How to Sell Your Non-Sports Cards

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You can count on Dean's Cards to offer you our best price upfront when we bid on your sports card collection.  We buy around 1000 vintage sports card collections each year and will do everything that we can to eliminate the hassles, confusion and stress of selling your non-sports card collection.  Please feel free to view the video clip for more information.  While Dean refers to baseball cards, much of the same concepts apply to non-sports and other vintage cards.

Non-Sports Cards that Dean's Cards Buys:

  • Pre-1970 Non-Sports Cards
  • Pre-1978 Complete Sets
  • Pre-1970 Graded Non-Sports Cards from PSA, BVG, and SGC

We buy sports cards from 1969 and older.*

* We can buy most 1970s sports cards, especially if they are part of a larger vintage sports card collection.

* Besides some complete sets, we rarely buy cards newer than 1980, as they rarely have enough value.

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