1963 Menko JCM 13c Starter Set / Lot (Prebuilt)

Year 1963
Manufacturer Menko

VG/EX - 4

This 1963 Menko JCM Starter Set / Lot (Prebuilt) contains 42 cards from the Japanese card set.  This prebuilt set includes no duplicate cards, and includes the star of this set, Sadaharu Oh.

These cards are identified here using the last 4 digits of the number featured on the back of the cards, and these cards differ from the 14f cards from the same year due to the differences on the back of the cards.  The 13c cards feature a baseball bat on the left hand side of the card, while the 14f cards showcase a grey colored baseball bat and glove on the right hand side of the card's back.

Serial Number
Item #4113679
4 - VG/EX
$800.00 after 20% discount

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