MT 1
PSA 5.5 - EX+ 1
5 - EX 1
PSA 5 - EX 2
4 - VG/EX 1
Price If Purchased Separately $684.50

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Serial Number
Item #4442834
5 - EX
$578.00 after 15% discount

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